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which do you support or like better?

L ('Ryuuzaki') 0.75117370892019 75.1% [ 160 ]
Light Yagami ('Kira') 0.24882629107981 24.9% [ 53 ]
Total Votes:[ 213 ]
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ahh ryuuzaki is way better than anythinng i wish i was animee id so marry him :3
L!!! He is really cute and funny!!!
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Death Note: L or Light?
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L !! He's adorable <3 biggrin
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L all the way!! xd he's so cute and awkward! heart i can't get over his death crying
Kira for sure, gets the Death note super smart but does turn a little crazy but still Kira for the win.
Neither. i choose Mello. biggrin
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Raito > Eru
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me and all of my friends are into death note smile we all cosplay and talk about it all the time, Sabbrina - L, B, Near
Me - Matt
Aimee - Misa
Lauryn - Light
Josh - Mello
Austin - Ryuk
Sabbrina & Aimee's grandma - Whatari
My dad (and/or) grandma - Rodger
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Light. L is SO weird. They way he holds his food and pens makes me not like him. lol.
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I would like to point out, that L isent dead. If Rem killed Whatari first, he would have died right after that, so, L isent dead. ..... Another theory, L could have pretended to die, or put B in the place of him at that time. B is in the book Death Note: Another Note - Loss Angles BB Murder Cases
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L for life! Light is honestly a bit crazy
D; I love both of them.
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L of course! I understand Light's idea,but he's just too crazy and I don't like him that much o.O

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