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Naruto is a good anome book wink
I don't know that book I think the name makes be interresting biggrin
lol Digimon! ah brings back memoires
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my first manga wasn't even authentic crying but it was still good, to me at least; Magic Knight Rayearth sweatdrop
my first manga was sailor moon sweatdrop
my first manga was vampire gang.or was it game?i dunno,but it was either that one or the cursed something.i dont remember sweatdrop
My first manga was Full Moon wo Sagashite :3 I love it very much.
It was either a shonen jump issue or rave master first volume
my first manga was ..i think ranma 1/2 >.>
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my first manga was Pokemon but it was in Japanese so i couldn't read it i didn't even know which way to look at the pictures. But my first english manga was the 4th volume of Digimon tamers
stare hmm i say chobits... but technically GTO because i read that first.. but chobits one that i wanted to keep reading.. also the anime sucked!!! oh well... i saw my ex-friend reading it.. and well then thats how i got into it! 3nodding
My first manga was Naruto.But Getbackers now has a strong first.
Right behind are FMA, chobits, Naruto, Onepeice, GTO, I's, Hikaru No Go, and Rouroni Kenshin.Did I mention I love Getbackers.BAN MIDO ROCKZ!
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i think my first was pretty awsome. it was inu-yasha. right now im reading a lot of different manga. There's...(breathes in and lists really fast)...FullMetalAlchemistHanaKimiBizenghastKillmeKissmePlanetLadderDNAngel and last but not least Kodocha.In japanese Al's voice actor sounds like a little girl
1st manga.....hmm.... marmalade boy i think =P good manga that was 3nodding
That was I''s from Masakazu Katsura.
(I was wondering why the book begun whit the end loll I've learn a lot since that! sweatdrop )Second was Video girl Aď and Video girl Len from the same author,Chobits by Clamp, Spirit of Wonder by Tsuruta,Pokémon by Mato Kusaka,Medarot by Rin Horuma,Noise and Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei,Parasite kiseiju by Itoshi Iwaaki... They are somre other I've read but that's the one I've buyed!

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