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I make stupid faces, squeal like a pig and I must be sitting on the floor.
Also, if the characters are eating there's a high chance I'm also eating.

Strange. I don't do that while I'm reading manga, but if it's a novel, I will eat while the characters do. I think I got it from The Neverending Story. I saw that movie when I was reeeeallly young, and when I watched Bastion eating while Atreyu did in the story, I thought, "That looks cool." I guess it kind of defined the reading experience for me. I don't know. XP
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nope i dontXD
Well I do what the most people do
make sure hands are clean
try not to damage spine or pages
I read in all the weird poses imaginable
I have diffrent voices for the characters in my head also the sounds get form in my head
and I talk to myself when I am reading alone
I tend to get exitated when the manga is finished and after that I get sad and say out loud: Aww, it's finished..."
never eat or drink with the manga in hand and that all has to be a certain distance from the manga prefers 1meter (really ^^" )
when reading while tere are more persons in one room than I take out headphones to block out the talking people
though I have had to have read them 3 times: first everything, then story without the comments of the author/artist and than to study the images while reading ^^"
I don't stop reading before I reached the end, I mostly forget to drink because of that
I guess that's all though ^^" -thinks-
I read most of my manga in Japanese now-a-days so if anything sometimes if I've been reading manga / Japanese novels for too long it takes me a minute to get into full on "English" mode... xd
I think of the people as one of my friends....or really cute anime guys..as a guy with black hair xd
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I react like the way the main character is. For example crying, laughing and such. That's why my friends always find me when I'm reading manga or novels-to tease me coz I'm a tomboyish iron lady. 4laugh It's rare to see me cry and 'kyaa' like a normal girl. redface
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Not really. I just, y'know... Read it...

Sometimes I sorta translate certain phrases into Japanese without thinking, though. Is that a habit? o_O'

i have the exact same problem when i read manga -.-'
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Day dream..... :O
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...I don't think I do?
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Um... well the weirdest things that I've done would be randomly pacing around after I read a page and act like I'm talking to the characters.
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Not really, well sometimes I listen to music for some background sounds razz But other then reading fast and that, not so much.
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Elysion Pedion
i have a tendacy to make realy funny faces when i read. and i usually read my manga during school (my friends have more money than me, so we all just buy manga when we can, one person to a series, and then pass it around at school.) Its funny though cuz i'll be completely lost in my manga, and then all of sudden everyones laughing at me..and i have no clue why xd

i do the same thing rofl or sometimes i make the same faces they make in the manga emotion_awesome
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I dunno if this is considered strange but oh well~
I always hold my pillow. ALWAYS.
But that's only when reading BL but I said always because that's what I'm always reading it anyway lol

Its just preparation for when something comes up like when I need to cry because I'm almost done with it and its just too good to end, or when I need to scream because they're doing something...hot, and lastly when THEY'RE JUST TOO CUTE TO HANDLE AND KLG;DKSGH;SLHSDHK I NEED SOMETHING SOFT TO HUG! MR.PILLOW I NEED YOU.

I think that's it..
Oh yeah and also when reading hard yaoi I tend to get a huge water bottle and drink it like mad until they're done doing it and sometimes I would pretend to do a spit take XDD
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Well, it kind of depends on where I am. At home I'll sit in my chair and read while my mom watches t.v. I think my face gets really tense until there's a funny part. Then I'll start laughing but try to stop. Mom will give me this strange look...
At the bookstore, I flip through the pages really quickly and get the storyline. If I purchase the manga, I take the sticker off, open the volume to the middle and smell it. I just love the smell of new books!
Oh, and every purse I own is big enough for at least one volume. I'm ALWAYs carrying around manga.
Another thing: if I'm eating I try to read manga, but since I'm left handed, I can't flip the pages with just my right hand cause you're supposed to read it from right to left.
We lefties live in a right-handed world, I tell you!
If I don't like how the characters look, and it's shitty drawing, I will not read it.
Also, if I don't like the first few pages of the manga, I won't read it.

Sometimes it might get good, so I will read the middle when a lot more come out, and every once in a while I will like it. Mostly, I won't read it.

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