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Title: Danganronpa (Dangan 弾丸 = Bullet and Ronpa 論破 = Refutation)

Creator: Danganronpa is a visual novel video game created and developed by Spike Chunsoft. Dangan Ronpa later became an anime, manga and novel.

Author: Kazutaka Kodaka

Language: Japanese and translated to English with subtitles, but has not been dubbed in the anime. The visual novel game however, has been fully translated. The fan translation group, Project Zetsubou released an unofficial English translation patch for the PlayStation Portable version of the game on June 23, 2013.

Genre: Murder Mystery, Drama, School Life

Number Of Volumes: 3 so far. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (but the anime version is called "Dangan Ronpa: The Animation" wink , Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (The sequel), and Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo: Danganronpa AnotherEpisode. I am not sure if the series will be continued but considering the latest game (Danganronpa AnotherEpisode) came out just recently in September 25, 2014, it's not impossible that the series will be continued.

Rating: I do not believe it has a rating, but in my opinion people as young as 14 (if their parents were to allow them of course) should read/watch/play Danganronpa. It contains occasional adult jokes, occasional swearing, mild violence, and blood. The creators had also made the blood fuschia-colored to lower the rating.

Basic Premise/Basic Plot: In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Makoto Naegi, an average student has been selected to join Hope's Peak Academy. Once he had arrived at the school, he found that he had lost consciousness, and woke up in the high school along with fourteen other students who knew just as much as Makoto. In the high school, Monokuma, a sadistic remote-controlled teddy bear, the 15 students know as their principal, announces that the students will be forced to live in the school for the rest of their lives unless they are willing to do one thing. Murder a fellow classmate. If this is to happen, there will be a body discovery announcement once 3 or more people discover the dead body, and then these students are given a short period of time to investigate before a "class trial" is to start. A "class trial" is when the remaining students discuss amongst themselves who the murderer is. If they can successfully figure out who murderer is, the culprit alone will be punished. However, if these remaining students guess incorrectly and the culprit is to pull of the perfect crime, the blackened will be able to leave the school and everyone else will be punished.
The punishment is execution.

The sequel, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, has almost the same plot/premise, but this time taking place on a tropical island called Jabberwock on their "field trip" and now has completely different characters. Hajime Hinata (the new main character), along with fifteen other students, are taken there by a kind stuffed rabbit known as their teacher, Usami, who states it to be a field trip to help the classmates get to know each other better and strengthen their relationships. However, Monokuma interferes once again, turning all of the students into his little puppets to entertain him with yet another one of his cruel mutual killing games.

In Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo: Danganronpa AnotherEpisode, which takes all happens in between the events of the first two games, follows Makoto Naegi's younger sister, Komaru Naegi, who is trapped in a city which has been ruled by Monokuma's influence, battling against a group of murderous children who refer to themselves as the Monokuma Kids, and who are trying turn Towa City into a "paradise of the children, by the children, for the children".

My Rating For The Artwork: A

My Opinion On The Artwork: The artwork is fantastic! It's very creative, original, and detailed. The illustrator adds the feeling of the scene just by using the illustrations. You don't even need to know the story to get the feeling. And just by seeing the ways the characters look you can practically read their personalities. In my personal opinion, the artwork used in Danganronpa deserves an A.

My Rating For The Story: A+

My Opinion On The Story: The story absolutely exceeds my expectations. The story is very suspenseful and keeps you from looking away from book for a second. Each and every character seem to have their own backstory, it’s not all about the main character, which is what I enjoy in a story. I really think that Danganronpa’s story deserves an A+

Suggested For People Who Like: Black Butler and Death Note are two similar manga that I enjoyed. All three share the mystery genre.

I hope you try out Danganronpa for yourself, I really think that you should =)
... I just read some of the other recommendations and realized that mine was waaaaaaay toooooooo looooooong. lol

I should probably get a life.
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Title: Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyōshitsu)
Author: Yūsei Matsui (Author of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)
Publishers: Shueisha (Jap), Viz Media (US)
Volumes: 12 (ongoing)
Rating: 15+
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: One day, the moon exploded, leaving it in a perpetual crescent-moon shape. The creature who claims responsibility for the destruction also claims it will destroy the world in March of next year. With powers beyond human comprehension, no military can stand against it. Yet, for some reason, it chooses to take up occupancy as a teacher in the worst class of Kunugigaoka Middle School. The fate of the world rests in the hands of its students, as they have until graduation to figure out how to murder their teacher and collect ten billion yen for saving the world.

Your Rating for the Artwork: B (Anime adaption has improved artwork)
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Detailed artwork that's very interesting to look at. If looked at closely, you can see the style improve little by little.

Your Rating for the Story: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: It's a very interesting manga with a plot that can capture almost anyone's attention. Even for people who are not fans of sci-fi, Assassination Classroom is still a very good read. The author continues to grab at the reader's attention with plot twists and new characters, and there is no point at which the manga becomes remotely boring. Even though the story is about students being trained as hitmen in order to kill their alien teacher for the 10 billion yen prize, it is still very relatable and contains scenes that touch the heart.

Suggested for people who like: Comedy with a touch of drama, school-centric mangas that contain something out of the ordinary
Title: Boku Girl
Author: Sugito Akira
Serialization: Young Jump
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 9/10
Genre: comedy, ecchi, romance, school life, i would call it bl? with a question mark
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: already feminine-looking high schooler suzushiro mizuki gets a sex swap courtesy of loki the trickster god (who looks super loli in this manga), and it throws a wrench into his love life w/ his crush, his best friend, and other hopeful suitors. s**t happens as he tries to keep it a secret and also tries to work out how he feels about certain others and himself, if he really wants to be masculine or feminine.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: the most realistic looking books in any animanga i've ever seen, softest looking main character, 10/10 expressions

Your Rating for the Story: B+++
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: interesting but only superficially. you want to know what happens next, but not much is especially deep. there are some good messages now and again. very similar to shoujo manga in the sense that the story is mostly just driving towards which two characters will end up together, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a wild ride.

Suggested for people who like: this is the first type of manga like this that i've ever read so idk

volumes of this manga (4 as of rn i think) are available for import from japan, the rest are scanlated up to chapter 40 on batoto, but the scanlation group's translator does live translation threads on /a/ about every sunday/monday night

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