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"OUCH!!!!!!!!" was all that the mage-in-trainnig had time to say before he hit the ground, droping his book. "Whoever hit me is!.." He trailed off as he saw the small dragon. "Aww...jeez...it looks really hurt..." As he steped closer to the dragon to inspect its wounds, it tried to squirm away, but its wing was hindering its back legs. "hm...I don't know to much healing magic...but..." A white flash suddenly appered on the wing, and it bent back the right way. "Well..you won't be flying for a while....what do i do? I can't just leave you here..."
*Through the forest she runs enjoying the wind in her face. Like an animal of the night she moves without sound but stops from time to time listening to the echo of the forest. NothingÖI hope I run into Kitsune but if I donít it will still be a good night. Rushing along the woodland has made her quite thirsty so she stops by a small creek to get a drink. The cool water is welcomed for she has forgotten how long she has been running. For a moment she thinks about how sheíll earn a living since she quit her job but she doesnít dwell on it for long, not really care about the world of money or the city. Looks around. Yes, I do like this place. Maybe one day I should build a house out here. Sitting down on a rock she relaxes before her next workout.*
Golem squirms as the human touches him. Noooo!!! he thought. He mustn't touches me! He mustn't! Humans are evill....... but he was too weak to do anything. A flash of light came upon him, and he felt his wing bend back into place. He whimperes in pain.

Haha lucas you are an idiot, you should have paid more attention to what I wrote. I said I bumped into a FEMALE human. Didn't have it in mind to bump into you. Well, now you're officially a girl.
blaugh *ECHO Echo echo
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*Kitsune hums as she walks through the forest, the leaves and grass rustling as if they were whispering a welcome to her. She smiles and twitches her ears.* Good evening, my friends. I hope things have been well for you. *The wind picks up and the trees creak softly as if in response. The fox girl laughs and nods.* I hear you, Great Oak. They can be a hassle. Don't worry, though. They know better than to cut you down. Take care of yourself and the little ones, alright? *The tree creaks once more and bends a little, as if bowing as she walks away*

*After a brief jog, Kitsune stops to inspect the ground. She kneels and shuts her eyes, communing with the spirits of her banished mother and father. <i>I have succeeded and every one of those monks are dead. I decapitated them and placed their heads on stakes by the road.</i> She holds the head up in her palm and makes the mouth move* And this little monk nearly chopped off my head, but he failed and lost his life instead.

*Giggling, she sits on a rock nearby, still clutching the head of the dead monk* I think I'll sit here and enjoy the forest...and my victory. *She throws her head back and howls, its power echoing throughout the forest*
*Training hard in another part of the forest Shion stops briefly to rest. Sweat falls from her face onto the soft ground beneath her as she pants heavily. God, I should give myself a break but I got to keep training. Just 15 min and Iíll get back up. Suddenly she is startled by an unexpected howl else where in the forest. Silly me Iím too tense. Laughing at herself she relaxes for a while before getting up again. Walking over to a nearby tree she shakes it softly till leaves start to fall. Moving away from the trunk she waits for the leaves to fall eye level, once they do Shion bursts into action. Her fists fly from one leaf to another catching each one before it hits the ground. Dancing around the trunk throwing a fury of jabs her body seems to move without effort. Her training continues as the night moves on.*
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Tipsy Canine

*Kitsune looks up at the sky above, her gold eyes shining in the bright moonlight. Her tails twitch as she sits up, sniffing the air. <i>Sweat...</i> She sniffs again. <i> Fresh, too...</i> She slides off the rock and looks in the direction Shion is, still clutching the monk's head and staff* Maybe I should find out who's here and punish them for rattling the trees so...

*Before she could move, her Tanuki partner appears suddenly, grabbing a hold on her tails. She snorts and looks at the smaller beast* Why are you here?! You should be in town destroying those b--ahem, you should be doing what I told you to.

Tanuki: *bowing several times* Forgive me, but I think they may be on to us. Are you sure you want to keep doing this?

*The fox girl shrugs, pulling her tail free from the Tanuki's grip* Well, do you have any better ideas? *She does not give him time to answer* No, you don't. Now get back in town and finish what we started. I'm warning you, if you fail, your head will be mounted on my den wall.

Tanuki: *sighing* Yes'm.

