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Fixed the faulty page numbering on archived threads. Sorry for the delay. Though the site re-design isn't 100% ready, I'll be putting everything on-line tonight. eek
Made lots of little changes around the site, from changes to layout to bug fixes like the on-line/off-line status fix. Other changes are mostly done in the background. On Monday I'll need to get back to schedule in developing for features again. Need to catch some sleep before the day starts... sweatdrop
Finally finished with the item update. It's been a long day. sweatdrop We'll see if the database actually runs smoother tomorrow. Work on expanding the servers continues as many new features are close to completion and being tested right now. whee

Something I've been working on is a quick way to list posts and topics that a user had posted. No more waiting forever for checking your own posts. whee That feature will come on-line in a week or so.
Sorry for the delay it took to have the trading pass bug fixed. I added the same text on the bottom of the page to ensure that Mac users can buy a trading pass without problems.
Still working on the search function. The project will allow users to track each other's posts without much delay and to speed up the members list also.

Also happy that everyone like this month's donation item. We already have good ideas for next month's donation item. Can't wait to see them in action. whee
After some fixes, the load balancer is in place. Hopefully it'll perform without errors tomorrow, and from then on we'll have www.gaiaonline.com as the URL for pointing to threads and so forth, no more dealing with all the server names, and no more errors when one of the web servers go down.

Sorry about the error with sending private messages. It was something related to the friends list feature. After more testing and bug fixing it'll be released to the public. 3nodding
The new load balancer is causing e-mail notification to malfunction... the problem should be fixed real soon. sweatdrop

Meanwhile, preparation for Anime Expo is about done. We'll be heading out on Thursday, can't wait to see everyone! whee
Anime Expo was a lot of fun, it was great to have met everyone at the panel, the 2 social events and at our booth. I hope next year we can put together even more activities and give out more prizes for everyone. whee

Kind of went into a working frenzy after AX. The load balancer seems to be working fine so most of the URL's are now pointing to www.gaiaonline.com. The rest of the services will follow after more testing. The gaiastore is also on-line, hope all those who missed the convention can still get their Gaia goodies. Also finished re-working the search function. Searching posts based on username or searching your own posts are now much faster. The keyword search feature is still being worked on at the moment. It will be completed after the avatar system re-write project. eek

Hope to fit two new database into service tomorrow to help out with the current lag issues. At the same time we're working on a total re-vamp of the database system. When the dust settles all the lag that we're experiencing should be gone! whee
Got yet another database server setup this morning, now with 6 slave servers running the forum area should be lag free for the time being. whee Also moved the URL to www.gaiaonline.com now. Though there was a small error on my part which stopped a few functions such as the profile page and avatar images from working. The problem is corrected early this morning and it'll take a few more hours for the entire Internet to catch up with those changes.
Gaia now has 7 slave databse servers running, that should put a stop to message lag until we finish implementing our new database backend. Got a bit of a cold when I fell asleep on the chair (yet again). Then the next day I scraped my wrist when I did a stupid jump. Now I think AND type half as fast as usual. sweatdrop On the brighter note our test database server is almost done and work on the new avatar system will begin real soon. Features relating to the new avatar system will be announced once the engineering work is complete! whee
Unfortunately the new software is having trouble working with the web servers. Lots of work are being done to get things running smoothly so we can release the guild and friendslist features. Please pardon the slowness while we have the problems figured out.
The new software we installed seemed to be causing a lot of problems. Many apologies for the constant outages. I've been doing everything trying to have things running ASAP and the new features should be up in no time. sweatdrop
After a 40 hour battle looks like everything stablized. It's just tough luck on my part that the power went out right between all the chaos.

Basically, the new software didn't work right, causing extra load, the extra load caused more power consumption, which blew the circuit for the cabinet. After hours of rescue we uploaded the new database code that will allow us to create a dedicated user database server next month, and that code broke something which caused the posting errors and more database errors. >.<

Darknrgy is taking a break so the guild system will be delayed for a few days until he comes back. Meanwhile, we'll be expanding on the friendslist features tomorrow, and possibly the topics subscription feature.
Been working as fast as I can to get various issues resolved. most link related problems with avatar delete and creation, duplicate post error, rare item event bugs, friendslist notification error had just been fixed, and vending should be back online also.

Currently working on event related bugs, then I'll work on restoring items and gold caused by the rollback. 3nodding

Again, apologies for the rollback and lost of items that the problems had caused. sad
Just fixed the registration bug, sorry it took this long for me to notice the problem. sweatdrop Meanwhile, all donators who donated through paypal on the 14th and the 15th should have their items recovered now, and people who donated through regular mail will have their items recovered on Monday.

I'm working on recovery gold and items for people who spent money at the stores during the rollback period. Hope most people who spent money can have their gold recovered.

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