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Hello again!
I took a nice nap only to wake and see a full plate on my thread =) Thanks to all contributors thus far.

There's already lots of good input here (haha), so all I gotta say is... if there's a guy(s) in your life that's missing your toilet too much for your taste, the best you can do, is say, "Quit pissin on the goddamn floor!" and accept whatver level of improvement that comes from it. It's your toilet, so he should respect that!
I still leave the seat up now and then (guy use it more "up" than "down" wink , but I never realized why it mattered to girls until one night, long ago, my sister came into my room all pissed off. She had sleepily wandered into the bathroom, sat down to use the toilet, and fell in cuz the seat was up. After this incident, I had more sympathy on the subject. Most guys don't realize that, I think.

About the toilet paper thing, I've lived with females and they don't replace the rolls just as often, in my experience. It's not just a guy thang.
What I want to do is take a guess as to why these guys are bothering you - even though their interest has waned. At some point, these boys had "fallen" for you, but when you couldn't return their feelings, they were a lil butt-hurt. That's a natural reaction. If they aren't mature or experienced, they deal with their hurt by unknowingly (or knowingly) trying to "hurt you back." It's also been said, "That bad attention is better than no attention." Which all too common, sadly.

How do you deal? I'd answer that, but I've never been stalked before. (Girls seem to handle rejection better) But what I can do right now is tell you where these annoying boy(s) might be coming from and hope that helps.
Hey, your avatar is fly! You look like a dancer. I thought about putting this thread up in General. But to be honest, I put it here cuz I was shy about the idea. "They're all gonna laugh at you!", crossed my mind. hehe. Also, "my views are not necessarily those of Studio XD", and I didn't want to misrepresent them in their official forums.
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The Demon,

You are too good for words. ;O; My life has changed because of you!!
How come guys never quite get it? I mean, you have to be a complete b***h with some guys to get them off your case, and then you can't make the ones that are decent understand that you like them too...
You are wise beyond your years, Demon.

::bows before Demon::
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The Demon,

I have another question for you... I work at tutoring agency part-time, and I notice that a couple of boys have crushes on this one girl, but I don't think she likes either of them. In fact, I think she really dislikes them! @O@ She acts like a bully to them and kicks them in the shins, and they just keep hanging around her anyway, never defending themselves. Why?
Dear Demon,

What's the least mean way to turn down a guy w/o hurting their feelings, yet still get the point across? I seem to have problems with this - for example, recently, there was one who called/msged me five times in four days after I meet him and freak out when I don't reply? I have been told silence does well, but that doesn't seem very clear or nice. Is this really the kindest way?

Dear Demon;

There's this guy I really, REALLY hate. But it's immoral to smash people with sharpy and pokey things!! mad What am I going to do?! confused


Uh-oh! This thread is blowing up! I'm having to work more than I expected =O Please be patient because I am a slow writer!

Hi Silver,

That's a juicy question. Personally speaking, I like agressive girls, and only courted one or two that weren't. The flow is much better when you both are open about getting into each other =)

But! When I was younger, and a girl I didn't like would step to me, I would shy away cause I wasn't interested and didn't know what to say/do. Like I kind of said in an earlier post, girls catch on quick about these things.

My opinion on boys/girls who "know what they want" in terms of: "My perfect girl is like..." are just being closed minded.

I feel like I'm not totally answering your question, but I advise if you have an aggressive style, just be to true to yourself. Rejection can be tough, stay confident - guys have to do it, too.
I think my posts are self-evident: That I am obviously a tricky demon with secret plans for WORLD DOMINATION - err I mean, just fellow citizen of Gaia, earning gold by doing good deeds =P
That's good enough for me ^_^

So you trying to learn the girls how to please a man? *LOL*
Thanks for the positive and funny feedback =) More questions...

Hi Minkers,

I'll be the first to tell ya, most boys are dumbasses =) I'm a recovering dumbass myself! When I was young and in love, I was so euphoric and lost in my own feelings that I couldn't think straight. When you're in that state, words like, "I only like you as a friend" didn't quite register in my brain.

What I'm saying is yea, I agree with the b***h method of getting guys off your back. Seems like the only way to get the message across those thick skulls sometimes. I might even go as far as recommending b***h mode as normal mode just to keep hapless guys from getting the wrong idea. Sure it's ugly, but I think it's the most honest.

On the subject of getting a fanboy to know your feelings... at the next con, embrace him from behind suddenly, put your head against his neck, and say, "suki yo". Tell me how it goes redface
Hi Ling,
Glad I could help you with your last dilemma =D Now, how old are these kids? If they are just kids, I think things have to just run their course. They are not yet old enough to seek help from The Demon twisted

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