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:The shadowy figure walks slowly amongst the trees trying not to alert anyone to hie presence:

I wonder how hard it will be to replace him. I believe that the holy one has only grown stronger. I'm not sure if killing him will be easy.

:Grimm-Wing flies over head:

That looks to be one of the messangers. He may be calling for someone, but he couldn't know that I'm here.
tisk tisk
*sits high in the tree above him*
Such blood shed among you earthlings....
the after life at the cemetery is already full as it is...
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*Kitsune trots along the forest path in human form. She had spent most of the morning atop a ridge overlooking the town, watching the few people walking about. While there, her thoughts had drifted aimlessly from one concern to another. She may have sounded confident when she told the sages of the forest her plans, but now was not the case. She seriously questioned herself and the motives behind her decision to turn violent. Was it right? Was it worth it? That she couldn't figure out. Of course, it was a bit too late for doubts. The goblins had already told almost every demon, spirit and god in the forest about the plan. <i>No turning back, Kits.</i> She sighs and shakes her head* Keh...

*A small finch lands on a tree ahead of her, chirping at the approaching fox-girl. She receives his welcome with a soft purr* Have you come all this way searching for me?

*The bird chirps once more and flies down to land on her head. She offers the bird a berry before continuing her stroll* Come, my friend. You're welcome to accompany me to the shrine. *They both continue on to the Nogitsune Shrine*
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*Patton wakes up in his tent after a good night's sleep. he stretches and prepares to clean up his campsite*
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*Patton resumes his trek to the infamous lake in the center of Barton Forest* tralalalala...Wow what a beautiful day biggrin !
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*Kitsune walks along the forest path from the shrine. She had gone there twice and both times proved a waste of time. Slightly irritated and unwilling to take out her frustration on her only companion, Kitsune told Tanuki to take the night off. He wasn't hesitant, either. Now she has to endure a night alone* Hnn...first thing's first. I need to find a place to nap.

*She looks around and spots a nice, thick branch overhanging the path. <i>Perfect!</i> She leaps up into the tree and stretches out across the branch, pondering to herself as she settles down. <i>Silly fluff balls. If they want to earn more tails, they'd do better to help an older fox out, not treat her as if she were a common dog. Hmph...whoever told me that pup was helpful, lied through their teeth.</i> She yawns widely and shuts her eyes* I wonder if Patton ever found that lake and got his fish... *She drifts off to sleep*
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*Kitsune wakes up early the next day, her eyes still heavy. She had slept a few hours this time at least. She glances around the area and smiles at the tanuki camped out beneath her* Hail, Tanuki-dono.

*The tanuki looks up and smiles widely, waving a paw vigorously* Hail, Kitsune-sama and well met!

*The foxgirl leaps off the branch and lands beside her friend, flicking her 8 tails happily. For some reason, she was glad to see him and she was even more grateful that he actually returned to her. Shion and Graewulf had been gone for some time and, aside from the tid bits of news her sparrow spy would report, she had no clue what they were up to and if they were ever going to come back* Sparrows make awful spies, Tanuki-dono.

*Tanuki nods in agreeance* It be there short attention spans, my Lady. *He looks up at the sky* Where are we off to today?

*Kitsune shrugs, her ears twitching restlessly. She was ready to move, ready to strike any human that crossed into the boundries of the forest. Unfortunately, she had promised to only intervene in the final battle. The spirits of the forest wanted to fight on their own for now. <i>Being a secret weapon is no fun... They get to fight while I sit around and wait.</i> She sighs loudly* Let's go get some sake.

*Tanuki nods and follows the foxgirl along the worn path leading to Barton Town* My Lady, just so you know... I never did like that guy...
reen continues to walk deeper into the forest...
he arrieves in a darker corner of the forest where the entire ground is covered by shadow

*he stops to scan the horisons*
There was, nothing out of the ordanary. A squirell running along the ground, a giant black spider with it's huge web between two trees, twisted weeds which only grow in the darkest of places...
The squirell, was running around in circles collecting various nuts, it looked up and wiggled its nose.

*reen aproaches it*

the squirell stops what it is doing and runs towards reen, stoping only a meter in front.. *reen looks down at it* it starts to shake.... It shakes more violently ~POOF~
reen is thrown flying back into a tree by a deamon's arm...
The large deamon, (which was the squirel) wallks heavily over towards where, the white haired boy was thrown. "YOU ARE NOTHING BUT FOOD" it's voice echoes... but it is too late, as the dai-katana peirces the deamons head...

*reen withdraws his weapon and steps away from the dying beast*

"HA Ha Ha HA Ha Ha,,, how pitfuly weak, I told him he would get killed like that one day".. The new adversary steped out of the shadows.... "Now human, for that display I give you two choices, Either become my slave or die".... *reen begins to walk towards the new enemy. the tip of his katan dragging allong the ground.* "I am not human" reen says quietly... *reen tilts his head to the side* "So you have chosen DEATH!" the demon replys glee-fully...

