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okama!Sanji to the rescue!

Dun nun nun nun 0.17884130982368 17.9% [ 213 ]
</3 0.046179680940386 4.6% [ 55 ]
I think he looks hotter in drag 0.089000839630563 8.9% [ 106 ]
Oh my 0.082283795130143 8.2% [ 98 ]
*covers eyes* 0.14609571788413 14.6% [ 174 ]
lol whut? 0.085642317380353 8.6% [ 102 ]
XD 0.10411418975651 10.4% [ 124 ]
O RLY NAO 0.060453400503778 6.0% [ 72 ]
pool whore? 0.078925272879933 7.9% [ 94 ]
OMG!1> I LUV ZOLO@@! 0.12846347607053 12.8% [ 153 ]
Total Votes:[ 1191 ]
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You will be posting pictures of this pirate Lego One Piece, yes~? :'D
Why did I write pirate? That was redundant XD
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You will be posting pictures of this pirate One Piece, yes~? :'D
In time biggrin its not anything big and elaborate tho but its still looking cute 3nodding
i started reading and got to chapter 700 but I stopped for some reason, don't know if I should pick it back up or not.
And Robin continues to be as slick and as cool as a sheet of ice.
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hue hue hue i like cabbage ...

im glad robin is also having her moment given the recent notions that oda doesnt utilize the female characters in fights as often as the guys ....

as a female I love the dynamic between luffy, zoro and sanji so i didnt care much but I was getting tired of nami's whining and robin just being in the background ....nami could be like storm or something /: what ever happened to her weather stick weapon thing?

The boobs emphasis is also getting old rolleyes
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That's IT.
No one can change my mind now.

I fricking LOVE Bartolomeo.
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That's IT.
No one can change my mind now.

I fricking LOVE Bartolomeo.
bart in the anime today made me lol
Wow, I feel like I should be smoking a cigarette and wearing a beret right now. Again, like with Baby 5, I actually kind of liked Senor Pink. He was weird as ********, but at least he was a fairly honorable weird as ********. Now I'm going to have to sympathize with him. If Oda tries this with Mingo, I'm going to be pissed. Baby 5 and Senor Pink we as best cogs in the machine. Mingo is the machine that slowly crushing everyone in the world.

Also, are they suggesting that Mansherry is going to die at the end of this arc. Maybe she'll heal Law's arm, assuming worse things don't happen to him (in fact, did we ever confirm he cured himself of his lead poisoning), but then expend her life and die.

And speaking of Law, are we ever going to get back to that fight in the palace? We should only have Zoro and Pica left to deal with outside, so maybe we can wrap this up in two weeks (unless that was a hiatus notice at the bottom there).
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blaah senor pink sure was hard boiled .... he also looked like Michael jackson D: that fight seemed anti climatic ....maybe it will look better animated

Suppose Rosinante isnt dead and mansherry healed him and doffy has him kept captive D: I just feel he had so many chances to kill law but he never did .. he just beat him to a pulp but never finishes him off...unless he has something law wants so he can blackmail him to do whatever he wants ....

Who has mansherry been healing all this time anyway?

Anyways I just want the banquet to happen already ....

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