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Zaeyde: This thread was put together to honor Gaia's life, reviewing it month by month. We asked various users their favorite memories, and searched Gaia for updates, additions, and memories you could not find anywhere else. So join us in saying: Gaia, this is your life! Happy birthday! We ask you to post your favorite memories from your time on Gaia, no matter how short it has been. Since we are putting it up early, we plan to leave it up until the 18th, when we will lock it as a Gaia first year Memoir. If you chose to post in the thread (we hope you do) please include a memory or thought, instead of just "Happy Birthday." Also, keep spamming to a minimum, as we will only delete it. We want to keep this thread as a civilized and pristine keepsake for years to come on Gaia. So type with dignity!

Mizuiro: In celebration of Gaia's Birthday, February 18th, Zaeyde and I decided to make this timeline of Gaia's entire life. Every important detail we could gather we have put into this thread, all organized by months. If you have anything you'd like to be added, don't hesitate to PM either one of us!
Also, we'd love to hear what your favorite memories of Gaia are! Please post anything you can remember!

Note: We will not be able to post every one of your memories on the front page, but if it is good and clearly labled for months, we may if we can^^


Zae and Miz: And we'd like to say.. Happy Birthday Gaia!!
We'd also like to thank Lanzer and Co. for making Gaia possible! So.. Thanks Admins!

If you have anything important to add, either post in this thread or PM Zae or Miz! We want to make sure we hear everyones wonderful memories of Gaia!

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Name List
If you scroll down to the bottom, Queen Zenobia has compiled a list of everyone's page they posted on. Thank you for taking the time to do that!

This thread has been closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post here and share their memories. Let's make this year even better!

Seeing as February was the first month of Gaia, a lot of new additions were made. Here is a list of things that happened during this month at Gaia:

+ The opening of Gaia (thats a given)
+ Guilds forum was added
+ Chatterbox forum was added
+ Darkest skin for avatars was added

The Opening of Gaia..
On February 18th, 2003, Gaia first opened. In order to advertise the site they went to Fanime 2003 (a fairly small anime convention in California) and handed out "business cards". Well, eventually word got out about the awesome new site and the users started piling from there, snow-balling to the grand 280000-some users today.

Guild Forum was added..
As Gaia grew it came to everyones attention that a new forum was needed for the many guilds and clubs scattered throughout the forums. Thus, the Guild Forum was made in order to organize those threads. There is roughly 3700 guilds to date.

I remember when the Guilds forum was added..it was very crowded at the top because all the good role playing guilds were stickied. After the clutter...the guilds were unstickied and now we have a load of guilds in the guilds forum in every subforum. O_O

Chatterbox Forum was added..
Quite a bit of "spam" started to build in each of the forums, especially General Discussion, so the Administrators decided to make a forum for the soul purpose of gathering gold. So the Chatterbox was made, currently holding the record for most posts at almost 6000000. Wow. Thats a lot of spam.

Darkest skin tone for avatars added..
Originally there was only the lighter skin tones for avatars, but several users suggested that a new skin tone be added, thus it was. A lot of users were certainly happy about that little addition, me included! (Could you imagine Mizuiro with lighter skin? I can't!)

Other Memories:
I joined in February and cant really remember much besides the overall feeling of how big this site was. Think the first wave of Gaians came from the Studio XD forums where VO pretty much told us to pack our bags and check out this great new project of theirs.
I fell in love with the site the day i joined.

