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Moving to a Guild: Good or Bad?

Good. 0.50746268656716 50.7% [ 102 ]
Bad. 0.15422885572139 15.4% [ 31 ]
I like cheese. (Pollwhore) 0.33830845771144 33.8% [ 68 ]
Total Votes:[ 201 ]
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Sounds like fuuuun!
I'd like to play. mrgreen
more players we need. <3
SIGN ME UP> eek eek
I want in, but how do we know when Each round is started and ended?
xD Oh! This sounds fun! surprised May I please join?
surprised Fun!
Can I join? :3
Oh~! I wanna play too! o_o
This looks so fun! < 333
Ooh, spooky!

I want in!

I've played a game like this before, only it's called "Murder". You sit in a circle with some people. The killer is secretly chosen. The killer kills people by meeting their eyes and blinking. Meanwhile, everyone tries to figure out who the killer is.

That game will make you seriously paranoid. xd
i wanna join! i wanna join! sign me up! sign me up!
Oh, count me in! heart
ohh! Ohh! I wanna play!
=D! That sounds really fun. x3
Can I play too?
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rebirth. =p
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