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Title: Yokohama Kaidashi no Kikou (Yokohama Shopping Log)
Author: Hitoshi Ashinano
Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Seinen (demographic)
Publisher: Kodansha
Serialized in: Afternoon
Language:Only in Japan ;-; (14 volumes)
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Essentially, this is a manga that mainly revolves around a robotic girl named Alpha who lives in a post-apocolytic world. Alpha owns a coffee shop in an area without much activity.

Your Rating for the Artwork: [A through F]
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: A+
Completely original art. The art in this manga is somewhat simplistic yet it still makes it incredibly beautiful and helped draw me into the series.

Your Rating for the Story: [A through F]
Your Opinion/Review of the Story:
A very simple sort of story that generally revolves around Alpha and her coffee shop whether she's alone or with others. Often times, chapters switch perspective and begin to focus more on other characters.

Suggested for people who like: It's for people that can stand with the fact that sometimes, there may be no dialogue at all in some chapters and I would say, generally already immersed in manga. Oh btw, it definately doesn't work for people that don't like slow paced mangas.

Title:Hana Kimi
Rating: On a scale from 1 to 10? 9.9, Oh! Ages! Hmm.... 13 and up.
Genre:Romantic Comedy
Basic Premise/Basic Plot:
"Hana-Kimi centers around Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl who lives in the United States. One day, she sees a track and field competition on TV, and becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Izumi Sano. She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Japan to attend the same school that Sano attends. There is a catch, however -- Sano attends an all-boys high school, named Osaka Gakuen, and Mizuki must disguise herself as a boy to enter. The majority of the series happens during Mizuki's second year at Osaka (from Volume 4 onwards), although her first year was significant for her being able to remain in Osaka"
-Hana-Kimi, Wikipedia.

Your Rating for the Artwork: In the beginning.. C, but as I got further along it has changed to a B+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: I really love the art now that it has gotten further into the story, in the beginning all of the characters looked a bit..hmm.. off centered?
But it has definitely] gotten better, I still dislike the way a few of the characters come out at some points.

Your Rating for the Story: B++[[ I don't like giving out A's ]]
Your Opinion/Review of the Story:I LOVE the story, there have been a few parts where it had me a bit worried, but then it would straighten itself out.
This is a manga that I read when not much else can cheer me up, it will have you laughing until you cry, and then crying until you laugh at yourself.

Suggested for people who like: The Gentleman's Alliance Cross, and I'm honestly not sure what else, sorry.
I suggest this for anyone who wants a story that will make you feel alot of different emotions, or if you just want to laugh. =3
Title: The Dreaming
Rating: 15+
Genre: Horror/Drama/School Life
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Two twin sisters, Amber and Jeanie, go to boarding school for the first time. Amber is the quieter, shyer twin who also is more wary about the strange feeling at the school, while Jeanie is more outgoing and slightly rebellious. Set in Australia, the story tells about the sisters, their new friends, and the mystery of their school which is in the middle of nowhere. Though their aunt is the headmistress of the school, they do not have her to turn to as she has gone away for a few months. They try to discover the truth about the disappearances of students into the bushlands which has occurred for many years, as well as the truth behind their strict vice principal's dislike of twins.

Your Rating for the Artwork: B
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: The art is very interesting and the people are drawn in a more Western in style in some ways (it's originally written in English as well). The artist uses a lot of interesting patterns and textures throughout the book. The chapter pages are definitely the best part and very beautifully illustrated and mysterious.

Your Rating for the Story: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: It's very spooky and eery, but not gory. It's very suspenseful and draws you in. Throughout the whole thing I was on the edge of my seat. The characters are likable too.

Suggested for people who like: Anyone who likes scary stories or mysteries.
Title: Godchild
Manga-ka: Kaori Yuki
Rating: T
Volumes: Godchild-8 Count Cain- 5
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shoujo
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Deep in the heart of 19th Century London, a young nobleman named Cain walks the shadowy cobblestone streets of the aristocratic society in which he was born. Forced to become a Count upon the untimely death of his abusive father, Cain assumes the role of head of the Hargreaves, a noble family with a dark past. With Riff, his faithful manservant, and Mary Weather, his 10-year-old half sister, Cain investigates the mysterious crimes that seem to follow him wherever he goes. See 'Count Cain', it's prequel, for more information about their pasts, more stories, and to see the progression of artwork quality.

Your Rating for the Artwork: B in the beginning but goes up to an A+++
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Very beautiful, detailed

Your Rating for the Story: A+++
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: Very interesting and captivating. You can't tell what's going to happen next! It keeps you on your toes and makes you second guess yourself. You'll go through a wide range of emotions and at the end you still won't know how to feel!