After hearing much about his 'new project' Lanzer finally revealed to the family what it was. When I heard it was an online community, I honesty did not know what to expect. I have participated on message boards before, and it didn't really sound much like such a big deal. So I asked him what distincts his site from other online communities. As Lanzer explained to me the concept of personal avatars and item, things began to sound more interesting. Finally the site opened on February 18th, 2003. I remember worrying that there will be a lack of people that know about this site, so I began telling all of my friends and relatives about the site, hoping to give Lanzer a bit more business. Obviously that was not needed, as I found within a few weeks the member count began growing exponentially. I remember being excited and happy for Lanzer when there were simultaneously 200+ people online one day (now there is an easily of 6000+ people on at a time). Lanzer flew from California to Vancouver to visit the family a week after the site launched, and during that time he told me lots of great ideas they have in store for the future, and it all sounded exciting. His stay was quite short, however, as he had to fly back and take care of the site again. From then on, Lanzer's long nights and hard labour began. Instantly hooked onto Gaia, I knew I was going to have fun for quite a while.

March was obviously the second month of Gaia, so lots of new features had to be added to support the growing community. Here are some things that were added during this month.

+ Rares were introduced
+ The Items list was added
+ Personals were introduced
+ The First Annual Ball took place
+ Dressing Room Added

In March, the rares first started appearing. They provided a new way to customize avatars, as well as gain a little extra gold. Pink Boxes,User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.and Enchanted TrunksUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.all began to randomly appear to users. Pink Links had not made their appearance yet. And yes, they ARE still random.

I remember when I found the first nightmare headband. the surprise of something pink floating across the screen before I even knew what it was. Double clicking I managed some kind of glitch and got 2 boxes. A gasmask, and the headband. I still have both to this day.

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Gizmo, Zaeyde's Trunk pet!
Items List
With the addition of the items list, users could now view all the items on Gaia without visiting all the stores. It also listed the uncommons and rares. Rufus sits atop the link to the item list in Ian's shop. The link can be found Here.

Found Here, the Personals provided a way for users to get to know each other, or find that special someone in their life without having to reveal themselves to the community. The sign on the link on the map says it all: Love.

First Annual Ball
The link, captured forever in Memorables, can be found Here. The ball was a fun way for users to get together and party. It was a user-run event, hosted by Misao. To everyone's surprise, at the end of the ball, the Administrators surprised everyone with a little gift in their inventory! The women recieved a Red Rose Corsage, while the men recieved a Black Bow Tie.

Dressing room was added to stores..
The stores (or "store" at this point, since Gambino had yet to be introduced) didn't originally have the "Preview" option. Quite a few members asked for some sort of "dressing room" to be added so they could view items before purchasing, so the Dressing Room was installed. Quite helpful, if I do say so myself.

Other Memories:

After a month the site was still growing well. But as the site increased in the number of members, Lanzer decreased the number of hours he sleeps. One day he tells me to spend a little more time around Gaia. Wondering what he could have meant by that, I did what he said to see if anything happens. To my surprise, when a page loaded, a bouncing chest moved up and down the screen. Ah yes, it was the introduction of rares. As much time I spent on Gaia already, the rares made me stay on for minutes - even hours - longer. The fun now turned into addiction. That's when I realized: Lanzer is a genius. An evil genius.

Lessee... one of the first guilds to appear in the beginning of Gaia was The Fist. It was one of the fastest growing at the time, but dissappeared when the leadership flopped... (my friend, Fighter096 aka Crazy Moo cow lady, who was in charge of The Fist thread changed the name of the thread to Yakuza, confusing members of the real Yakuza guild). Main quote? "OBEY THE FIST OBEY THE FIST OBEY THE FIST"... rinse, repeat... ^^

an alternative would be from the gaian chat rooms when they used to be up... it was an easy way of making gold at the time, allowing people to gain gold just staying in the chat room... however, after some modification, the room would put you on an away status every few minutes, so you would have people typing in a single "." every 15-30 sec...

I joined on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day, and only one day inside of Gaia's first month!).

