Welcome to Gaia! ::

::Enters somewhat out of breath, dragging DJ gear from the Night Syndicate. Sets up in the corner::

'Lo all. Sorry I'm late-- don't know how long I'll be able to stay either. Any requests while I'm here though?
...no sweater, no money, no shoes, no date...

*Mana stands outside, weeping*
Ah, now that the undead food is set up, I'm afraid I must duck out to take care of some business before I party...

(IRL stuff. I'll be back later tonight!)

*signals to her entourage, who follow her out the door*
uhh......settle down a weeee bit the Jo.
Cyber Munkey
yes, thanks for asking. no one else cared sweatdrop

aww, your welcome! ^__^ *does a jig* c'mon and dance XD *eats a cream puff too*
*walks in and looks around for the DJ*
Put on some fast music! - so we can all dance while we wait for our dates to arrive whee

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Hello everyone. Hey Misao...
I wasn't gonna come, but since this is probably our goodbye party, I... damn, I don't feel comfortable in these clothes... sorry... it's been so long.
ACK! so many pages so little of time!?!?!? gonk gonk
Hey, I have my date here razz
::Spins Turkish Song of the Damned by the Pogues for JoJo. Good jiggy music::
*sings along with the lyrics*

Alone for a while
I've been searching through the dark
For traces of the love you left
Inside my lonely heart
To weave by picking up the pieces that remain
Melodies of life, love's lost refrain...

Our paths, they have crossed
Now I cannot say just why
We met, we laughed, we held on fast
And then we said goodbye
And who'll hear the echoes of stories never told?
Let them ring out loud 'til they unfold

In my dearest memories
I see you reaching out to me
Though you're gone
I still believe that you can call out my name

A voice from the past
Joining yours and mine
Adding up the layers of harmony
And so it goes on and on
Melodies of life
To the sky beyond the flying birds
Forever and beyond...

*dances with Spikey*
heh ^_^;; sorry! just trying to have a good time :X
*Take a look around...look at the clock* Hum...
Why don't we take this to the chat room Misao?

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