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Mindful of the pendulum blades, Shifter runs back down the passage towards the throne room. No longer having a reason to return to this hallway, he draws every bit of ki he can from his surroundings along the way. He left that Tenshi was probably fine, but didn't want to keep her fending off the guards for no reason. Once he met up with her he intended to empty the throne room and either escape or continue his mayhem if for no reason other than the thrill of it.
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Kitsune slowly turns her head toward the throne and the limp body resting in it. Her left eye twitches involuntarily as she picks the head up in her teeth again. '<i>Do it...</i>' She starts to take a few steps toward the throne, but stops in her tracks the second she comes to her senses again. Thinking nothing of what she was about to do, she turns away and stares into the hall. She can now sense Tenshi is still out there, so she assumes that Shifter is still back in the treasure room. "Hnn..I wonder if he got there safely. Best to make an exit now just in case he has a mob at his heels..."

Channeling a bit of her energy into her claws, she slices the air in front of her and creates a rift that leads back into her pocket space. She isn't entirely sure if she can create a gateway leading directly back home, so this indirect route will have to suffice. The mongoose slips into the rift and uses the same technique to open a gateway that leads back to Barton Forest. Stepping back into the hellish dimension, Kitsune drops the bloody head at her feet and looks around before barking sharply (which looks odd coming from a mongoose). The splitting headache she has is keeping her from communicating telepathically with the spirit kitsune so the old fashion way will have to do. Hopefully, Tenshi will hear her and take that as her cue to escape from the battle as soon as she can.
Paul jumps from tree to tree till he found a quiet space to sleep...
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Noble Lunatic

Shifter skids to a halt in the throne room and looks around, quickly noticing the rift and the "mongoose". Realising that the decision to leave has already been made by the others, he quickly takes stock of the undamaged treasures in the room. "Kitsune, would it be safe to handle the throne now?" He remembered that she was interested in the throne, but he wouldn't dare handle the thing unless the stones would remain inactive.
Paul hears noises and low voises coming from a short distance but stays sitting on a tree.
* runs though forest frantically looking back every know and then making sure hes not following her. she stops by a huge oak tree and begines to climb it. She sit on a high branch looking whisfully at the fullmoon*
*stands up and leans head from the tree*

*sees a girl climbing up*

*move futher away and sits*
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Tipsy Canine

'<i>Tell him it's safe.</i>' Her ears twitch as she turns to look at Shifter through her beady red eyes. "It's safe." She stares at him silently. The truth of the matter is, once Shifter touches the throne the inactive stones will reactivate, but instead of draining the power from him, it would expel it in a destructive blast that could easily level the entire palace and leave a sizeable crater in the earth beneath it.

'<i>Now reassure him.</i>' Her ears twitch again as she obeys the voice in her head once more. "As long as you leave Anubis' body there, the throne should not pose a threat to you, Shifter." She looks away and stares at the battle in the hallway, a sinister grin crossing her face as the fur on the back of her neck stands on end.

((And with that, I'll hold off any posts till Tenshi can catch up. Night, Shifter.))
*hears something move spines round, sees a boy move away, she feels alone so she moves further up the tree.*

*stands up and takes off shirt and lets its drop to the floor*

*runs and jumps off the tree and lands in a lake and floats in the water*
* she remembers angles words " run away from the dark and the darkness will follow you. fight the drakness peace will follow" after remebering angles words she jumps down from tree and runs back to the black circle*
*listens to the girl move*

*can tell where she has gone to by hearing*
*gets out and slowly walks to a tree a few yards behind her and watches her*
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Noble Lunatic

Nodding, Shifter sets about removing the various tapestries from the walls and piling them on the edge of the carpet at the foot of the throne. Though he noticed her raised hackles, he didn't put any thought into it as the continued fighting in the hallway might just be putting her on edge. Otherwise he hadn't found a reason to be suspicious of what she had said.

Since she had told him that removing Anubis' body from the throne would be dangerous, he wouldn't bother with transporting the horrible thing. The only real value the throne held to him was symbolic since between the time he looted his previous company's assets and now Anubis' treasury, he had acquired enough gold to no longer care about risking his neck over ordinary wealth. The stones studding the throne were bad enough before, but now with their surfaces cracked and a bloody headless corpse sitting on the throne, he simply didn't want to think of it any time soon, let alone look at it. The thrones he briefly noticed in the treasury looked nicer than the mess at the fore of this room. Finally, the thought of some demon lord setting off a nasty effect by removing the corpse and sitting down as part of an attempt to declare itself ruler of this land was amusing enough to seal his view on the matter. He was sure Kitsune would have no problem moving the throne if she still wanted it badly enough.

(('Night, Kit. And I thought my actions before quitting MagiTek involved a fair chunk of gold.. :3))
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((I had problems with my first trip because I had arrived unprepared. This plane is intensely hot so water loss is a major concern over time; and drinking the local water would leave you trapped on this world. Most living beings can only stay around for a few hours at most, but we have only been here for half an hour at best IC this visit.

The land's ki is safe enough, though only common in the forms of the ever-present heat and various fire storms and lava pits back on the plains. Some of the demons are so tainted that draining their chi would cause harm unless the energy was immediately expelled.

If you want the full details of how things turned out this way, you should go back and read the posts. >w< Simply, I tricked two of my greatest enemies into slaughtering each other on the field and stole Anubis' favored treasure on my second visit which gave Kitsune an idea to deal the dark god a death blow with the third, and apparently final, journey.

I certainly wouldn't stick around to fight using only my limited spiritual reserves, but unless the guards worked fast to clean up the battlefield or Anubis' spell permanently fouled the technological equipment used by the human fanatics, it should still be littered with high-powered weaponry capable of causing some major damage. >D))

(( Makes sense, I suppose... I was just a bit confused as it was supposed to be a 'quick trip', but whenever I bothered reading one of the posts you were either being chased by an army or fighting some gigantic demon and worrying about running out of energy.

Forgive the outburst, but it was something I was wondering. 3nodding

Anyways... I'm QUITE tempted to RP that Paul there just got eaten by one of the poisonous fish that live in the lake... but I suppose I have to be tolorant of ignorance... for now. stare ))

"GODDAMNIT!!!" He screamed out loudly, hearing his own voice echo back to him from many different angles. "...Why the hell am I stuck on guard duty here!? And why the hell haven't I killed everything in sight yet!?"

He slammed the side of his fist into the trunk of a tree on his right as he passed it moving west again into the forest. A section of bark peeled from the trunk and fell to the ground after him, but he had allready gone.

"I'm getting the urge to kill something unless I can find some action around here..."

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