One of my first and most fun memories was becoming one of the very first Gaian models, when the Personals were introduced in the last half of March:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Yep, that's my avatar in the graphic! It was back in the days before I could afford elf ears for my avatar. There were a few of us who discussed our avatars being used for the buttons with interest. We were curious why we had been chosen, and L0cke posted to tell us that they had simply looked for avatars with a unique and well-put-together appearance. We were all ready to strut down the runway. whee

PS -- And no, I am not a girl seeking a girl. wink

April wasn't that exciting.. or wouldn't have been if it weren't for Easter! Here's what happened:

+ Easter! Slippers arrive
+ Update preview

Easter! Slippers arrive..
Easter, being the first holiday for Gaia to celebrate, came out with two of the most searched-for items in Gaia. The bunny User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and chicky User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. slippers!
They came in this User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. adorable little egg, which would appear on any page during that day. The slippers sell for about 400000-850000g each, if you can find someone willing to sell!

Update preview..
Who'da thought one little preview could cause such excitement! Ling, an admin here at Gaia, showed us this little sneak peek in the announcements forum, which displayed the first shots of Gambino, weapons, kitty ears, ducky hat, and tons of other amazing little things.
It caused quite a bit of excitement around Gaia, even now since it shows some things we still haven't even heard mentioned otherwise!

Other Memories:

I was one of the few who lucked out due to a glitch during the easter egg hunt. I had been selling my slippers as I found them just for the sake of being able to find another egg and open it. xd See, you could only have 1 egg or 1 set of slippers in your inventory at once, so to get more eggs, you had to sell your slippers back to the shop. It just so happened that Lanzer was working on something (I keep thinking it was the shop because I had gone there to sell my slippers and I couldn't). Anyway, it caused myself and a few others to be able to find an egg while slippers were still in our inventory. When we opened the egg, out came the other set of slippers. eek

In May, a few new exciting updates occured. These were perhaps some of the most important ones added. Here is a list of what was added in May.

+ The Gambino Portion of the map was added
+ The trading system was introduced
+ The Exchange forum made it's debut
+ Pink Links were added to the rares system
+ Rollback Occurred

With this addition to the map, new shops and locations were added. These included Sasha's more expensive clothes shop, Ruby's hat store, and the bank. This map added some new places for users to dream about and anticipate. There are still buildings needed to be filled, such as one that looks like a casino, and one that looks like something to do with weapons. Look for them in the future!

With the bank's addition came the trading system. Users were then able to trade items for gold and other items with other users. In order to begin trading, users had to obtain a trading pass, costing 500g. Finally, something to do with all that gold!

With the banking and trading system came the exchange forum. This allowed users to make posts about which items they would like, and how much they would pay for them. Soon, user-run auctions began to appear, and Gaia's economy began to grow and form, making it one of the most attracting aspects of Gaia. Today it is perhaps the second most used forum, aside from the chatterbox.

Pink Links
With the new economy forming, Gaians sought a better way to make gold. So, Pink Links were introduced. These rares gave users an extra 1000 gold to spend as they wished.

Around the 12th, Gaia had a rollback. It wasn't as bad as the most recent one, but gold was reimbursed. Depending on your post count, you recived around 500 gold. Let's hope we don't have another rollback soon!

Other Memories:

Lessee, May seems a good month for the Crazy Moo Cow Lady sending out cow pies and insanity... if you see people going OMGOMGOMGOMG, or YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY, that's the influence of fighter096 (who also used to be bald). Main quote from that user would go something like "MOOOO, I cow! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY ~waxes scalp~"

Rogue Dragon
I went to the Barton forest for the first time and tried to talk IC with those who were there. I waited for nine minuets then posted again, because there were no new posts. I felt that since I was new, maybe they didn't want me around. So, I said that IC I left. A little latter I recieved a PM saying that it was okay. I returned and made my first friends on Gaia, though out of the three one I've not seen again, one I almost never see, and the last is the one that PMed me. That last one I talk with sometimes and have lended my aid to a few times. That started on page 49 of the Barton Forest.

