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I squeal loudly whenever something I want to happen, happens. Is that considered strange?

I do that too. I also squel when my favorite character comes on
I make sure my hands are very clean...Wash with lots of soap. Make sure the manga is okay, and read...Until the manga is over. 3nodding

i sniff my manga o_o; well i mean...its just that each one has its own unique scent... *____*; >_>;; i think that just might qualifiy as an odd habit..o_o wink
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Sometimes I relate the manga with things I've seen online and start pacing in excitement, but that I do that when I use the internet as well.
This usually only happens when I'm doing a reread.
Merena Tsukino
i have a tendacy to make realy funny faces when i read. and i usually read my manga during school (my friends have more money than me, so we all just buy manga when we can, one person to a series, and then pass it around at school.) Its funny though cuz i'll be completely lost in my manga, and then all of sudden everyones laughing at me..and i have no clue why xd

I do that as well. xd My sister always bugs me about it.

Me: *looking up* Doing what? o_O
Her: Making weird faces.

( Very cool sig by the way. PoA in fifteen minutes quotes? xd )
Whenever my friends come over and stuffs its sooo boring to just watch them read the manga I bought and already read, so I just complain to them until they read it aloud(I make them do all the voices differently and the sond effects and such). Its their punishment for being to lazy to just buy their own stuff!!!
Yes, I know, I'm cruel!!!! BWAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA!!!! ok I'm done now... stop looking at me like that! crying
I don't really have a weird habit while reading manga. Although I giggle and squeek at cute parts (which makes people become afraid of me). And it's not a habit while reading, but when I let other people borrow them, or when I buy a new one, I have to check it out in all angles to make sure that it's not bent, contaminated with dust, or scratched.
My habit? I have to read it right away. No matter what. Or I get a panic attack XD
If it's a brand new one that I just bought, I like to open it a bit and sniff it. Ah, the scent of a fresh new book heart
I make faces too... But the REALLY funny thing that I do... is speak the sound effects... really loudly...
I also talk to myself outloud about possible outcomes...
I carry around a new manga that i just got for about a month untill i get a new one... not that strange... ><
I have a habit of either reading upside down, or while walking, or rather in any postion that isn't normal.

same here, but i also sqeal and giggle when sumfin good happens or, i hear the characters voices in my head, and when i watch the show, the voices are similar!!
Unless reading a good one three times a day for several weeks counts, then no.
when i read mangas.. i either like to read it on the bed with music playing... or reading it on the couch upside-down... i usually read it upside-down cause i like it... and nobody knows what im reading biggrin heart heart

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