Suggested for people who like: Shoujo manga, mystery, beautiful men, dark themes with light characters.
Title: Lovely Complex (aka Love*Com, LoveCom, Love★Com)
Rating: T [for teen romance, mild language]
Genre: Shoujo, romance, comedy
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: [Japanese names] Koizumi Risa is 172cm or 5'7" tall, taller than the average Japanese girl while Otani Atsushi is 156cm or 5 feet, 1 inch and a half, shorter than the average Japanese boy. They both bicker a lot, hence their nickname "All Hanshin Kyojin." At first, they don't like each other. However, as the series progresses, their love lives are further complicated.
Your Rating for the Artwork: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Very nice artwork, the mangaka uses screentones but not too much to overflow the story.
Your Rating for the Story: B+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: Starts off as being somewhat cliche, introduces new characters, seems a bit episodic. However, there is some plot so it doesn't feel episodic all the time because most characters in this manga are going through high school. The shoujo part is very touching, and the short!boy-tall!girl relationships are somewhat unique, i.e. advantages of having a short boyfriend.
Suggested for people who like: shoujo, romance, tall/short pairings, Jun'ai Tokku Taichou (Love Attack), Beauty Pop, Ouran High School Host Club, comedy
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Title: Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)
Author: Tachibana Higuchi
Publisher: In America - Tokyopop
Language: First three volumes are out in English but the other volumes ARE translated into english online as well
Number of Volumes: 19 volumes in total, 7 out in the U.S.
Rating: Teen age 13 +
Genre: drama, aimed towards teenage girls but boys seem to enjoy it as well
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Mikan Sakura runs away from hom to Alice Academy after her best friend Hotaru Imai is sent there. It is a school for "geniuses" but when Mikan gets there she finds out its truly a school for people with supernatural powers called "Alices" A teacher named Narumi, finds her outside and realizes she has the power of Nullification and Mikan is allowed to join the Academy to be with Hotaru. While there she meets Natsume Hyuuga, resident bad boy, and his best friend Ruka Nogi (both of which develop feelings for Mikan) and many other characters. Natsume has the alice of fire and Ruka has the alice of animal pheromones. While the series follows Mikan, its Natsumes actions that seem to keep the plot moving and he seems to be the "second main character" He is part of the Academys secret team of what seems to be assassins and his alice seems to be killing him. The series follows the happenings at the Academy, the people infiltrating it, the hidden evils inside, and also gives clues towards Mikans family.
Your Rating for the Artwork: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Extremely cute when needs to be, yet for the darker parts the artwork is able to turn creepy but not loose the feel of the usual artwork and seem from a different manga. It's well drawn and detailed, and doesnt make the characters seem fake, with weirdly drawn bodies/faces like some mangas d.

Your Rating for the Story: A
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: Extremely good plot line, at first it seems like a typical puff girl manga but as the story continues it gets into the darker side. There's lots of plot twists, and its very well thought out, keeps you wanting to read more. There are a lot of conspiracies and betrayals and secrets througout the manga, and somehow even with all the problems faced, it rarely seems over dramatic, there is the drama feel to parts of it but it doesnt really feel over the top even though at parts it seems it should.

Suggested for people who like: Kodocha(kodomo no omocha) and Shugo Chara, are the only ones I know of. Gakuen Alice has an extremely unique plot line, and Kodocha is like it only for the fact both girls smile a lot and are harrassed by problemed males, and Shugo Chara because both male leads are considered "black cats" and have similar personalities
I guess for people who enjoy, cute yet sadistic undertoned things
Title:Kamichama Karin (Little Goddess Karin)
Rating: All Ages (Although some points make it +13)
Genre: Shoujo, Magical Girl (Koge-Donbo says it's suppost to be a spin-off/paraody)
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: It centers around the main character, Karin Hanazono, who's parents have died. The only thing that she has left from her parents, is a ring given to her from her mother. She now lives with her aunt, and her cat, Shii-chan, whom she loves very much. Sadly, after the introduction her cat is dead, leaving her alone in the world. However things are lifted up for little Karin when she meets two people who will change her life forever; Kazune Kuyjou and Himeka Kuyjou. She soon learns that there is more to her ring, Himeka and Kazune, and even who she really is, than she thought.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Koge-Donbo's art is just gorgeous, very detailed and her colored pictures are just to cute <3

Your Rating for the Story: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: It being one of my favorite series, manga and anime, with it's comedic and romantic chapters, it's a must read!

