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Is Link a woman?

Yes 0.20902906617192 20.9% [ 1352 ]
No 0.79097093382808 79.1% [ 5116 ]
Total Votes:[ 6468 ]
Link's voice = standard voice of a 17 year old male.

Link's camel toe = Get a guy to wear tights. Dudes have camel toe too, because they have testicles.

Link's girly face = Link is an "elf" inspired race, elves are commonly known to be feminine.

This is the shittiest joke topic ever.

1. Your opinion. Besides, what about the young Links? Their voice actor is a female. And that *is* the *true* Link, afterall.

2. Not if their manhood is infront.

3. Once more, your opinion.

4. Orly? The last 1000 pages say otherwise.
but if link is a girl then shes a verry small chested girl but maybe link is just a homosexual and has a girly voice. or if its a she , she just doesnt really like to show it so he dresses up in all that clothing to hide what she has on her upper body lol lol rofl

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