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*Into the night she goes moving silently through the forest till she happens upon a stream. Turning her head back she notes the city must be miles away. The stillness of the night calms her soul. She moves her hair out of the way and pauses to stare at the stars above her as her thoughts begin to wander...Why am I here? She looks back to the city and her body shakes in fear. What's back there? Why am I.. Her mental sentence trails off as she notices a trout jumping upstream. Her hunger over takes her. Leaping from rock to rock till she is in the middle of the stream she waits. Her patience is soon rewarded as two more fish leap against the current. With uncanny quickness she simultaneously grabs both fish. Gripping them tightly she stares at her hands. Is that...normal? Leaping back to shore she puts her thought temporally aside as she enjoys her newly caught meal.*
is this going to ba a rpg? like do we got class and stuff?
*She strolls along the forest trail, thinking deep thoughts. Her eyes gaze up into the cold blue sky and notes all of the twinkling hot balls of gas in worlds away. With a sigh, random impossible thoughts swirl around her head -I wonder if I could ever visit...- Until she hears a strange noise coming from the bushes. She turns around and wanders cautiously toward the sound with the eerie glowing moonlight shadowing her. She shivers with fear and anticipation while the goosebumps are becoming more prominent on her arms. Soon she encounters a stream with sparkling water crashing through the rocks that are embedded into the ground. Looking up, she sees a dark figure quickly escape into the nearby trees. Her body freezes and she stops in mid breath... -Jesus Christ, what was that????-.
*Having heard a stranger come near, her instincts kicked in. She rushed away from them through the bush as fast as she could. Her heart pounded in her chest as branches and limbs collided with her body adding more wounds to her haggard form. She cried silently in pain yet keep running. Before she realized it she ran past a low cliff edge where she tumbled down the side. Her head struck the ground hard making her dizzy. Rolling her battered body over onto her back she looked up at the sky for the second time tonight. Tears welled in her eyes. I hate this place…Why am I being made to suffer so? The vision of the night sky faded from her view as the world of dreams opened again before her. Dreams that would not be so pleasant.*
*She shrieks as the creature tears through the forest. Somehow, without a rational reason, she runs after the creature. -What the hell am I doing?- She sees the branches that were broken and followed the trampled grass. Her feet stumbles and she falls on her arm near a cliff, and when she groaned in pain, she sees something moving ever so slightly. The moon continues to track her as she descends down the cliff. Here she sees a wounded human-like creature. She approaches it with apprehension. Using her a nearby stick, she pokes it and the creature begins to moan...*
*She stands in a room, a very cold room. She sees people about…doing…something. Before her dreams being to focus she feels a nudging in her side. Slowly she arouses from her ever so brief sleep. Opening her eyes she sees a silhouette of a woman in the moonlight. She would run but her body has exhausted all its strength. Lying there she tilts her head to the side then falls back into unconsciousness.*
*Gasping in surprise, she slowly steps towards the creature... -What the hell is it?- When you go close enough that she could see that this creature is actually a very injured girl who had a full blown body suit of brown fur with white speckles. Her hands quickly began to search for any identifying article on this girl, all she found is a picture of man with what seems like his daughter in his arms. The little girl looked delighted in the picture. She sighed and placed the picture back. She then looked for some leaves or shelter material and became contented with her coat. She laid near the girl -Who is she? Why is her face filled with scratches?- Her thoughts eventually collided with her exhaustion and she closed her eyes.*
*Waking at daybreak she gradually gets up. The mourning dew has already dampened her clothes making her slightly cold. Out of the corner of her eye she spots a sleeping form of her pursuer. Startled at first she composes herself. Must be someone from the city. Wonder why they followed me? Sneaking away before the woman wakes she heads back into the deep forest. :4 hours later: Around noon time she happens to come across a another section of the same river as before but just about three miles upstream from where she was earlier. Feeling quite dirty, from the pervious nights she has endured, she strips off her jeans and shirt placing them aside on the rocks. As she removed her clothes she observed that her older wounds had healed up at an accelerated pace even now the burn marks on her hands are gone. Her recent wounds too were not quite as bad as before. Weird…what am I a werewolf? Smirking she makes light of her own bizarre nature. As she bathes in the stream she does a recent recap. Ok, I woke up in an alley injured with no clue who I am. Stares down river. I don’t like being near the city. That or something in it. Looks at both her hands. And I am insanely quick and heal faster then normal. She finishes her bath then gets dressed before resting on the nearby grass. The afternoon sun dries her little by little as she think about what to do. Her pervious animal-like panic being replaced by cool well thought out logic. Reaching into her pocket she looks for a time at the key and the piece of metal. Shion… Just before nightfall she heads back toward the city.*
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It's dark--darker than on the road, because the treetops block the brightest of the moonbeams. Casrial is blessed with good eyes, though, and she and the wolf move nearly silently between the trees. The goat trailing them is quiet as well, though not nearly quiet enough; Casrial isn't sure how much longer she'll wait before carrying it. The woods are still and quiet suddenly, and both the wolf cub and Casrial freeze. Casrial eases her grip on her throwing knife and lays her hand on another, letting her ancient teacher's guidance wash over her, calming her.