Suggested for people who like: Pita-Ten, CardCaptor Sakura, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and other Magical girl/shoujou/comedy series.
Title: Paradise Kiss
Rating: Older Teens, 16+
Genre: Shojo, Fashion, Romance
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: Yukari wants nothing more than to make her parents happy by studying hard and getting into a good college. One afternoon, however, she is kidnapped by a group of self-styled fashionistas calling themselves "Paradise Kiss." Yukari suddenly finds herself flung into the roller-coaster life of the fashion world, guided by George, art-snob extraordinaire. In a glamorous makeover of body, mind and soul, she is turned from a hapless bookworm into her friends own exclusive clothing model.

Your Rating for the Artwork:
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: The artwork itself isn't exactly the best. However, Ai Yazawa's clothing/costume is design is gorgeous and absolutely breathtaking.

Your Rating for the Story:
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: Paradise Kiss is one of the best mangas I have ever read. It has a great combination if romance, drama, and fashion. The story is plotted out very well with a very satisfying ending. Very inspiring, it moved me deeply and it's definitely worth a reading.

Suggested for people who like: Fashion, romance, drama, and Nana (it's by the same author)
Title: Nabari no Ou
Rating: B+
Genre: Action (Very mild BL)
Basic Premise/Basic Plot: [no spoilers, please]
From Da Gurlz Translationz:
Rokujou Miharu was a seemly reluctant junior high student living in his own world. However, within him, lurked the ultimate power of Nabari*, “Omnipotent”. To possess such supreme weapon, the Wolf Pack of Iga* swore to bring Miharu back to Iga village. On the other hand, Miharu’s English teacher, Kumohira sensei*, and classmate, Kouichi, were the Banten* ninjas whose mission was to protect Miharu. A war waged over the ownership of “Omnipotent” thus started. To survive, Miharu must enter the hidden world Nabari, to become the king.

Your Rating for the Artwork: [A through F] C+
Your Opinion/Review of the Art: Very nice coloring & anatomy, yet typical style; un-unique.

Your Rating for the Story: [A through F] B
Your Opinion/Review of the Story: A cute, yet apathetic, yet sweet-hearted 14-year-old boy named Rokujou Miharu finds out there's a godlike, in extractable evil power living in him and everyone in this secret ninja world is out to get it!
Think Naruto, with better...everything. :3

Suggested for people who like: [here you can suggest other titles that are similar or just the type of person who would like it] Ninja stories and slashy stuff, with good characters :3
Title: Line

Manga-ka: Yua Kotegawa

Rating: 16+

Genre: Mystery/Suspense with a hint of romance.

Number of Volumes: There's only one manga in this series.

Basic Premise/Basic Plot:

Normal. Carefree.

This was Chiko's life before the day she found the cell phone. Before the voice on the other end said she had scant minutes to save the life of someone she'd never met. Now, accompanied by her classmate Bando, Chiko has just one night to stop a series of gruesome deaths before they can occur.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A

Your Opinion/Review of the Art:
Nice anatomy and well done backgrounds. And the focus is on the story, not over-powering screentones.

Your Rating for the Story: A+

Your Opinion/Review of the Story:
I loved it! The story flows well, and the plot doesn't stray. It draws you in and takes you along for the ride. I'm glad I read it!

Suggested for people who like: Realistic events and a refreshing break from the standard overly cheerful magical heroine.
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Title: Okane Ga Nai
Rating: M ;D
Genre: romance, shounen ai, smut, yaoi
Basic Premise/Basic Plot:
(I am just copying this because I don't feel creative enough to write my own XD)
Ayase Yukiya is a university student whose cousin Tetsuo Ishii betrays him and sells him in an auction to settle his heavy debts. Ayase is bought by Somuku Kanou for 1.2 billion yen. The reason behind Kanou doing this is Kanou remembers Ayase from four years ago, when Ayase, a stranger, helped him. Now Kanou wants to keep Ayase close to him in order to protect him, and uses the 1.2 billion debt to force Ayase to live with him. As Ayase is still a student and does not have a job, he is forced to sell his body to Kanou for 500 000 yen a time.

Your Rating for the Artwork: A++++++++++
Your Opinion/Review of the Art:
The art was so beautifully drawn, it honestly brought tears to my eyes @.@ I don't know what else to say about it i guess...*Gets shot*

Your Rating for the Story: A+
Your Opinion/Review of the Story:
despite the yaoi and the rapeing (which SOME people may not like =_=) the plot was very interesting and enjoyable! The characters were probably the best part of the whole thing, and how they interacted with each other...WOOP...I SUCK AT THIS.

Suggested for people who like: well, yaoi I guess. And sappy romantic things ;D

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