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Wow. Can you say Spoiler Alert? Thanks.
i know right? i'm only about a forth of the way through the series. >.>;
What CLAMP probably means (this is the same for TRC) is that we'll be seeing Watanuki and the Shop in future works, we already have in Kobato(anime only), Gohou Drug, and Blood-C. We've yet to see him in Gate 7, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

But you know, instead of restarting HOLiC like some fans want, I'm hoping they will finish X or Clover.
Also, I would love to see the interview where CLAMP says this, burnyourbones. Just out of curiosity.

Ugh I hope to god they finish X soon. It makes me cry like a baby but it's probably my favorite. But with the recent quakes who knows when they'll get around to it. They also have to find a magazine who will accept the gore.
I liked the ending of xxxHolic, but I really want to know what the egg Doumeki has is for! Eggs have come up in other Clamp stuff, but I still don't get it... Anyway, I was super excited to see Watanuki in the Kobato anime, Drug & Drop, and Blood-C whee But like other people were saying, what I really want to see are endings for X and Clover. If they continued Legal Drug after all this time, there is still hope! I feel like Drug & Drop, in part, is a way for Clamp to see if an old manga that was on hiatus forever can be revived. And with how much the X characters showed up in Tsubasa, I still believe they will finish it. Ok, I'm seriously getting off topic, sorry sweatdrop
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I just liked the first season

It was kinda confusing !

But I like it !

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