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well this is new. I am may not draw well myself but I love doing it Ill try to be on during that time smile
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That's bomb c: I can't wait. <3
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I hope it doesn't get too laggy. D:
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ok, this sounds like a lot of fun ^_^

you guys should draw a dragoncat ;p
Sounds cool.
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I never joined any of these before. Sure, I'll gladly keep an eye out for this one
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I'll watch mrgreen
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will watch
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a cupcake taking a poop with the toilet paper rolling out of his hand onto the floor and a bite in his head... chocolate brains coming out... he has to have a squinty face lol
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King Cat

Draw everything and nothing. emotion_donotwant
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This sounds like fun biggrin
I want a drawing of me!!! 4laugh
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I dont even know Gaia's artists :c

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