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Title: Love Hina
Rating: 10/10
Genre: ecchi, romance, comedy
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: This story is about a Ronin that is trying to get into Tokyo U. He failed it two times already. Then moves to the HInata hot springs. Right their he becomes friends with all the girls. He becomes really close to one because they are applying to go to the same school.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: It is a normal(could happen in real life thing). so it doesnt have to have any great animation, because is not fantasy nor any of that sort.

Your Rating for the Story: No comment
Your Opinion/Review of the Story:I wont give no opinion on the story. the story actually does continue on the manga. i thought it was amzing. awsome. i loved it. this was the first thing that got me into anime.

Suggested for people who like: if you like ken akamatsus work. if you like negima. you like ecchi, or romance, or comedy. this anime is for you. trust me. is awsome
Title: Koori no Mamono no Monogatari / The Ice-Cold Demon's Tale
Author: Sugiura Shiho
Rating: Teen, I guess
Genre: Fantasy, Shounen Ai, Supernatural
Language: Japanese, though there's some scanlations...
Number of Volumes: 24 volumes and a single Gaiden

Basic Premise/Basic Plot: In the beginning, there was a demon in a cave: Blood, trapped in ice for many decades. In order to break the curse that bound him, he searched for the "tear jewel". One day, a youth called Ishuca appeared before him. He was suffering from an illness, and had come to the cave to die...
At the start of the story,
The timeline was set at 60 years after the temple's Demon Hunt. In the world of this manga, the demons are divided into north, south, east, west, and the temple in the middle. 60 years ago, they captured the most powerful demon of the four regions and sealed them in a region different from their own, for example, they put the north leader in the west territory...

Your Rating for the Artwork: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: I love the style, though it could use some improvement, it helps that the art gets better in the later volumes.
Your Rating for the Story: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: I love the characters in it, the only characters I don't love are the bad guys, probably because they are the only ones without any comedy scenes. The world is easy to understand too, being divided to north, south, east, west, and a leader in each part, I like that kind of plot. Well, I'm not good at saying how I love the story without including any spoilers, so I suggest anyone who's interested to go read it and we can discuss it here...

Suggested for people who like: Silver Diamond is also by Sugiura Shiho, it's her newest manga and is selling in english too. If you like it, you will definitely like this too. If you like your main characters with a hint(or alot) of blurness, you should try this too 4laugh . There's also a hint of fairy-tale in it, just abit twisted twisted but in a fun way.
Title:Code Breaker
author:Kamijyo, Akimine
Genre: action, comedy, fantasy, martial arts, psychological, shounen, supernatural
language:english through scanlations.
number of volumes:11 chapters right now probably 2 volumes im guessing.

Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Sakurakouji Sakura is a girl who seems modest and graceful but in reality is a tomboy like person who is highly experienced in martial arts. After seeing someone burning people with blue flame, she is startled to see the person as a transfer student in her school. His name is Oogami Rei.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A+ (in my opinion)
Your Opinion/Review of the Art:it is pretty good in my opinion.i think it really dosnt need any improvements.

Your Rating for the Story:A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story:its a little confusing if your not one to follow easily. its pretty good and keeps you wondering whats going to happen next.in my opinion i love it.

Suggested for people who like: well this i would suggest for people who like bleach (warning its not to much like it but its desently close to some of the style) and final fantasy.
Title: NANA
Author: Yazawa Ai
Publisher: VIZ Media
Serialized in:
Status: On going, 78+ chapters
Rating: Mature?
Genre: Romance, Drama, Shoujo, Slice-of-life

Plot: It tells a story of two 20 year old women who meet by chance on a train to tokyo whose names are both Nana, Oosaki Nana and Komatsu Nana (Hachi). They end up being roommates after again meeting while looking for apartments in room 708 and develop a friendship. Nana came to tokyo to pursue her dream as a rock star with her band Black Stones which ended up being a competition to this other band Trapnest which happens to have her Ex as a bassist. Hachi however came to tokyo because she wanted to become closer to her boyfriend Shouji who is attending Art School but things don't go according to plan and causes a problem in their relationship.

