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Happy 7th Birthday Gaia..... its been fun. lets have aother good year
heart heart HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GAIA!!! heart heart
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heart Happy Birthday Gaia!!! And Many more. heart
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Come drop us a note, share your greatest experiences on the site with fellow Gaians, and have fun on today's event!

I have to say, to date, the video for the anniversary. It's very sweet, and the bloopers really put a smile on my face. It's been a while since I really played around on Gaia. I mostly log on to take care of my fish and talk to a few acquaintances here. But I'm glad that I can come to Gaia and enjoy the simple pleasures of light conversation, an interactive aquarium, and the chance to stumble onto something really exciting, be it from daily chance, a featured avatar, the local events or an unexpected surprise.

Happy Anniversary Gaia! heart
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Happy Anniversary Gaia! Congradulations on 7 wonderful years, and many more to come heart
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Happy Gaiaversary! <333 Can't believe it's already been this long. ^^
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Happy Birthday, Gaia !! Hope you have many more successful decades before you... heart heart
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Happy Birthday Gaia! It seems like just yesterday when I joined, but I've been here for 1,774 days (which is almost five years!). May you have many more birthdays/anniversaries, Gaia. heart I love you.
Happy Birthday, Gaia !! Hope you have many more successful decades before you...... heart heart
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Happy anniversary Gaia Online biggrin !!!!!!!!!!!! heart

Hi, Im the creepy kid in the dark corner, I manage none of gaia's work. I am not even on Gaia's team. eek

(wish my username was cool) stare heart heart
anyways Happy Birthday //////////////~~~~~ wish you many more years to come smile
happy birfday gaia c;
Happy Gaia Anniversery!
As for how long i've been on....i think i started sometime in 2008...don't know.
Happy Gaia Anniversery anyway! heart 4laugh heart
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happy bday gaia woooooohooooo

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