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The recently released gift credit system and gift giving were actually features for the Christmas event, though we never had the time to finish it, so it's been pushed back for a month. sweatdrop We tried very hard to come up with a system that has minimal interference with the Gaia economy. Hoping that it can satisfy those who want to obtain items quicker without ruining the experience for those who are working their way towards more gold.

Some of the new houses built from this month's housing item release is amazing! We have a lot more ready for next month, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy them just as much. whee Meanwhile, there will also be item release and more hairstyles to be released very soon.

We're collecting as much feedback and comments on the new portal page as we can, and will make changes to make it better and easier to use.

Meanwhile we're also working on the Valentine event feature. wink This month will be very eventful!
With all the February events behind us we are starting to making everything run smoother. From making registration a lot easier for new users, to fixing existing bugs and enhancing features, everyone will see a lot of little changes here and there. The revised Art Arena and Gaia bank (trading) should be ready real soon.
Hope everyone is enjoying the new Black Jack game. We still have another flash game that's close to being released, while others are working on a new set of features for Gaia Towns.

Jakobo's hard work should pay off when the new bank system is ready. When his new system is online, there should be no more item loss when buying, selling, or trading items. The new system will be online next week.

The new profile system is still in the works, we've made lots of changes lately and we're hoping that we'll have an initial version by the end of next month. whee
New gaming items are almost ready! There will be new prizes for Gaia Fishing and for both casino games coming in April. Vo and L0cke are also working on the upcoming storyline update, so keep your eyes peeled! eek

Gaia now has many servers running. Many of the servers are now more than a year old, and once in a while something will break. gonk Like today, the database which holds everyone's inventory went down. We had to rescue the data as we move them to a healthy server. We're making a lot of changes to make sure that all services continue to run fine when any server goes down. All these work are happening along side of us making new features.
Gaia Towns have been having a lot of problems lately. crying A lot of changes had been made and tomorrow's release should fix most of the problems that we've been having.

A newer version should also come out this month that will allow everyone to enter Gaia Towns directly to any map or house, along with other new features. 3nodding
Kaia and B5 had just finished work for the Easter event. It'll take place starting Easter Sunday at 12am. There will be 6 Easter event items this time so don't miss out!

The new profile system is almost ready for testing! 2bit had done a fabulous job and I'm sure everyone will enjoy how easy it is to create a profile page. Stay tuned for more details!

Meanwhile, we're ironing out more details for the new site re-design, and along with the new design will be a lot of changes to make things easier to navigate around the site, especially for new users.
The initial feedback for the new profile system were mixed. Many found the tabbed system rather confusing, so we've changed direction in making a system that is closer to today's profile layout. We will soon have both systems ready for everyone to check out. We would like everyone to check and see which system they like the best.

Currently we are working on a lot of changes that will make things easier for a new user to get around the site, and also be able to start playing games without having to do the extra steps like buying the equipment necessary. These changes will start to appear next week or the week after. The new Gaia Towns update will be ready by then also.

Site re-design is still moving along. All should be ready this month.
The new profile system is almost ready! Aside from testing, a lot of artwork is being made for users to add to their profiles.

Site re-design is still under way but we're still going through a lot of changes. It might be delayed till the middle of June.

New t-shirts, posters and postcards will be available for Fanime and other conventions. We're preparing for the panels this week and very excited about meeting everyone next weekend! whee
Fanime was a lot of fun, it was great to be able to say hi to everyone and hanging out at the social. I hope to be able to present our panel to all our members in streaming video in Gaia Towns. . .

Everyone was really exhausted after the 4 day convention. Kind of catching our breath and getting ready to launch the new Gaia Towns update.
After a ton of hard work we finally finished the new site re-design. Although we met our deadline for the release, there are a lot of small things that we still wish to do. Some involves having better layout, and many relates to the comments given by everyone in the feedback forum. We'll still need to make many changes until the site looks good.

Today was also a lot of excitement, with the whole team helping to get the new Gaia Towns released. A few major bugs halted the release but everyone was really quick in fixing them. Hope everyone have a chance to have a home in Barton town now.

There's been a thread saying that Gaia was sold. That is very not true, though we did received help in investment lately. The cost of the servers, bandwidth, and the cost of having a big team making so many new features at once wouldn't be made possible without outside help. No matter what, our goal from day one still remains the same - Gaia will always be a fun and free site for all. We'll continue to keep developing new features from listening to feedback from everyone.
Anime Expo was terrific! I never expected this many people showing up on a Sunday night but amazingly there were more than a thousand members there that night. We must find a way to accomidate more than 800 people next year. whee

So glad to see the new profile system come out. It's a project that Twobit spent an enourmous amount of time and effort in. Hope everyone will find all the fun and creative ways to customize their profiles with all the new features.
Since day one I had been trying so hard to make Gaia a site that is easy to navigate, and at the same time a site that is way good looking. One major mistake I made was to assume that if we put our mind into making the site great looking, we will succeed in one single step. Turns out I'm dead wrong, and the site re-design leaves way too much for improvements...

There are still way too many aspects of the sites that are confusing, hard to use, and inconsistant with the rest of the site. Not to mention that the current new design has its own problems.

Having a site that is easy to use is a big and long project that will take a ton of tweaking. Right now we had arranged all our team members into 6 groups to handle the many aspects of our development, and mainly, to handle the current usability problems. The groups are as follows:

New user experience
Regular user experience
Web design and user interface
Backend speed and stability
Battle system
Cell phone services

I hope that in 3 months we will be able to fix most of the quirks about the site. In just a week of studying we already found almost a hundred things that we need to do to make the site easier to use, and that doesn't count all the features that we wish to build. Time to get to work!
Otakon was a blast, we got to see a lot of great Gaia cosplay and the panel was fun. I hope to be able to bring more people over for next year's panel.

We have been making process on many features, and very soon, item update, avatar system update, and some new site graphics will be released this month.
The last two weeks were some of the most busiest time I've ever had. Of the 6 teams that we have, each have planned around 2 or 3 projects at the same time. So everyday we sit down to plan for these features and to keep everybody else informed. The daily chance is just going to be one of many features to come later on next month. whee

There was a time when I can answer every PM in my inbox, and now days I get so many email from team members, I am having a tough time keeping up with that alone! gonk I wish I could go back to the days where I can spend hours hanging around the feedback forum answering questions. crying

Tomorrow is going to be extra busy as we all talk about where everyone's at in terms of feature. It's actually one of the best days of the week because we get to hear the progress on projects like the Battle System. whee
The recent gold granting system had caused a lot of concerns among members. In particular, it seems that the system is granting less gold to members overall. Though be sure that the new system is made to actually allow us to give everone more gold than before. Gold used to be setup to grant only for a few activities on Gaia, now the new system can accomidate gold granting on almost everything. On top of that, we are collectings information for us to keep tweaking so that the average user will get much more gold per day than before. We are starting low and slowly raising the gold granting higher. 3nodding

We always have only a rough estimate on how much gold each member earn per day and giving more gold had always been a concern because we can't tell what kind of results changes will make, but with the new system we can get an accurate reading and that will allow us to make all the adjustments we need.

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