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okama!Sanji to the rescue!

Dun nun nun nun 0.17789291882556 17.8% [ 206 ]
</3 0.046632124352332 4.7% [ 54 ]
I think he looks hotter in drag 0.090673575129534 9.1% [ 105 ]
Oh my 0.081174438687392 8.1% [ 94 ]
*covers eyes* 0.14766839378238 14.8% [ 171 ]
lol whut? 0.087219343696028 8.7% [ 101 ]
XD 0.1027633851468 10.3% [ 119 ]
O RLY NAO 0.059585492227979 6.0% [ 69 ]
pool whore? 0.078583765112263 7.9% [ 91 ]
OMG!1> I LUV ZOLO@@! 0.12780656303972 12.8% [ 148 ]
Total Votes:[ 1158 ]
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Alas I am but a leaf v3
Doflamingo you spoiled piece of s**t

I was kinda thinking the same thing.
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Wow, Mingo killed his father because he had a conscience. And now he wants to destroy the world because he's mad at the World Nobles for rejecting him.
Still not as bad as Colonel Dewey, but it's up there.

His backstory is pretty sad man, he had everything and lost it all in a second just because of his fathers decision.Going through a change like that has to be hard. His mother died because of that stupid decision and all he could do was blame it on his father, who he later on killed to try and gain back his life only to be rejected. Sucks to be Doffy. :C
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hrmphh still no sympathy for the spoiled p.o.s talk2hand I want law to be the one to take him down ... the mofo still has to answer to kaido with all his talk and superiority comlex...besides they only gave his perspective on why his father left the noble life

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Doffy is Jay.
Cora is Silent Bob.
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Finally! Flashback time!
Kinda like Corazon's character design.
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I love Corazon so much. Definitely what was unexpected, and loving where this is going.
Definitely think that Law is going to use his Ageless Surgery on Luffy, especially since Luffy isn't around to hear about it and wouldn't know it was being done/what the outcome would be (Law dying) to stop it.

Also kind of happy that there's a hiatus going on the week of my wedding! Perfect timing, since the new chapter would've come out on my wedding day, and both my fiance and I would've been fixated on reading the latest chapter rather than the reception, haha.
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The latest chapters just fueled my rage for Doffy. Still devishly handsome though. Plus the fact that Law was bruised, bloody and broken............anyway. Did not expect Corazon to be like that. Kinda imagined him to be a loud person or something like Doflamingo, yet kinder.

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