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Ruthless Bookworm

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Most likely not, but it would be neat.
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Familiar Noob

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Would be nice, but I don't think so...
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Consulting Time Lord
Will there be Mardi Gras items on Gaia, do you think? I'd like some purple-yellow-green stuff.

I would love that. I think it would be great. I also think I made a mask... out of Duct tape with the colors... O_O talk2hand
I Keep hoping every year that they will bring out a some items but I kinda gave up hope that its ever going to happen sad sad cuz I would probably use the items all the time not just for around this time of year.
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I would buy them! cat_mrgreen
Would be great, my favorite colors are purple and green, so i'd wanna wear them all year x3
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Hygienic Lunatic

I'm just surprised that there is a subforum for mardigras here on gaia seeing as the holiday is unique to only one state.
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Tipsy Prophet

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hey really should it would be really popular...
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Muscular Bard

User ImageSadly, we won't... Gaia has instead decided to give us, randomly, (bizarre) viking-esque items instead, which includes an (overrated) meme from Skyrim if you buy them bundled together cat_xp

Honestly, I would have preferred purple/green/gold clothing (or, at the very least, a small mardi gras themed-up date to Barton Boutique, our resident costume shop) cat_neutral
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Yeah, that would be cool if gaia gave out beads for the avi's.
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that would be cool if they made or gave away mardi gras masks or beads biggrin
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I'd like to see gaia give us mardi gras beads! whee
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Blessed Fatcat

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they had carnival themed cash shop items last year

Carnevale Bundle

This bundle contains Donna del Carnevale, Bel Gondoliere, Pierrot Piccolo, and the exclusive Mascherato.

and they came out with all those great masks last halloween
they could totally do an event with beads eek

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