Casrial has never lived for the hunt. She is too used to being the hunted, too used to the frantic chase and the narrow escape--or, even worse, the dreaded capture.

Tonight is for teaching, though, no danger from predators with two legs or more. She ducks into a crouch as the small ground animal makes its way between the trees to the right.

"Ash'kaelok," she whispers, and Heorot tenses, examining the situation. It is a game of instincts that they play--theirs versus the prey--and the wolf cub has yet to learn which to trust and which to ignore. "Go!"

And the wolf prowls forward one step, two, three, nearly out of sight and nearly silent. Casrial's hands are ready with her knives in case she needs to intervene, but she's not willing to take the kill from the pup, not when Heorot has so much left to learn.

The tackle is swift and graceless, but it does the trick as the animal falls under Heorot's sharp claws and teeth. "Trigt," Casrial tells her, and for a moment, she fears Heorot's bloodlust has gotten ahold of her.

But no, Heorot knows which hands prepare her dinner, and she obediently--if reluctantly--takes the dying animal carcass gently in her mouth and lays it at Casrial's feet. Then Heorot barks once, a gleeful sound of puppy-triumph, and rubs her bloody mouth up against Casrial's pants.

Casrial lets Heorot carry the dead animal as they head back towards the road to Barton town, marvelling at Heorot's restraint. Then she realizes she now needs new pants.

The goat continues to trail behind them both, looking just as grumpy as ever. It no longer treads silently, nor does Heorot; Casrial wears her silence like a freezing man wears a blanket, wrapped tightly around her at all times. Her footprints make little impression on the earth and little noise in the making, and she wonders if it will always be thus for her in the world.
XXXPlizit enters the forest, and find out tha tit is so easy to get lost here. Instead, he decides to go walk around the place, little did he know that once he entered the place, he found out that...

He is lost. Now he starts to get hungry. Trying to find food, there's no food to find. So he shouts:

"IS ANYBODY HERE!!!!!!??????"

But no one answered. He screams again, and still no reply.

(OOC: What's the objective of Barton Forest?)
"At the other side of the forest, a flickering light could be seen in the darkness. It was a firecamp. By the fire, there were a bunch of ordinary people, travelers mainly, and a few armored ones. There seemed to be quite an argument between the travelling companions, since they grew louder and louder.
_"We should get the north road as soon as possible. We're gonna reach our destination faster that way", said a quiet man standing a little apart of the flame.
_"You're wrong, geezer! this lead to Geavia -- it's currently under quarantine due to plague outbreak." replied one of the well-armored ones.
_"I know already." His voice was low and yet very intense. "But if we don't go through Geavia, we'll be done for. We don't have that much time left."
_"shhhhh! Did you hear that?"

Somewhere in the woods, a scream echoed. The men all got up suddenly, their spines shivering from unbearable fear.

_"It's already there. No time to waste."

The firelight disappeared in a flash and twenty shadows quickly departed to the north."
*jumping from tree branch to tree branch following the screams for help i stop in a tree right above xxxplizit*
What do you need help with?
A whoosh of air and branches sped by Golem as he zoomed through the forest canopy. The small Nature Dragon jumped from tree to tree, his wings big enough to glide, but too small to fly. He was totally camoflauged in the leaves.

But Golem was still young and untrained. Not paying attention, he smacked into something! Noo.... NOO!! A human... a female human... the dragon frantically bounced away, screeching in terror.
aww home *smile crosses lips as he strolls through the forest* nothing on this earth compares to thee *with expert fingers climbs a tree and sets his gaze on the town of barton* will they ever learn? Are they all that dead inside? *lets his eyes close and drifts to sleep*
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*walks along*
Wow! I didn't know this forest was so beautiful!

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