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Finni's Wife

yes we will, Rashka!
*blinks back at Silver* Okie then...

*goes back to get another drink with AoD*

And Caitlin, Kistune's drawing the picture, not me. sweatdrop I suck at drawing whee Bye Rashka, I'll tell info when he gets here. 3nodding
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Romantic Genius

Evil Ash
um..i claim ~Randee-Lynn~

your mine now! 3nodding

lol okay 3nodding
Heylo all! *waves as she runs in, trips over her tail, and facefaults into the ground* sweatdrop
Ta ta Rashka!!

*finishes her drink and grabs another*

Oh, and you're welcome Silver! 3nodding
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Finni's Wife

*rushes over to Val*

you okie? Mwr?
well i claimed someone

what do i do now?
*downs a couple more drinks* I...*hic* refused.....to work drunk again. *hic* *falls over*
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Finni's Wife


You okie AoD?
Evreything's scanned! I will contact you by PM with your pic!
*tries to help AoD but stumbles and falls on her face* Owie...*sits up* AoD...you okie, girl? *sways* Work smurk...
*looks up from the floor with swirly eyes* I'm fine... SilverWolf.... *passes out* (God, I'm hyper today.... XD)
Koyuki Shirogane's avatar

Finni's Wife

Okies dokies element!

*pours ginger tea*

Want some? Maybe you'll be able to stand....this is to help you with your drunk state...
Rashka Shimegami
~*sighs*~ If any of you happen to see infomatz, tell him I was here, but had to leave for work, please?

crying gonk crying SHE WAS HERE AND I MISSED HER AGAIN!!!! I HATE MY WORK!!! crying crying crying
*blinks her eyes* Whuh? *hic* Fell slep...*drinks again* So...good....*hic*
*falls again* Sleepy...time...

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