Gaia certainly hadn't calmed down at all at this point [and has yet to], but there weren't quite as many exciting things in June. Although, the things that did happen were pretty awesome.. Here's what happened:

+ Chatroom was added
+ Summer items
+ The Halo
+ Eight Mods

Chatroom was added..
For some period of time there was a chatroom for Gaia, which was around for quite a while until it had to be removed due to bandwidth and server problems. They plan to put the chatroom back up eventually, but not for a while.
However, while it was up a lot of us had some pretty fun times there. I'd visit there myself from time to time (and I remember Trock being there quite a bit.) The layout of the room was pretty nice, your avatar would be displayed on the sidebar as well as your name if you were in the room, and a lot of members would often spend time there. Ah, I miss the chatroom..

Summer items..
For summer a lot of new items were added to the stores, such as the swimsuits, kimonos, and a lot of other nifty stuff for both male and female avatars.

The Halo..
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Everyone has certainly seen the Halo by now, and probably even wanted one of their own. Well, this was the month the Halo's were handed out. As a token of appreciation for donating, the Halo was given to those who had donated. Sadly, not many users had been introduced to the donating system yet, so there aren't many Halo's floating around now. That would certainly explain its outrageous value, though, which is estimated to be 1500000-2500000 each. Wow, thats a lot of gold for one item, isn't it?

Eight Mods..
By this time Gaia had been around for a while, and was still continuing to grow. More and more members would join each day, as they still do, and we were all in need of some Moderators. So _Trock_, Arwen, Liu, taeha, Stop Him, Tre (now retired), Sdeleven, and XxXDr4g0nXxX joined the staff! (some of the names have changed since then)

In July, a number of new things took place, besides my Birthday. ^.^

+ New front page
+ Spotlight introduction
+ Bear hats
+ Lanzer's Work Diary
+ Guest Map Thread

Gaia's front page
Believe it or not, Gaia's front page was not always what you see here today. In July, it was changed to what you see now. You may actually find an archived version of the old page here.

In July, Gaia introduced the Avatar Spotlight, featuring -- and --. The Spotlight picked two users from the site and recognized their awesome fashion sense. As it says, they've got "Serious Style!" Since then, users have sought to gain their 15 minutes (or a month) of fame. But is it worth it for the constant PM's for gold? Maybe one day you can judge for yourself.

Bear Hats
This month's donatoin item was the elusive bear hats.
The Grizzly, User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and the Panda User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. hats are one of the more elusive and valuable items that can be found today. That is IF you can find one.

I remember waking up in the morning and noticing many people wearing what appeared to be a helmet on their heads, cute teddy bear helmets.

People craved them even then that people would donate, and sell them at the exchange. Every other thread was selling a bear hat.

What's the funniest thing though was that no one ever anticipated the skyrocketing price they would become, for the letters would be sold for 3k-10k a piece back then. It blows my mind to see how much they go for now.

Lanzer's Work Diary
Lanzer's Work Diary (Found here,) was re-introduced on the 15th of July. In it you may find the reason to many bugs and glitches, as well as tasty hints of what's to come.

Guest Map Thread
Located in memorables, The Guest Map Thread mapped out the location of many members on Gaia. Unfortunatly, it seems as though the picture isn't working. It was fun while it lasted!

Other Memories:
Lanzer invited the rest of the family to visit him at the Anime Expo 2003 held in LA. There I got the pleasure of meeting VO, CP, and LOcke. There they sat in front of tables and drew anything that was requested by people. They were all quite popular already from their previous projects, and watching them draw was truly a treat. Of course, they were at the AX to promote Gaia, so they handed out plenty of Gaia Online postcards and brochures. I really can't tell if that boosted Gaia's member count because it was already growing so much everyday.

July-I first joined up and got used to how some things went, reading the stickies and such without having to be directed to them and I discovered the Catgirl Adoption Home in Barton Town which has grown to almost 9,000 pages now. Yet, I was clueless about the donation items. I could have gotten the bear hats then for cheap maybe. ;_;

Chibigreen Tejinashi
July 2nd: The Rise of the Machines
On the 2nd of July, a new rare was released: the Android Damage Prosthetics. And instantly there was chaos in the Exchange.