*reens walk increases to a run*

"PHa, take this petty mortal" A huge ball of negitave energy speeds towards reen, but he dodges it easily, it was if he could fly, only the tip of his katana touches it. As reen lands he brings his sword down hard cutting the deamon through the head, and down through the heart, before slising to the side (Kinda like a 'L' shape)
deamon blood sprays every where. *reen dodges all of it except one drop*
At the instant it touches him his puipls grow, and the look of horror apears on reens face... The whole forest begins to swirl and move, the trees begin to move towords him... everything goes black... *He collapeses*

(OOC: cool new sigs Shion & Kitsune)
{runs through the forest on a jog that looks like a sprint - he doesn't look at any others, and he leaves as quickly as he came. Back to the Shack}
I approach the entrence of the Forest. As I am about to walk in i stop.

*Something tell's me walking through this forest isn's such a good idea but it's my only route to Shangai so I must go through*

I enter the forest and begin to walk with caution. I look around and clench my fist being prepared for any encoutners i might face.
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*Kitsune walks along the path in her true form (that of an overly large, 8-tailed fox), her thick orange pelt littered with broken arrows, halberds and a few short swords. She snorts softly (seemingly unaffected by the weapons penetrating her hide) as she trots along at a steady pace, her tails swaying behind her. Anyone could see that she was involved in some type of battle, but the outcome is hard to determine by her ragged appearance. She's soaked in blood (both her enemy's and her own) and a sizeable chunk of flesh is missing from her left flank and right shoulder. It isn't long until she comes across Corsairmaru's path. She stops in her tracks and turns her head toward the approaching figure, her narrowed golden eyes centered on the man* Hnn... another one. I wonder if he has come to calm the spirits and end my uprise... If so, I'll have to stop him.

*She bares her sharp fangs and turns her body around to face him, lowering to the ground in a crouching position. She sniffs the air and growls loudly, warning him ahead of time that she is there and ready to strike if he should attack first. She twitches her ears as she thinks to herself: <i>I hope you're just passing through...</i>*
*wanders into the forest*
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*Kitsune slowly pulls herself from her crouched position, deciding the human isn't going to attack after all. She turns away and disappears in the woods to the left of the trail. <i>There are too many to confront... I'll have to concentrate on only those I see as a direct threat. Hnn...I sense a girl... I wonder if sh-</i> Her thoughts are interrupted by a loud chirping from a nearby branch. Kitsune twitches an ear and turns her head toward the sound. On the branch, sits her sparrow spy, a look of urgency in his tiny brown eyes. She holds out a tail to him as a temporary perch* I haven't heard from you in a while. The finch told me you stopped reporting to him. What happened?

*The bird jumps onto the tail without hesitation, chirping and flapping his little wings. He explains to her that he didn't want to leave Shion in order to report because he was sure he would miss something important. The fox nods every once and a while as the bird begins to report everything that he overheard and saw, including Shion's training. The sparrow finally calms down after a while and Kitsune turns her muzzle toward the edge of the forest* She's involved with the celestial kitsune now, eh...? And he equipped her with new fighting techniques and a weapon? Hnn...do you think she'll use them against me?

*The bird flaps his wings, chirping a few times. She turns back toward him and nods* I see... You have done well, my friend. Go now, find Tanuki-dono and tell him everything you told me. Then you are free to go your own way. I thank you for serving as my eyes.

*The sparrow nods once and flies away to find the little raccoon dog. Kitsune sighs, twitching her tails lightly* I wonder if Shion plans to banish me. No, she wouldn't be crazy enough to try something like that. Not when so many before her failed. Still... *She looks over herself and frowns* First, I need to tend to these wounds. I'll worry about Shion later.

*She calls forth several lesser demons to guard the forest while she is away and then continues on to the Nogitsune Shrine*
Huh? What was that?

*turns to where she thought she heard a noise, but to no avail*

Hmm... Must have been my imagination...
*Finally Iím back! Man I canít wait to see Kitsune and Graewulf again. That and maybe Iíll stop by the bakery to get another ťclair. Strolling along the forest Shion whistles to herself happy to be finally home. About halfway into the forest though she comes across a frightening site. Bodies lay drenched in blood everywhere around her. Some were killed by blade others by tooth and others still by being ripped apart. My God! What the hell is going on here? Right at that moment a group of demon hounds appear from the bushes and surround Shion. They snarl fiercely and ready themselves to attack.* So this is partly your doing ah? Very well. *Reaching to her side she pulls a sword out of a nearby corpse and poses to strike back.* Then come and get me you mutts!

*A couple of hours later Shion emerges from the forest with her clothes ripped apart and blood of every color covering her from head to toe. Her wounds are minor but painful and she grumbles to herself as she enters town.* I leave for a few days and already the whole world turns upside down.

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