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Did you celebrate Fake Patty's Day???

No 0.4 40.0% [ 6 ]
Yes 0.2 20.0% [ 3 ]
toooo wasted to answer. 0.4 40.0% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 15 ]
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Okay, so I just got back from hangin out with my sister and I was curious to know... Do any of you know about Fake Patty's Day? If so did you enjoy yours?

For those of you who don't know, Fake patty's is celebrated the weekend before the actual st. pat's day. It's celebrated here in KS where i live and it's basically just a day that everyone(and i do basically mean EVERYONE) is celebrating by drinking from the time the sun comes up to... well whenever they have to stop.

My fake patty's consisted of me... waking up late
going to eat sushi with my sister and friends
Drinking sake with my friends
going to hastings and getting books
going to wally-world to get a green shirt and new make up
going out to a gay bar for a drag show and drinking there
then going someplace else and getting free drinks there too!
And finally home.

What did you all do?
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I don't celebrate a fake S. Patrick, or an actual S. Patrick day, like it should be celebrated.

So today, nothing exciting happened. Just a regular day like any other.

But your hanging sounds awesome! biggrin
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It's a month long event for me, so yea. XD Went out to an Irish pub downtown lastnight and got TANKED.

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