People were exclaiming over the new item ChaosKid had equipped and were wondering if it was a prank pulled by the admins in the same breath. After all, Terminator 3 had just been released in movie theaters.

ChaosKid started an auction, and the chaos became worse. People bidding ten thousand gold, twenty thousand, more (a great deal of gold back then)! And then...the prosthetics were gone. Unequipped. The bidders, fiercly engaged in a battle of gold, did not notice. But others did. And where were the prosthetics?

Why, sold to a PM bidder, of course. People were nearly rioting when they found out.

Now the android prosthetics sell for a fraction of those original bids, but perhaps they retain the memory of the chaos in the glowing red eye.

There wasn't a whole lot that took place in August, but there are definately things worth mentioning. Here's what did take place:

+ New banner ads
+ Headphones
+ More mods

New banner ads
In this month some new banners were added around the site to help cover the bandwidth costs. They're just little advertisements around the site, no big deal, but it really did change the layout when they were first added. They used to be on almost every page, but a few people were annoyed with the change so they are now only on main pages (such as the homepage and Link List). It's not that noticable anymore, but it was at first!

For the month of August the donation items were the portable stereo headphones User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and the dj studio headphones User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., two of the most valued items on gaia. The second they were released they were a huge hit, and the prices continued to sky-rocket [and continue to do so] to about 300000-375000g a piece. The portables seem to be the favorable of the two (as they take the ear-slot instead of the head-slot), but each go for outstanding amounts.

New Mods..
In this month some new mods were introduced. Ryonin, Wolfie, Desna, 58mm, siryn, binkari, and Suzon. (some names have changed since then)

Other memories:
Lluvia Maya
Okay, I joined on August 2nd and the one thing I wanted the most was an Angelic Headband. In a few days I learned about donations so I donated $5 and got one letter. I sold it and bought a Panda Hat with the gold
I remember back then there used to be at the most 1700 people on. The first Mods I noticed were Arwen, Ryonin & _Trock_
I just used to hang on the Q&F forum where Dri, Mizuiro and I answered questions.
The most expensive item then (besides the Halo) was the Headbands I think, because I bought my Panda Hat for 12k and they had just come out a month before. The HB went for about 50k if I remember correctly.

August- When a whole bunch of us changed our avatars to Lanzer clones. Even female Lanzer clones were born! It must have been twenty of us or something. We copied his look, clothes, even his sig. Some even went so far as to copy his profile. Good old Remme's idea. 58mm made the official thread, I believe. Crack me up, we couldn't wait to see how Lanzer reacted. Then in his work diary he said:

Been seeing a lot of familiar faces around lately eek Must... stay... original! *puts on clown nose* 3nodding

xd Awesome.

Even still have the sig: Here

To be honest, not a lot of exciting things happened in September. xd

+ Mini Wings
+ Post Deletion
+ Rumor Patrol

Mini Wings
Ahh yes, september was the release of the mini wings. Those little trinkets you could once buy for 3k now soar up near 200k.
The Mini Angelics User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and the Mini Nitemares User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. are now the subjet of many quests. Who would have thought the little mini wings would surpass in price their larger counterparts?

Post Deletion
Lanzer added a script that deleted old postes in the chatterbox. That took a load off Gaia's servers. The Chatterbox was simply becoming a Hell-Hole of meaningless... chatter.

Rumor Patrol
On the 16th, Rumor Partol was added. It serves to confirm or trash any rumors we may hear around the site. Recently, it has become more of the Q&A Lounge, a comfy place for users to take a breif break form their question asking and answering. It may be found here.