Rating for Artwork:
Opinion on Art: Very detailed in terms of character design and background. The sense of fashion the characters have are also delightful.

Rating for Story:
Opinion on Story: Definitely something that anyone can relate to especially women. It's in no way predictable and keeps you guessing and breathless at the end of every chapters. you can tell the author doesn't want to give hints to what happens in the future.

Suggested for people who like:
other of yazawa ai's works (paradise kiss, gokinjou monogatari), beck, honey and clover
Title: Nora
Author: Kazunari Kakei
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy, Shounen manga.
Language: Japanese, for now. Until it comes out Oct. 7th (I read it on the new Shounen Jump issue)
Number of Volumes: Undetermined

Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Nora, also knwn as Cerberus, the Dog of Disaster is an unruly demon in the Dark Leiges' army. Kazuma Magari is a birillian, athletic student and president of the student council at Tenryou Acadamey Middle School. Nora's defied the Dark Liege one ot many times, and so his power is sealed and then he s sent to the Human world, where he meets Kazuma and becomes his 'familiar'. Together they hunt down renegade demons who are eating peoples souls, and send them back to... well, I don't really know where.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A, of course!!
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: The style is really very nice, and it's somewhere inbetween where you knw it's a manga but there's a certain element of 'realism' in it. The attention to detail is really very nice, and the proportions of the characters are very near perfect, in my opinion.

Your Rating for the Story: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: The characters are wonderful!! Not only because of their design, but because of their personalities. It's humorous, also. I always laugh at Nora's reaction to the 'Dog' comments Kazuma makes. As well as his Nora's reaction to the statement 'I forbid'.

Suggested for people who like:
Shounen or action manga, a mild amount of humour, people who like fantasy manga and manga's dealing with magical powers, or people who are just a fan of action in general.
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Artist: Katsura Masakazu
Rating: Mature
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: It follows the life of a homeless boy living with his "grandpa". The story starts to kick off when they encounter a man trying to commit suicide mumbling something along the lines of "before it is too late". Of course from then on the action begins and the dark plot begins to unfold with each volume.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Katsura Masakazu is AMAZING. His art is spectacular, and all together epic.

Your Rating for the Story: B
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: The story is awesome, but unfortunately, for a lot of what I've read, it goes through Kouga's 'trials', and Kouga is an irritating character. However, when it follows along with Jin, it's amazing.

Suggested for people who like: This is a MATURE MANGA. There are sex scenes in it, so don't go pursuing it if you are not prepared for that. There is a lot of dying, especially on the high school girl side. Gore, of course, accompanies. The plot is amazing and in-depth, so be prepared to spend all day reading through it.
Title: Alive
Rating: 8/10
Genre: Mystery,adventure,supernatural
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: A strange virus is making its way around the globe, causing its victems to commit suicide- and becoming a lethal pandemic in less than a week. Now a group of Tokyo teens who have survived the outbreak are wondering why they are still alive(taken from the back of the first volume)

Your Rating of the Artwork: B-
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: It's ok not amazing but decent enough

Your Rating for the story: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: It's pretty good and it keeps you wanting for more and more the farther you get into it. Full of mystery and suspense.

Suggested for people who like: If you like manga's with suspense and drama then you will like this
Title: Negima


Genre: Fantasy

Basic Premise/Basic Plot: 10 year-old Negi Springfield has moved to a Japanese school from England. Not that strange right? WRONG! Turns out, Negi isn't going to the school, but teaching there; eek and at an all girls highschool as well! and if that isn't crazy enough, litle Negi isn't any ordinary id, but a Wizard! eek Watch his wacky adventures with the girls of the class, who all seem to have a bit of magic in them themselves....

Your Rating for the Artwork: hmm.... I'd say A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: It's pretty good. You can easily tell what everythign is, and the effects of magic and stuff are done really well.

Your Rating for the Story: Oh A+!!!
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: Very fuuny. though it can get kinda confusing at times, you figure it out not long after. Easy to read and has soem very interestign twists and turns.

