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I sense a "Which-User-Can-Request-The-Most-Ridiculous-Image Contest" this Friday... This will be interesting.
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Calling it now, I bet every suggestion will be; "Draw my avatar"
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How fun~ 4laugh
im excited
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That sounds awesome!!! I can't draw stick figures, so it'll be really cool talking to the artists behind the places and characters we all know and love! emotion_yatta
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Zero Omega
Ever wanted to tell Gaia artists what to draw? Then join us this Friday at 2pm PT for a LiveStream art session. A few of us will grab a whiteboard and take some of your suggestions on what to draw in real time. Serious or funny, we’ll take our best shot. And maybe some of our non-artists will make a cameo too.

To take part, stop by this thread on Friday, we will start taking suggestions then. During the live stream we will embed the live video in this thread. So make sure to open up two tabs, one to watch the video, and the other to interact with all of us.

Want to know how much longer until the stream goes live? Here is a convenient count-down clock!

(HTML elided)

Whats the livestream? -.-
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A p r i c i t i
awesome o uo
Who's gunna be there?

I'm SO going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit:I want them to draw... ALL of the Death Note characters!
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as awesome as this sounds, ill probably forget unless theres another announcement. :c
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Sounds pretty cool
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Greedy Lover

which artist(s) will be streaming?
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Greedy Lover

omg u srs
as awesome as this sounds, ill probably forget unless theres another announcement. :c
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if i can go then yes biggrin will they draw avis...................?

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