Other Memories:
September- That's when I found out it was possible to donate to Gaia without having cash in real life. My friend traded his Nitemare Collar to get me that months donation letter. After opening the letter and getting my angelic mini wings I wore them proudly even if I couldnt wear them with my fox ears. *smiles*

Halloween is one of the most loved holidays of the year, but Gaia managed to make it even better this time 'round! Here's some of what happend:

+ New Halloween layout
+ Halloween activities (and items)
+ Halloween Forum
+ Angelic sash and devil tail
+ Gaian Exchange Network
+ Rollback

New Halloween layout..
For Halloween, Gaia decided to be festive and put up a whole new layout for the holiday. The homepage was decked in black and orange, and the towns were decorated in ornaments and ghosts! Not to mention our favorite shopkeepers, who all decided to dress up with the members. The layout was removed after Halloween, but it was awesome while it was around! They'll probably do it again this year, for those of you who missed out.

Halloween Activities..
We obviously needed some fun and games to go with the new layout, right? Well, the admins added some great new activities for the holiday, which started off great until the servers became so overwhelmed with all the online users! But none the less, it was still really fun. The point was to gather candy from each of the stores (hat store, barton, and gambino outfitters) and depending on the combination of flavors you'd recieve an item from Jack, who would run into your inventory, take your candy, and hand you a black bag [in which the item was in] before running off again. I wonder what they'll do this year..
(You can find more information about it in the GEN, which is mentioned below)

Halloween Forum..
Along with the new layout and the activities mentioned above, a temporary Halloween Forum was added to the Index so everyone could celebrate together. Some of the administrators dropped by for a while, even! All the threads are still around in the forum [which has been kept safe in the Memorable Threads Forum], so check it out!

Angelic sash and devil tail..
The donation items of this month were the lovely angelic sash and devil tail. As most other donation items, they were to match the rest of the anglic and nightmare themed items, and are two of the favorites to date. I, for one, love the tail. They now sell for about 30000-50000 each.
<center>User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.</center>
Gaian Exchange Network
The GEN is probably one of the most helpful threads in Gaia, and this is the month it was stickied! It's a wonderful thread that has all the items listed as well as their general prices on the exchange, sellback prices, and any other information you might want to know. Every new item is listed in the Updates, as well as any other new information concerning the exchange. You can't get much better than that.

There have been a few rollbacks on Gaia in its day, and one of them was on October 5th. Lanzer made a post about it here if you are interested and want to hear more about it. Everyone recieved 1000g to make up for the gold most users lost.. so that worked out well!

November is one of my personal favorite and memorable months, as you will see why. Glitches are always fun, aren't they?

+ Winter Item Update
+ OMG/AFK hats
+ CodeNameCinderella
+ Gender/Name change
+ Crossdressing
+ New Moderators

Winter Item Update
With this update, many new wintery themed items were available to users. It has been said that it was, in fact, one of the most expensive updates to date! Items included were the Pimp sets, Scarves, Snowbored sets, and Ski sets. In the beginning, there were six colors of scarves. The women recieved pastel colors, and the men bold colors. However, the women threw a fit about this, xd and soon enough, women had all six colors. Later on, however, men began to complain that they wanted to wear pink scarves, and much later men were able to wear all six colors as well.

This month's donation items were the OMG User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. (Standing for Odd, Michevious Gremlin hat) and AFK User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. (Standing for A Furry, Kewt hat) hats were introduced. These items were an adorable accessory to the winter items, and the third in the nitemare/angelic theme for the donation items. Perhaps in the future, we will talk about how these hats are way up in prices, when in times like these we could sell them for a mere 10k.

On November 29th, Gaia reached it's 16,777,215 post limit by CodeNameCinderella. Thus, she broke Gaia, and no one was able to post. Lanzer fixed it, and awarded her a sum of 16,777 gold in "Celebration." We're good to go for another 4 trillion posts. I wonder who will be the final poster then? ninja

Gender/Name Change
Lanzer finally enabled a feature for users to change their name or gender without asking an Admin to do so. A user gets two freebies, and after that must pay 10k to change. However, with the new feature came many new bugs...