*The Tanuki vanishes immediately and Kitsune flops on the rock once more.* What was I going to do...? Oh well, I'll remember soon enough. *She looks off and purrs to herself, quite content with the way things are going*
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*Upwind of Kitsune, Peril crouches on a tree branch, observing the conversation, noting every detail. Once the Tanuki leaves, she stealthily turns and makes her way back to a shadowy patch of bushes, where graewulf waits, barely breathing and moving no more than a rock would. Their eyes meet, and Peril tells him of what she saw.*
*Kitsune..he slowly shakes his head. Is this really the best way to avenge yourself? He looks down, knowing just how hipocritical that statement is, having done similar or worse things himself...Damn it..we've more in common than you'd think, Kitsune..but I've -changed-, I'm a monk. I can't go around doing those things anymore..not even to help you.. He shakes his head, realizing that he's dozing off..what? why? i've gotten..yawn..enough sleep..oh, crap, there's..something in this..forest..isn't there?*
*Peril nudges him, telling him to get up and leave, watching in disbelief as he keels over, making what to her ears is an incredible amount of noise. She looks around, her eyes glowing a soft red as she seems to grow somewhat in size. Whatever happened, she'd have to spend the night awake until her friend woke up...*
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*Kitsune continues to look off, unaware that she had been watched by Graewulf's cat, Peril. She yawns and stares at the monk's head, her eyes beaming as she makes it speak once again* Oh Kitsune, whatever shall I do now? I've lost my body, my life, my companions... Oh-ho-ho, Mr. Head, now you know how my parents felt when you banished them. *She jumps at the sudden noise coming from the bushes nearby. She growls and slides off the rock. The dead monk's blood still fills her nose, so she is unable to tell that the observer is Graewulf* If you're looking for trouble, you've found it...

*A brilliant flash of yellow light fills the area as she shifts into her true form, the mighty 9-tailed fox demon. She snarls as she prowls toward Graewulf slowly, her eyes glowing bright red in the darkness. She speaks in a tone that is a mixture of both a young woman's voice and a deep dog-like growl* Where are you? I can smell you! You can not hide from me, so you might as well come out and meet your death.
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*Two burning red slits appear from the shadows, followed soon by Peril's body, twice as large as it used to be, but still miniscule compared to Kitsune's form. Her snow-white fur is now marred by the jet black tips of her ears and paws. Peril walks out into full view, her eyes looking directly into Kitsune's. She knows she's outclassed, but she holds her ground.*
Hello, Kitsune.
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Tipsy Canine

*She stops and narrows her eyes at the strange cat-beast, her tails swishing behind her. She looks the beast over, deciding that it is no dweller of this forest because everything that resides here either serves her or fears her. She snorts and draws in the creature's scent. <i>Peril...</i> She flicks her ears and grins slightly* So, you show your true form, Peril.

*She lifts up and stands at full height, her eyes returning to their calmer golden hue* You aren't here alone, I'm sure. Where is Graewulf?
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*she watches Kitsune rise to her full height, keeping her cool facade with an effort.*

He's around.
*she thinks for a bit, her tail twitching with indecision. She knows that if Kitsune tried to hurt her friend, she could at most hope to severely hurt the fox-girl before losing, and doing absolutely nothing to help graewulf. She had to take her chances, and besides, graewulf trusted her...*

He's unconscious..I don't know why. *she looks up, the fire in her eyes dimishing a little* Can you help him?
*Running through the forest Shion is finishing her night training when suddenly she feels something in the back of her mind. What was that? Looking around frantically Shion tries to figure out what is setting off her senses and placing her on alert. Something is near me and itís powerful. Ignorant of the trouble she is getting into she heads off in the general direction of Kitsune and Co. I got a bad feeling about this, but it might be what I have been waiting for! Not long after Kitsune and Peril see Shionís small human figure explode into the clearing and skid to a halt. Looking at both creatures before her and unwary that one is Kitsune she takes a small step back thinking this is more then she bargained for. Good job Shion. Lowering her stance she gets ready to move incase things get ugly.
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*She tilts her head to the side, pondering to herself. <i>Hnn, he was kind enough to help me when I was in need...</i> Her eyes flash silver for a split-second and then return to their golden hue* I will help him...

*She sits back on her haunches and looks at Peril* Bring him here and I will see what I can do.
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*Peril sees the human girl skid to a halt and turns to face her, the fire in her eyes returning in full.*
In a moment, Kitsune. Who is -this?-
*She prepares herself for an attack, sincerely hoping this isn't an ambush*

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