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Hey! Over here! I'll take this one! I'm so glad you asked! You see, Cindy, I erected a gigantic satellite broadcasting station in my back yard to beam my movies into space.
Why in the world did you do that, Mr. Bruise?
It's just not fair... the population of Gaia is so small! It broke my heart that so few people in this universe had the opportunity to enjoy my films! I wanted to show them to everybody!
Visitors from Zurg, do you have any particular favorite Ron Bruise films?
I am quite fond of his film "Jet Guys," in which he is a member of an elite squadron of pilots. I can easily relate, since I myself command a force of flying vehicles. I was deeply moved.
i ru..ruve brane man... brainman so specail... he try so hard... him brother so angrie to him..
I very much enjoyed "Intercourse with a Vampire." I can relate to the concept of drinking the blood of Gaians. Mmm, now I'm hungry...
Ha! I am a fan of his recent effort, "Battle of the Planets," a distorted fantasy in which a pathetic ape manages to thwart an invasion force of superior beings. How heartily I laugh at the foolishness of such a prospect! Ha! Ha! Ha!
The espionage action of "Operation: Unlikely" reminded me of my own tendency toward romance and intrigue
My favorite is "Barstool!" "Coughlin's Law: Never invade a planet full of apes unless you like picking hair and gristle from between your teeth." Ha!
I enjoyed the lighthearted romantic comedy of "Barry McMyers." It shows the compassionate side of Gaians.
Oh man, I'm super excited that you guys like my movies! Yeah! This is great! Hey Cindy, what's your favorite? I bet you like "Far and Wide," my sweeping romantic epic, right? Or maybe you like "The Final Shogun," huh?
...Anyway, many Gaians have noticed that the Zurg seem to have a fascination with the number 19. How did this come about?
19? We... uhhh.... what are you talking about? I have not heard of this "19."
There is no 19! We skip straight from 18 to 20 in our superior numbering system. Right guys?

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