This is one of my favorite memories on Gaia. Yes, at one point, crossdressing was possible. What happened was if you changed your gender, you kept whatever clothes you were wearing. At first, it was very glitchy, and Azael wound up wearing a grass skirt and... nippleless boobs. Very odd. Eager to try the new glitch, many users changed their genders. For a time, users could even change clothing! The result was women in ties, boxers, and other manly clothing, and men in short shorts, skirts, and dresses. I put together a picture of all the users who were crossdressed, which can be found here. I strongly reccomend you look, as there are even men in nitemare bustiers! (If the picture doesn't work, refresh a few times.)

New Mods
In November, we recieved new mods. They were:
Sosiqui, Destroyer556, Kyla ^^, Lluvia Maya, Kichigai M., Aerion, Saturnine, Shin no, Kimiko, and Xaala.

December was a busy year for Gaia, Christmas everywhere and user-run events left and right! Heres what happened:

+ Giftwrapping installed
+ Angelic and Nightmare scarves added
+ Jolly Slippers Attack...
+ "Nutbuster pants" thread made
+ "Secret Santa" user event
+ Gaia's first bald drag-queen

Giftwrapping installed..
As Christmas was fast approching, a lot of members began to get concerned about being able to send gifts to their Gaia buddys. So, Lanzer quickly added the Giftwrapping option in stores. There are several different boxes to choose from instead of only green and red, this way you can use the option for any occasion. Giftwrapping is staying for good, since a lot of members were worried about that, so you can also use it at any time.

Angelic and Nightmare scarves..
The donation items for this month were the angelic and nightmare scarves.
<center>User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.</center>
They were each made to match the rest of the angelic and nightmare outfits, and also matched the winter occasion! They each sell for about 4000-5300 on the exchange, not too expensive in comparisson to the other donation items.

Jolly Slippers Attack..
For Christmas the Donation Tree was added in the center of Barton town. The point of it was to give a giftwrapped item to the needy, and in return you'd recieve a box of jolly slippers. The slippers were indeed cute, until some lucky users recieved fairy wings and other wonderful items from the tree.. and all hell broke loose. Users began to get greedy and continuously give items to the tree in order to recieve a lovely gift like those other lucky users, but instead were given many boxes of jolly slippers. Many users had continued to give and give until they realized, at last, that they were not going to get anything fabulous.. and wound up having tons of those slippers instead. Since there were so many members that had continued to donate in order to find some fairy wings (or something else almost as good) there ended up being thousands of jolly slippers flooding Gaia. The selfishness of many users brought pain to many others.. and we are still left drowning in those slippers.

Xanilus, sometime later, wrote this hilarious little parody on the subject.

"Nutbuster pants" thread..
One of the many new items introduced to Gaia during the month of December was the "nutbuster pants" for male avatars. Basically, they were the bottom half of the Nutcracker outfit. However.. the name began to disturb a few people, and this thread was made.

"Secret Santa" user event..
For Christmas a few users decided to make a "secret santa" type event. Basically, you'd buy someone else a present and someone else would buy you one (although, you wouldn't know who it was going to be from until you recieved it) of whatever price range you asked to be placed in. I was in this event as many other users were, and it was really quite fun!
Sadly, the thread has recently fallen to the depths so I am not able to post it here.

Gaia's first bald drag-queen..
Gaia has has quite a few glitches in its day, but this one just about tops them all (just under the crossdressing glitch of November). Rayquazza, a general user of Gaia, happened to come across the glitch and made this thread about it. It's really quite hilarious.. *snicker*
The glitch, however, has been long fixed by now. Atleast, we think so.

As the months turn more recent, the memories turn fresher in our minds. Let's see if you remember any of these:

+ New Years
+ Go-Gaia Beta
+ Item Update
+ Emo Bag/Chain Wallet
+ Giftrape
+ New Mods

New Years
Gaia celebrated New Years with many parties, threads, and lots of fun. Who knew what was to come? What a better way to spend it than with Gaia?

