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My first manga was I think fruits basket
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The first manga I read, I believe was Hana to Akuma. I really loved that manga, and it was that same one that got me into reading more mangas. I was first introduced to manga by my cousin. She always recommended some for me. The day I finally listened to her was when she had started reading Hana to Akuma, I joined her in reading it online. Loved it. From then on I read a few more from an app I got. "AAA," "Idol Shopping," I then found out my favorite game, The Legend of Zelda, had its own set of mangas too so I went on and bought myself the actual copies of those online. heart 3nodding
If im not mistaken, the first one i ever read was Slam Dunk.. since i played basketball aswell it got me totally absorbed :3
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3nodding First manga, Ranma 1/2. 4laugh I remembering tottering all the way through the library as a six year old into the teen section to brave all the guy sweat, and practically climbed up the shelves to get my little paws on it as a series-- I'd read the first volume at the front desk. whee ((I used to have this insane habit of picking up the very last book in a series)) Ranma 1/2 will forever remain my first manga ((finished it all in running at about 7 years 'cause I was so stubborn to order them from the library and instead just waited for them to be shipped in-- it was worth the wait!! 4laugh ))!! XD heart

Straight after I noticed InuYasha and delved into the Rumik world, which opened up a lot of anime and manga right after. =3
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My first manga was Oh My Goddess.
I didn't really understand it at first. I found the book at my public library, and started reading it from left to right like you would usually read a normal book. I never knew it was a manga, until my friend explained to me what it was, and how to correctly read it. lol
From then, I just checked out more manga books at my puplic library.. then I discover we can read them online, and so now I spend most of my time reading manga online<3

Also, I just have to say that my favorite manga is Faster Than A Kiss~ It's really good, so you should check it out as well 3nodding
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I think i read d. gray man first... my friend Jori had the first 12 or so and i borrowed them and then my spiral down into manga addiction began gonk

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Dtagon Ball Z - the ending of the Majin Buu series, and it was AWESOME!!! blaugh
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mamotte lollipop was my first manga whee
D.Gray-Man was the first manga I read (and I'm still reading it now).
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My first manga was fruits basket biggrin
My first manga was Yu-Gi-Oh! by Kazuki Takahashi. It was the original version of the manga, not the spin-off all about dueling. It was more like the manga version of Season Zero. I got it from an elementary school book sale.
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the first manga that i could remember was hanakimi. it was good and funny. biggrin
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I`m a newbie so probably no one will cares obviously but if any one`s free go check out Pandora Hearts. Sweet, bitter, blood,........check it out biggrin mrgreen wink
The first manga i read was; the chronicle of wings.
the anime seriously went on forever biggrin i loved it

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