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Hello Gaians,

Back in February 18, 2003, Gaia first opened to the public, inviting a hand full of users from small art communities about a "cool site to check out". Four guys slaved away in their living room for 4 months on one crazy idea, and nobody knew whether or not this site called Gaia is going to work. Today Gaia is a community with millions of members who all share their love for anything from gaming to niche interests. I guess it is safe to say that the crazy idea worked out. smile

Over the years Gaia had defined itself in ways that are shaped by our users. We are diverse and different but certainly not shy from sharing who we are and what makes us unique from everybody else. Working with over a hundred staff members here at Gaia HQ, we want to thank you for helping us make Gaia awesome and guiding us on what it means to be a Gaian.

Welcome for being a part of Gaia's 7th anniversary event, many staff members are here too to celebrate the occasion. And courtesy of Johnny K Gambino, we've got a special item to celebrate Gaia's anniversary.

Click here to get your Gaia Anniversary 2010 item!

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Come drop us a note, share your greatest experiences on the site with fellow Gaians, and have fun on today's event!

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Happy Anniversary Gaia! Many cheers and good wishes to all the people who have stuck with us over the years and a hearty yaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr to all the pirates out there.
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Happy Anniversary Gaia! To everyone, new or old, thanks for making Gaia a great place to be!
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Happy Anniversary Gaia!

I am so so so excited to be back and apart of the team again in 2010! I’m working hard to make this year the best ever for offline events.

The 2010 Convention Tour is turning out great and we’ll be announcing more about it in the coming weeks. We also started working on Gaia Meet Ups which are going to be amazing events and a lot of fun.

I can’t wait to see you all on the road and I deeply thank you all for your love and continued support of Gaia.
happy birdy, gaia!
i can't believe it's your seventh anniversary already.. and my oh my, have you grown! xd

happy 7th gaiaversary, everyone! let's all celebrate heartily and continue to have fun and grow this next year. let's hear it for all my ninjas out there!!!

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Happy Anniversary!

It's been a crazy year for sponsorships, but I would like to thank all of you who participate in them. Though sponsorships aren't everyone's cup of tea, they help a great deal in keeping Gaia going. This year we hope to make changes to the sponsors to make them a bit more integrated to the site, make the experience more of a fun event than just a static experience, to make them more of something you want to do and not just something that is there. So we'll see what's in store!

We also hope to continue to bring cool events to the users, we know some users were disappointed at how small some of our recent events have been but don't give up on us yet! We have a plan (crazy I know) and you might be surprised at things down the road (hopefully in a good way wink )

So again thanks to all of you, and may 2010 bring cool, new, and exciting things!
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Happy Birthday Gaia! biggrin
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Yee-haa!! Partyanniversarytiem!!
Happy Birthday Gaia!! >o<!!!!!!
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heart Happy Birthday Gaia! heart
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Congratz! ! ! !one111one! ! Happy B'day! ! !
And for all our beloved users, Thank You!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart
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Woo Gaia! Happy 7th birthday! Here's to another [insertnumberhere] years! heart ninja

Also, first Mod post, wewt. ninja
Happy Birthday Gaia! Here's to many more!
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Happy anniversary Gaia!!

You are one year older and oh so much better

heart heart
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I like turtles. heart

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