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Jo Savage
Mine was MARS heart I really like the romance ones.

I love that one. o.0
probaly suikoden3 domokun
Well, the first Anime was Kimba, anyone else remember that?

My favorite Manga is Yu Gi Oh. But I've been recently noticing some of the Manga comics that Dark Horse is starting to sell.
The first Manga I ever read was Cowboy Bebop, I borrowed it from the Library. First manga ever purchased was Tsubasa: Resivoir Chronicle vol. 1.
Well.. first manga? Eh... I think... Yu-Gi-oh in chinese... I dunno
u actually expect me to remeber my firs tmanga? let us see. . .*thinks long and hard* yu yu hakusho maybe? it's kinda 'dude-esh' but kurama is hot so i keep up with it(we r talking about the first one we BOUGHT rihgt? not the first one we read stare )
Hm............. I think mine was Cardcaptors
My first manga was Fruits Basket...i have read all 11 that are out here and am waiting for 12...it's awesome....my friend Ashlee let me borrow her manga books and she has me addicted to manga... heart ...i only started reading manga in June but i have a pretty good collection already...
-What was the first manga you've read?
Rurouni Kenshin
-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
Naruto/Shaman King
-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
My cousin.
Humorously, it was chobits...I was at camp with my older friend and they were reading it. I had already been watching manga tho
My First manga was Tokyo Mew Mew!
My first manga was Dragonball Z, I think.
But my first japanese reading style manga was Tokyo Mew Mew.
I'm not completely sure, because I;ve read so many over time. XD
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-What was the first manga you've read?
-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?

-Sailor Moon
-Sailor Moon, and my first right-left manga was... Fruits Basket sweatdrop
-I saw in Bookland and just started buying them, then I discovered the Graphic Novel section and that was it.
My first Manga was Mink. Mink is about this normal teenager who finds a CD from the
future, that turns her into the pop idol of herself. She can't be caught or else she will
be deleted. It has a lot of suspence and there is a little bit of romance in it as well. I really
like it. My second Manga was Love Hina, my friend Lesley turned me onto it, it is rather
funny. smile
My first manga was probably Legend of Zelda, Sailor Moon, Pokemon or Digimon. But we all know that those don't exactly count, so I'll say that my first REAL manga was Crest of the Stars. :: huggles Lafiel and Jinto ::

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