There aren't very many issues yet, only 13, but hey are already very popular and have been made into several episodes on DVD, which I own and have to say are good, though not as good as the manga itself.
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Title:Katekyo hitman reborn!
Rating: teen
Genre:Action,comedy,shonen,pure awesomeness
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Tsuna is a middle schooler who has bad grades and is horrible at sports but one day a baby mafioso named Reborn comes and is going to teach Tsuna to be the tenth boss of the vongola family! with the help of his new friends and new items and the strange Dying will bullet he might just pull it off!

Mangaka:Amano Akira

Your Rating for the Artwork: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art:The art at the beginning is like most manga its kinda sketchy but once the stroy gets going the mangaka gets used to the characters and the art gets much better!

Your Rating for the Story:A+++
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: The story is very original and so are the characters! ( seriously the characters are extremely original in my opinion)

Suggested for people who like:Awesome fights or really hot mafia boys xD

Note: the first 60 chapters are a kind of pointless and get annoying cause they are just character development but hang in there! once you get to chapter 60 (that sound like alot but it goes pretty fast) you will so not regret it!
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Title: Vassalord
Author: Chrono Nanae
Rating: T+ (blood and gore, vampires, homoeroticism)
Genre: Supernatural / Action / Drama / Mystery
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Charley, a cyborg vampire who does the Vatican's dirty work, is the thrall of the local vampire playboy Johnny Rayflo. As the two fight crime - and each other - hilarity, violence and sacrilege ensue! But can Charley resist his own desperate cravings for blood? (Taken from the back of the 1st volume.)

Your Rating for the Artwork: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: There's absolutely no flaws that I could point out in the artwork. The guys are hot and the girls are very cute, so no complaints here.

Your Rating for the Story: A-
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: It's hard to tell where the story is going, but there's a lot to look forward to, regardless.

Suggested for people who like: If you dislike BL then this manga probably isn't for you, because even if it isn't actually a BL manga, it's close enough. It's also made by the same mangaka as Peacemaker.
Title:Ichigo 100% or Strawberry 100%


Genre: Romance, Ecchi, Harem, School life, Shounen, Comedy, Drama

Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Manaka Junpei's dream is to become a big time movie director. One day when he goes to the school roof and to his surprise, a beautiful girl falls on him but before he can ask her name, she runs off and the only thing he can go by as to locate the mysterious girl is that she wore strawberry underwear. This is a story of Junpei and his friends as hey live through their school life full of adventure and romance

Your Rating for the Artwork: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Not your typical shounen style, closer to shoujo style however the artwork is fantastic. Her characters are unique and are original, all of them have their unique traits whether they be cold looking, cute, pretty, busty, etc.

Your Rating for the Story: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: Story is full of funny comedic moments but also balanced with very serious situations where Junpei has to make difficult choices where he might have to hurt others in order to satisfy another. It is an emotional rollercoaster that will keep you thrilled and want to kepp reading over and over again (i read the serious 3 times from the 1st chapter to the last)

Suggested for people who like: Love Hina, Hatsukoi Limited, To Love-Ru, Gacha-Gacha
Title: Battle Royale
Language: English, but licenced by Tokyo Pop
Number of Volumes: 15
Rating: 18+ as there are scenes of a violent nature and sexual nature.
Genre: action for older teenage boys
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Its a lottery, but in this lottery, there's no multi-million dollar cheque to turn your life around. No, this is the worst thing that could happen to you if you're a ninth grader in the economically and sociologically bankrupt future that creators Koushun Takami and Masayuki Taguchi have dreamed up. Their controversial series about 'The Program' - a game that picks random classes and puts them on an abandoned island for a televised fight to the death - has drawn an incredible following in Japan. Is America ready for it? Can they "break" 'The Program' and get off the island before it is too late?
Your Rating for the Artwork: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: This manga has some of the most moving imagery I've ever seen. While the artist's style is simple most of the time, the way the images are presented is almost groundbreaking. When everone is figting, you actually see all of the gore, and it can be quite sickening, but it is a good imagery.
Your Rating for the Story: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: The storyline in this manga is an exciting and enthralling one as on every page, there is a new twist to the tale, and this makes it unexpected. The story actually tells you the background, and what happens to them during the course of 'The Program'.

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