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My habit is i barely open it. I open it just enough to read it without creasing it. And then after I read it I put it under my pillow while I sleep so that way it looks brand new.
I do something like that, I can't stand it when my manga books get creased. I also tend to squel a little at certain parts, but I don't do that to often since my other habit is that I read in class.
Other than jumping arond when something unexpected happens, holding my breath, gloping kawaai characters, making sure I dont bend the book too much, and screaming, not out of the ordinary really... whee
Oh, and after I'm done reading a really, really good one, I put my custom-made book covers on them, and then place them in my manga box which I keep in a secrect compartment I found in my closet! biggrin I'm such a perfectionist! sweatdrop And when I let my friends read them I make them sign a paper stating that if they damage it they have to pay a fine... biggrin What? neutral You say I'm crazy? sad I'm not crazy! mad I'm telling the truth... *looks at her friend bending her manga* scream YOU IDIOT!!!! stressed THAT'S NINE DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-NINE CENTS OF MY LIFE YOU'RE BENDING!!! *jumps her friend and starts thrashing* domokun
get excited sometime or be like NOOO why i liked him and you cant read anthing near the spine cuz the book might bend we wouldnt want that now would we
My habit? I have to read it right away. No matter what. Or I get a panic attack XD

Yup! Same with me!
I just get hungry and start searching for food like crazy. ^_^; And I get all sad at the end of a manga. Hee, I wanted more!
well does reading the manga while thinking yourself in that place doing that thing in the story at the time weird or what? lol... razz smile
I adopt personalities of the characters...I must have over 50 by now...
Nuuu...none...okay...I lie...I laugh when I read something funny....curl up on my bed with loud music to block out outside noises...and snarl and hiss when people try to take it from me. xd There...we happy? I'll even write fanfics directly after if the story inspires me...
I laugh at the funny parts...a little too loudly. Especially cuz I read manga in class a lot ^^; I'll be reading and then start laughing, and then everyone around me turns to look. sweatdrop I was reading in the car on the way to school, my friends mom was driving and my 2 friends were in the car with me, and I kept cracking up. Trowa's mom:" What is she doing??" Trowa: "Reading manga"
Oh yeah, I sniff my manga too. I got manga off ebay once, and they smelled really good, so I kept them in the box they shipped in for about a year, then the smell faded. sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop
Nothing strange for me.. I mean, I read it, and sometimes I talk to myself or laugh to myself a little bit, at strange parts... or I'll see, "Jeez, if I were there, I would have done suchandsuch, and it would have been hilarious..." And then I get annoyed at myself and shut up. Of course, at the sad parts I cry, and at the funny parts I laugh... I think Fruits Basket is one of the rare manga that truly made me laugh out loud. Now that I've described all that, it DOES sound kinda strange... o_O But then, for me it's routine.
Ahaha...i do a couple of things that some people have all ready posted.

I hide to read, and I can't read in public. xp I react to the book very strongly. If its funny, I laugh real loud and repeat certain phrases too. People around me think I'm talking to someone. When they try to actually do that with me though, they have to yell for my attention. They get mad, I get mad = harsh cycle of shock! eek

So yeah, I hide. ninja
ummmm changing my position until I feel comfortable? (i.e. I am sitting when i started reading then after a few pages I will lie down then turn upside down etc...)
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I tend to have different voices in my head for different characters, and they tend to be speaking Japanese. :/

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