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My first manga I ever read was Kodocha no Omocha. I don't remember quite exactly how I got into manga, I believe I discovered it by some friends menitoning (It may have been CCS or what not.)
the first manga i read was DN Angle, I loved it so freaking much. My best friend intoducted me to manga and anime, thank goodness for him.
3nodding My first manga was Video Girl Ai, but I didn't care for it much. The manga that started my massive collection was Chicago(featured in manga mag. Animerica), but my first purchase was Ceres. I discovered manga all on my own, and I'm happy I went to the bookstore that day! 3nodding
My first ever manga was Sailormoon Stars volume 2, when I first gt into manga I thought it was ok to buy any volume at anytime, but I soon learned it's best to collect in numbers, now I have like over 40 graphic novels and love them all >< series collecting at the mo is Fruits basket, Rurouni Kenshin, Fashigi Yugi and Yu-Gi-oh ^^.
My first manga was Japanese Dragonball. About 10 years ago I had a japanese buddy that would read some on the bus to school. I don't read japanese but I loved looking at the art of Akira Toriyama. While looking at the manga I hoped one day it would come out in english. Finally they did!!!YaY!! surprised Been hooked ever sense!
My first manga was Sailor Moon. It has an incredibly suspenseful plot. They always end at the highest point of interest. Which would make me run out of my house and buy the next one...thus goes my cycle. It's a fun manga.
My first manga was fushigi yuugi, and my friend introduced me to read... ^^
Ragnarok was mines. And I read it everyday thanking it 4 introducing it to a new light.
the first manga I read was DBZ I think that was when I couldn't get enough on it and that was in shonen jump i didn't start buying and read full manga books till around a year or 2 ago the first two I bout were love hina and saiyuki^^
The first manga i started reading was Ranma 1/2. My brother actually told me about the anime series, so one day for my bday i saw the manga while browsing a bookstore and decided that that's what i would want. now i have over 15 (one in Japanese) and quite a few others. It was almost 3 years ago that i found out about manga, i was watching anime before that.
The first manga I read would have to be.... Saiyuki, what can I say Demons kicking a** rocks!!!
I think al the drawings are fantastic, but I actually never draw manga. i'm not a very good drawer

ive neva red it myself but i hear its gud. my mate has,i fink she read The Rave Master, she draws them and shes really gud coz shes got major dyslexia.(just thought id say this coz i like random things)
the frist manga I read? hmm... I don't remember... O.O I've read so many that I can't recall what was the first one i read. I know it wasn't mine tho. my "first" was InuYasha heart I still love it.

I got into anime from Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. weird combonation, nee? xd lol then Digimon **still loves that show!!! LOL** then it was InuYasha and Yu Yu Hakusho heart

I abusotuatlly LOVE my manga collection!! >w< I have like 70 something... my goal is to have 100+ mangas >w< I'M SO CLOOSE!! heart heart heart
My first manga was Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I didn't really get into manga until I got Magic Knight Rayearth, though

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