Go-Gaia Beta
Users are ever-waiting the appearance of Go-Gaia Beta, and so, someone created one. However, this was nothing more than a scam to get user's passwords. Thankfully, the rumor and site was banished, and users had ntohing more to fear. Rememeber: Don't test anything unless you see an announcment about it!

Item Update
We recieved another update in january, and to everyone's pleasure, it was an affordable one. With sets such as the Pinstripe set and Vintage set, users were now able to customize their avatars even more. However, there was a big to-do about a description of the Banded shirt. It was insulting Michael Jackson, calling him Wacko Jacko, a child molester. A user named Jacko The Wacko popped up, attempting to calm everyone about it (rumor is he can still be found lurking around the site) but eventually the Admins changed the description to what you see now.

Emo Bag/Chain Wallet
The Emo Bag User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and Chain Wallet User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. were the last two donation items, ending the nitemare/angelic trend. Lanzer stated that these items marked the beginning of a new line of accessories. Who knows? Maybe they will be tommorow's Dj's!

One of the newer inside jokes of Gaia was giftrape. What is giftrape? Well, there are two definitions. The Urban Dictionary definition is "To give someone an unwanted and horrible gift." The other definition is what heppens when a user misspells GiftWrap. Combine the two together, and you get this thread. Many users felt it was memorable quality, but sadly, it did not make it. Don't be surprised if you see someone yelling "I'VE BEEN GIFTRAPED!" somewhere... Even a guild for giftrape victims sprouted.

New Mods
The most recent wave of mods was added in January. These mods include:

Angua von Uberwald

Congrats to the new mods!

Other Memories:

mr. awesome

I, and surely quite a few other people also, remember the January item update. When it occured, I was actually cruising the shops for some shoes. All of the sudden, these awesome shoes, the class shoes, suddenly appeared in Ian's store. Stupid as I was, I grabbed the first pair in sight and ran off home to put them on.
They were gone. They were replaced by an image that doesn't show up.
It was named " " and had a sellback of "gold."
So I started a thread, called "I jumped the gun and got shot" and soon enough, I had been well-known as "mr. awesome, owner of nothing."
The beloved "I jumped the gun and got shot" thread.

I really liked reading the History of Gaia! ::wishes she could be quoted for a month::


The last month of Gaia's first year... And already things have happened.

+ Jewelry store
+ Gaia Ball

Jewelry Store

On Valentines day, the Jewelry Store opened! With the new shopkeeper, Agatha making men cringe, the jewelry store introduced gold and silver watches, bracelets, and lockets. And since it's Valentine's Day, the option to engrave the jewelry was introduced. The store will be around after Valentines day, so no worries!

Gaian Ball

The first Admin run Ball, the Gaian Aniversary ball is held in the Gambino Mansion. Nearly all of Gaia's population had swarmed in there, eager to dance and party to their heart's content. In each and everyone's inventory can be found a Party hat, User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and a Noise Maka. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Happy birthday Gaia, it's been one year!
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The month of February:
I remember when the Guilds forum was added..it was very crowded at the top because all the good role playing guilds were stickied. After the clutter...the guilds were unstickied and now we have a load of guilds in the guilds forum in every subforum. O_O

For now that's all I could remember. XD Sorry.
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July - Bear Hats
I remember waking up in the morning and noticing many people wearing what appeared to be a helmet on their heads, cute teddy bear helmets.

People craved them even then that people would donate, and sell them at the exchange. Every other thread was selling a bear hat.

What's the funniest thing though was that no one ever anticipated the skyrocketing price they would become, for the letters would be sold for 3k-10k a piece back then. It blows my mind to see how much they go for now.

December - 1AM Christmas Day
I was up way past 2AM on Christmas Eve, it was now Christmas. I remember so many glitches with December Letters. Both VO and Lanzer came online and stayed up untill 1am Gaia Time, 1am Christmas Day, fixing everything in time for morning.

When I noticed Lanzer and VO up so late they reminded me of Santa. xd They didn't even have to do anything for Christmas, but they did, and they did it for us. 3nodding

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