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Moving to a Guild: Good or Bad?

Good. 0.50746268656716 50.7% [ 102 ]
Bad. 0.15422885572139 15.4% [ 31 ]
I like cheese. (Pollwhore) 0.33830845771144 33.8% [ 68 ]
Total Votes:[ 201 ]
Hurray~~ I can't wait. There's so many people o-o; This'll be so fuuun X333
Ill be a member, ninja
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Ooh! I wish to join.

[Your Truly]
Can the reporter and the Gteam get shot?
Also to add to that question, can a sniper kill another sniper? Oo
Whew, added you all.

I'm cutting it at 75, or the game will like, never end. xD

I got the OK from the mods to keep this here! Wheee!

And if I get 75 people before tomorrow, I'll start. n.n
I'll join I suppose. As will cmainer1001.
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Sure I'll join... ninja
Egad! I want to join! Please!
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7 more ^^

So that makes 68 people? This is going to be a veeery long game.
Ill join ^^
6 more ^^ nearly done
i'm trying to get some friends to join aswell
when we need one more member no one else will come Dx

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