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Kaji Fumino 0.136 13.6% [ 17 ]
Ojiro Kazuma 0.312 31.2% [ 39 ]
Shindo Ryu 0.048 4.8% [ 6 ]
Kurosawa Ken 0.032 3.2% [ 4 ]
Retsu 0.048 4.8% [ 6 ]
Ojiro Shoma 0.04 4.0% [ 5 ]
Kaji Teppei 0.224 22.4% [ 28 ]
Margaret Denton 0.016 1.6% [ 2 ]
Kaji Tomoyuki 0.032 3.2% [ 4 ]
Other 0.112 11.2% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 125 ]
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A shojo manga by Meca Tanaka, it adds a playful spin to the schoolgirl genre and the theme of teacherxstudent. Fumino and Teppei, her 4-yr-old brother, are orphans and one day, she becomes tired of being shoved off upon relative after relative. She meets her teacher, and after a battle of words where she carelessly yells "Well, can you marry me and take care of us?", he really does! So now she's married to Ojiro Kazuma. Her English teacher.

And that's where the fun beings!

(I don't think there's a thread already? I didn't see one. ^^; )

Anyway. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss about this manga since there doesn't appear to be one already. What drew me in at first was the art, and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the plot, but I found it surprisingly good.

A few parts could've been better or were rather cliched, but I felt that overall, I really enjoyed this series. Any other fans of Faster Than a Kiss out there? Don't be shy, come on in!

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That sounds really cute. Is it serialized in any magazines?
It is very cute. 3nodding

I believe it's being serialized monthly in LaLa magazine.
i really like that manga its so cuuttee
and the artist draws really nice
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ive only read the first one but I loved it I wish I could get my hands on the second one. Darn my library's refusal to buy new manga
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I love this manga... Since I can't find it here where I live, I've been reading it online, via OneManga.... they're only up to Chapter 25 so far......
I really love her drawing style, too. It's so adorably pretty~~

@UsagiMoon: I know, right? D: I read most of it in one go, so now I'm really antsy to see the next chapter. I want to see something more happen between those two, too~~
Faster than a Kiss! i love that manga! it's so cute and funny lol
I love that Manga !!
I havent read it in A While though >.<
I need to read more manga.
that manga is so cute! but since the updates were slow i stopped reading it for a while.
ninja 3nodding ninja
Yea, I do wish they'd update more regularly. But at least the suspense keeps me looking forward to it. I can't wait until it updates~~

Yea, I do wish they'd update more regularly. But at least the suspense keeps me looking forward to it. I can't wait until it updates~~

yeah, true, i agree with you. The suspense heart ....... lol xp
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I have read this manga. biggrin

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