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I used to live in New york....so now people make fun of me cuz of my accent...hehehe whee
^_^ you used to live in Illinois?? I used to live in Missouri. whee

Missouri? Wicked. Illinois was awesome.. I miss civilization and sky scrapers. O_O
I kinda miss the suburbs of Missouri.. no malls in Switzerland.. and it's a LOT harder to get into certain places here.. so yea..
Where do you live now Cowie?
XD I think that New York accents are cool!
Yay some one likes the way i talk!!!!!! whee blaugh xd
I used to live in New york....so now people make fun of me cuz of my accent...hehehe whee

My friend used to live in Long Island. Her accent was different, but I didn't care.
Where do you live now Cowie?

Northern Maine. neutral Not my favorite place, at all, but it's okay, I guess.
My friends now are trying to get me to talk Floridien it's kinda funnie... smile
Maine.....the place with the lobsters....brr....sounds cold...but the cold is kinda cool....thats what i miss about new york....Snow...i liked the snow...*sniff sniff* It doesn't snow in Florida crying
^^;; how do you speak Floridian? One of the guys at my school is from Florida, but when he talks, you can't hear him.. its like a low, deep mumble... hehe..

^^ mm.. Maine has good lobsters....
xD Northern Maine is the land of the potatos. Unfortunately, I can't eat lobster, due to horrid allergies. ._.
Saku- Floridien is no New york accent it is saying Dawg in stead of doog....yea it is kinda weirs...and Cowie.....meh i hate fish anyway so meh...But Potatoes are cool!!! eek
Tatos rock mah socks! xD Dawg... That's fun. O.O Last thing I knew, that's how californians talked too. I was born there. -nod-
*-* they have such good potato dishes here.. mm.. rosti.. whee

doog? lmao lmao.. sorry, that just sounds so funny.. ^^

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