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just wonderingg whee !!! well do yew?
I guess if anything, i tend to read in different voices for the different characters. other than that, no.
Not really. I just, y'know... Read it...

Sometimes I sorta translate certain phrases into Japanese without thinking, though. Is that a habit? o_O'
I have a habit of either reading upside down, or while walking, or rather in any postion that isn't normal.
i roll around in circles making voices of the characters and if im alone i read it out loud in those voices sweatdrop
I just shut myself up in my room and read, with some j-rock on of course. I guess that's not that strange though..... sweatdrop
wash my hands before touching my manga 3nodding
I normally just hide in a corner, curl up into a ball and read.
I have to be in bed. With all of my lights off except for one...black covering the windows...so it feels more like my own little space...lock my door, cozy up and read! Maybe not weird but that's my habit
I tend to block out everything else that is going on around me so I can read in peace.
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I squeal loudly whenever something I want to happen, happens. Is that considered strange?
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I normally just hide in a corner, curl up into a ball and read.

same here, but I sit on my chair
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I usually tend to listen to my headphones while I'm reading...and I dislike being interupted while reading it...
Not really strange, but I sometimes skip a little ahead. I hate when I do it....
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i have a tendacy to make realy funny faces when i read. and i usually read my manga during school (my friends have more money than me, so we all just buy manga when we can, one person to a series, and then pass it around at school.) Its funny though cuz i'll be completely lost in my manga, and then all of sudden everyones laughing at me..and i have no clue why xd

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