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I'm thinking of going to one of our local parades and hope to get a ton of beads! I'm heading up with family members, and hopefully it'll be a fun experience.

What about you guys? What are ya'll planning to?
I learned that it was supossed to be after a saint. What kind of food do u eat on St. Patricks Day ?
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I don't think I'll be doing anything St. Patty's day related - most of the area I live in is Islamic or Italian, it seems, so I don't think we have any celebrations. I am, however, going to a free Game of Thrones exhibit, so while small, it's free and I adore the show & books, so it's going to be awesome.
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Well, still one age off from drinking, so nothing too special. Probably chill on Gaia and celebrate here.
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I learned that it was supossed to be after a saint. What kind of food do u eat on St. Patricks Day ?

Corned beef, cabbage, and scalloped potatoes.
Your choice of beer/ale.
My favourite part of St. Patrick's day is the food.
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I'll probably be hosting my contest thread
Check it out?
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going to eat all day
my friend makes a big deal over this
but gives a reason to celebrate even though I am not exactly sure how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
I'ma gonna celebrate my birthday! mrgreen I love St. Patty's day. I work in the am then I'l be hanging out with my oldest friends all day. We'll probably go out for dinner then finish the night with some dancing!
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I will be making corned beef and cabbage and enjoying plenty o' beers! smile
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I'm going to service in St. Patrick's Cathedral in the morning, then gonna watch the parade from the roof if I can convince the Dean's Vicar. All this followed by the usual, going to the Guinness brewery for a pint wink
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I shall be drinking whiskey, eating corned beef, and going to H & R Block to do my taxes. biggrin
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I'M GOIN DRINKIN!!!!!!!!!!

and it will be a sorta way of me celebratin my little bros birthdays that is the day before
Stay at home and have a drink biggrin

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