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All my efforts in purning and archiving messages seemed to be of little help for some strange reason, the database just kept running out of space. Today we change the whole hardware config around to get an extra amount of disk space which should be enough for us to be okay for another two months.

Within this timeline I must continue with my database backend projects and make the database work up to the point where we can expand without having to worry about disk space and performance constraints. eek

Dinner time.
The problem related to missing item from opening letters or boxes is completely fixed now. The item trading problem is also resolved. The problems are happening because of bugs in the actual web server or commpiler, so there might still be errors when trading or opening items, though now the items will not end up missing.

The server software will stablize once the top priority bugs and database enhancements are dealt with. Meanwhile, I'm working on the item recovery script to hopefully recover all the items that were lost from trading.

It's unfortunate that the instability of the servers had caused these problems, but on the other hand it let us enhance the code so that there won't be item loss in the future due to problems that are not caused by our own bugs. whee

The missing posts from the olympics event and most of the first annual Gaia ball will be recovered soon. Later on, the archived threads will provide the last post information so that they will be sorted properly. 3nodding
Finally the database had moved to its new structure and looks like the hardwork we did installing all the new database code is finally starting to pay off. Throughout the day I'll be monitoring the performance of the database to make sure that there are no lag.

Many people's items have been recovered using the automated script (sorry for the lost items such as the olympic shirts earlier). More work will be done and for those who still have items missing, please report to Aerion's support thread.
Forgot to upload the new version of the search code... sweatdrop Search should be working again.

Tonight I'll go through the list of people who lost their items in trades and attempt to recover those items. Hope all will well. 3nodding
Turns out the user item restoration process is much more involved than I imagined. sweatdrop Some accounts will be processed today, while the rest should be restored hopefully by the evening. Sorry for the delay.
Unfortunately there are a couple of problems with trading that I must fix right now. The fix should be done later today and I'll go back to recovering people items immediately. sweatdrop
After a lot of distractions, delays, and sleepless nights the trading script had been re-vamped. Hope that this will get rid of any chances of lost items during trading once and for all. sweatdrop

Now to get back to item recovery...
Finally got a chance to round up the winners of the Art Arena's Vampire Hunter D contest. Also finalized on the Halloween event today. As we have more resources to make a better event this year things will be a lot more fun. whee

There were a number of database related fixes made last week, users might have noticed the post count is working again, as things like the archiving script is once again working in the background.

Right now the spotlight is focused on Gaia Fishing, still tweaking the gameplay and values of every item. Can't wait!
The new avatar system was going to be a one month long project, but because of the high number of possible combinations the new system provides, the project ended up taking almost three months to complete. crying The new system will not only allow possibilities for new types of items and comibnations, but will also introduce new features that will allow current avatars to be used with our upcoming games and features such as the Gaia housing project. 3nodding

Most of our time right now are focused on the Halloween event. I'm sure everyone will enjoy the events and items available next week. wink Gaia Fishing will be released shortly after Halloween.
Since the new avatar system touches so many aspects of Gaia, there are many different areas that we did not account for during testing. We are working hard on fixing all the existing bugs right now, starting with the new user registration problem. whee

One bug at a time, hopefully we can get the major problems fixed before we collaspe. sweatdrop
Although the fishing game is close to being released, at another corner here I bear the bad news that due to a crash we had lost a significant amount of archived messages dated around the time of July to the end of September. Though every effort is used in an attempt to salvage anything available. Those archived postings will be back on-line in a few days. sweatdrop

We are in the process of installing a drive system that can help us make backups of huge chunks of data. It's a costly system that takes a lot of effort to configure also. This will be quite an undertaking by itself.

Hope we can make up for our mistakes with the many new features to come, including the housing feature that will be released after fishing. Stay tuned!
Yesterday's gold glitch fixed turned out to have caused everything relating to item to stop working for half a day. crying Though finally the old bug had been fixed, which is good news.

Measures are being done to ensure that similar mistakes won't happen in the future, meanwhile, the archiving database still need to be revived...
The archiving database had just been revived, though unfortunately many of the archived posts have been lost. There is another backup that should contain a good deal of posts that was in the archiving database. I'm hoping to recover the rest of the lost posts through that backup.

Though before doing that. The backend of the item recovery script need to be completed.
The Link List and Art Arena had finally been repaired. For those who had submitted art recently, please be patient while the moderators approve everyone's submissions. As it is a manual process, it might take a few days for recent artwork to be approved.

In anticipation for December's event, more work are being done to improve on system performance once again. Aside from adding web servers, we're finally putting memory cache servers to use. Hope by the time they're ready, Gaia can handle more than 30,000 simultaneous users. whee

A new load balancer is also being configured and installed. That'll also ensure good performance when traffic is high.
Lately there's been quite a number of bugs that required a lot of time and attention. The fishing game introduced the concept of items in multiple quantities which require support form trading, buy/selling, vending, and personal profile. All the changes lead to a number of major bugs which needed to be sorted out.

We're also working on the implementation of the memory cache servers to help off-load the database server. Unfortunately so far the performance is not as good as what we hope for. Still playing around with improving on the overall performance.

Aside from the current bug fixes, our current focus is on the housing project. Stay tuned for more info! whee

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