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Moving to a Guild: Good or Bad?

Good. 0.50746268656716 50.7% [ 102 ]
Bad. 0.15422885572139 15.4% [ 31 ]
I like cheese. (Pollwhore) 0.33830845771144 33.8% [ 68 ]
Total Votes:[ 201 ]
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I wanna play biggrin
Sign me up!
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There. Updated memberlist.

Now, I'm gonna go PM some of the old members of the old Werewolf game I used to run and see if they want to play.

I'll take members up until midnight EST on Saturday.

Sweetness. You have such awesome threads/ideas/personality, Zae. =)

Edit: You didn't add me! Ack!

-feels unloved-


Are we supposed to PM you?
I'm lucky number 13!

... or was 7 the lucky one?
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I remember playing this game when it was first introduced. 3nodding

I'm in if you still need players.
Good to see you, Legend. <3
[ Kimblee ]
OMG I would looove to gonk but my mum is kicking me off and I can't, but will this still be going tomorrow, and if it is could I still join? o.o

The game takes months. xD

Aah. XD Sorry, I haven't even heard of this game before. <3
XD That's ok.

PMed Noraboo asking if the thread's good to stay here.
Mewl. Last bump until I get an answer from Nora. XD
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Shameless Bibliophile

This sounds fun....I wanna play. surprised
rumors ....ganging up on people..... and Mr. Tumnus is here!

I'm so in rofl
You can sign me up on it :3
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mee tooooo please! heart

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