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Walks into the forest eyes closed, taking in the fresh air within her lungs. She sighed and opened her eyes to take in the view before her.. the rows and rows of trees that surrounded her, trying to take her mind off the events that took place. Finding a spot, she climbs up one of the trees and sits down on a branch, leaning her head and back up against the trunk, listening to the sounds of the forest.. Letting out another sigh she closed her eyes.. her satchel finding place between her legs.
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Dapper Elocutionist

"I'm friendly because we fought alongside one another as allies," He began," and that, to me, creates a bond. And you never once gave me a reason to think you're an enemy, but..."

He shrugs, "...I can be very unfriendly if you want."

"And I can be very unhappy if you do." He stared sternly into the faintly luminous eyes of the guardian with resolve hardly seen from him. "That's not what you want, and you know it... I don't care if you lie to me, but lying to yourself is something different alltogether."
(Drewie is hiding atop a tree)

::peeks down at everyone::
((anyone here?))

"And I can be very unhappy if you do." He stared sternly into the faintly luminous eyes of the guardian with resolve hardly seen from him. "That's not what you want, and you know it... I don't care if you lie to me, but lying to yourself is something different alltogether."

He narrows his eyes, a smile pulling at the side of his mouth. It seemed Josh wasn't too far from being good at all. But why was he so blindly aggresive towards everything? It was as if since the competition, a seed of evil had been planted in him and had been growing ever since... yet, he didn't know his (possible) comrade too well. Maybe it was just the way he was.

"You've a good soul. So why have you been showing the world so much malice as of late?"

All the while, of course, Jormagund was trying to influence Stryphe, trying to get him to fight.

There was another energy nearby, a foreign one, but an energy nonetheless. Wasn't human, that's for sure. It had just moved after staying still for a little while... as if it had been listening. He didn't doubt it. It wasn't a human, so there was a chance it could hear far enough. He could not, but he could sense the energy it gave off... as long as it wasn't a threat, his top priority was Josh. If something had to be hidden, Stryphe would make sure whatever the source of the energy was could not hear.

He quirked an eyebrow. Come to think of it, there were some definetly interesting energies in the forest. He'd been too busy with Josh to notice, but now that it was on his mind he quickly sensed the forest for energies...

One familiar, one slightly familiar, and one more totally foreign energy.

Shifter? His energy wasn't sensed when Stryphe entered the forest moments ago, but now Shifter was inside! Was he that fast in travel, or could he teleport as well? Also, a familiar kitsune energy was with his... not Kitsune, though. Strange. Near the Rhine was another foreign energy, a peculiar one.


And just then, he realized, that Kitsune's energy could not be sensed! Her power was vast enough so that wherever in the world, he would be able to feel her, at least a little bit... but he could feel nothing. She was dead?

Now, with a troubled mind, Stryphe shifts his weight in unease, a look of deep concern appearing on his face. Something was wrong.
(( Figured it out.... ))
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Tipsy Canine

Tanuki stops near the Rhine and takes a deep breath of the fresh forest air, nearly gagging at first. It was always hard to get accustomed to all of the...freshness...of things in this world. Patting his chest lightly, the raccoon-dog steps into the river water and splashes himself in the cold water, washing away any traces of the dark god. He looks at his old staff and tosses it into the water, watching as it floats away. "No use in carrying that useless thing around anymore."

He steps out of the river and picks up a gnarled tree branch, using it as a make-shift staff. Now that he has covered his tracks, he'll need a good alibi for being away for so long. A story that could explain his extended absence without raising suspicions. He sits down on the river bank and stares at his reflection in the water. '<i>When I agreed to play the part of the spy so long ago, I didn't think I'd find myself in this predicament.</i>'
*wanders into the forest*

how did i get here one minute i'm in the var and now i'm in a forest maybe i should turn around and go back to the bar!

*looks around at the peaceful forest*

on second thought i'll stsy here for a while then find a way back to the bar
i might just take a nap by that tree!

* starts walking to a big beautiful tree that looks about 1000 years old*
*as she's walking to the tree she hears a noise but thinks nothing of it*

i guess i'm not the only person here oh well if anyone wants to talk they can stop me!

*starts talking to herself*

wait a minute! what if its not a person?
what if its a big scary animal and it thinks i'm lunch
thats not fair i don't wanna be lunch for some animal

*thinks to herself*
what am i saying blaugh
i must be crazy i'm talking to myself again
i told myself i wouldn't do that again and look here i am blaugh
ok stop

*starts walking to the big old tree again*
*hears the same noise*

*stops dead in her tracks*

oh man i'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*runs out of the forest the same way she came in*
*shuffles through the scenery*

*shuffle shuffle shuffle....*
::shuffles after Steele::

So.. where are we going again?

::shuffle shuffle shuffle::
Seigel walks cautiously into the forest, observing his surroundings with darting eyes. He seems particularly focused on the terrain. Upon seeing the others he clutches his pouch and makes sure no-one is standing directly near him. Safe. He sighs a breath of relief and loosens his grip on the leather pack. Kneeling down, he places one hand on the ground. He returns his hand to his nose and smells. Nothing. He stands back up and looks over everyone.
"Hail. I don't suppose any of you have seen a little... umm... well... dragon running about?" He rests his hand back on his pouch.
*sleeps on a branch in a tree*
Seigel stares harder at the fellow up inside the tree. Asleep.
"Just my luck." Mumbles Seigel, "Not such a bad idea." Seigel makes sure his pouch is well concealed beneath his jacket and finds a tree to lay against. He closes his eyes and lets the sky fade away.

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