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I drove up to Jacksonville once with my dad...we ate Taco Bell...it was fun...something for my dad's work...it seems really nice up there...you going to any conventions?
Alright. I gotta go for a while. Stick around, chat, keep this thread alive (please!?) and I'll be back in a bit. ^_^
^^ yea!! and then he goes into his fiances room and does the same thing!! yea.. that's a great movie..

^^ wull i practice really hard and eyes n clothes, hehe.. i suck at feet and hands, though.

^^;; i live so far away.. hehe.. i live in Geneva, switzerland.. ^^;;
ALright Toddles anyway...anyone else there to talk to? *looks around* whee
ALright Toddles anyway...anyone else there to talk to? *looks around* whee

Always me, if you want. -shrug-
^_^ um.. hi! *waves*
eek Swisszerland (can't spell for the life of me!!) That's really cool...is it fun there!!!
*shrugs* well, kinda.. there are a LOT more things to do here, though, then where I used to live in the states.. ^_^ its so much fun to hang out in the city..
*peace sign ^^V* HIYA COWIE!!! HI SAKU!!!!
Haha. ^^ I live in a really, really cold area of the states. -.- I miss IL.
whee HI TREIGHLYNN!!! ^^
*looks around* anyone there? crying
^_^ you used to live in Illinois?? I used to live in Missouri. whee
oh ok there you are!!!!! HI...ANYWAY!!! what do you want to talk about...i am kinda bored and have writters block soo...anything and everything would be good to talk about blaugh
*raises hand* mee!!!

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