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march- I remember when I found the first nightmare headband. the surprise of something pink floating across the screen before I even knew what it was. double clicking I managed some kind of glitch and got 2 boxes. a gasmask, and the headband. I still have both to this day.

april- I also remember when easter came how everyone kept selling their slippers for 11 gold and waited for another one to arrive. Some wanted chicky slippers and others wanted bunnies. You were able to get many eggs that day, but only if you sold it or what was inside it first.
Just a little BUMP to get things started!

My favorite memory: Crossdressing. I explained it all in the November post ^^

Enjoy the thread!
*was a victim of that glitch* crying
Good work you two, interesting stuff. 3nodding
August- When a whole bunch of us changed our avatars to Lanzer clones. Even female Lanzer clones were born! It must have been twenty of us or something. Good old Remme's idea. 58mm made the official thread, I believe. Crack me up, we couldn't wait to see how Lanzer reacted. Then in his work diary he said:

Been seeing a lot of familiar faces around lately eek Must... stay... original! *puts on clown nose* 3nodding

xd Awesome.

Even still have the sig:

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*remembers spikeykun buying 50 septembers and now being a rich b*****d* xp
Even Zaeyde knows it. The greatest September memory was my joining. wink xd
Nice topic there are tons of stuff to remember since Gaia or I should say since I started using Gaia.
*remembers spikeykun buying 50 septembers and now being a rich batard* xp

xd He's going to get some more PM's now cause you mentioned that.
I remember when I told my friends to save their mini nightmare and angelic headbands. Only one of them did...and boy are they ever freakin lucky! wink
My favorite memory.. hmmm...

"Buying" Daisuke-kun for 1.5k [a high price back then!] (complete with fan service)

My first donation thread, in August, where I did free donations for 40-some people xd !!!

More recently, my Christmas present giveaway where I gave out 6 boxes with items totalling 20k ^_^
February(I think):
Fighter096 became the first bald Gaian, being called the Crazy MOO cow lady.
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* is sad since she hasn't been here long enough to really form any memories *

I guess my best memory would have to be my first pink box which lead to my first auction, and discovering the question and feedback forum. whee

* I have no memory of worth *
February(I think):
Fighter096 became the first bald Gaian, being called the Crazy MOO cow lady.

She's mentioned up there ^^
Oh yes.. my first 2 memories are from August of last year.

The last one is obviously from December.

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