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Favorite SternRitter?

A: Yhwach 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 3 ]
E: Bambietta Basterbine 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 3 ]
F: Äs Nödt 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 3 ]
G: Liltotto Lamperd 0.022727272727273 2.3% [ 1 ]
H: Bazz-B 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 4 ]
I: Cang Du 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 4 ]
J: Quilge Opie 0.022727272727273 2.3% [ 1 ]
K: BG9 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Z: Giselle Gewelle 0.15909090909091 15.9% [ 7 ]
Other 0.40909090909091 40.9% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 44 ]

well the guy ichigos fighting is really strong cuse hes number 6. im wondering about rukia. i dotn think that she would die cuse kubo tite always gets them injured, then they are in critical condition or something but they never die. i also wonder what happened to that c**k roach bangs (i forgot her name >.< wink

XD c**k roach bangs...that'd be Ururu. She ALMOST pwned an arrancar....;_;

Yea, Kubo Tite has a tendency to do that...but all's good, 'cause otherwise, my Shiro-chan would've been dead. -whimper-
theres more people tht watch the animesthn read the books =] 3nodding
^_^ True, but I'll let you talk about both here. heart Bleach is that awesome...-sigh- Need...ch. 211... sweatdrop
Soi Fong's wins for uniqueness, plus I love her fighting style. I also like Kyouraku and Ukitake's double-sword zanpakutou. *_*

Still waiting for Rangiku to completely own and show at least the shikai form of Haineko! Also, we've never seen Gin's bankai, but it's probably freakishly powerful. Or just freaky. *loves Gin in all his evil, smiley Xelloss-ish awesomeness*

I'm waiting for Rangiku to show us Haineko too. ^_^

crying No one voted for Ukitake's zanpakutou...he's so underappreciated. I would've voted for him, but Hitsugaya owns. heart
personally, my favorite zanpakuto is Kaname Tousen's, Suzumushi. his bankai would have beaten pretty much anyone but Kenpachi

I love Bleach. its my favorite manga. i have 10 english volumes but ive read up to 210. My favorite characters are Chad, Tatsuki, Tousen, and Kon. ^_^
xd I'd like Tousen if he weren't such an evil, back-stabbing shithole. Even so, his zanpakutou is one of the cooler ones.

Kubo Tite is really tempting us, isn't he.... crying He never showed us Rangiku, Ukitake, or Shunsui's shikai, much less their bankai [if Rangiku has one]

Kon's so cute...just like Pyon. 3nodding
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FINALLY made time for ep. 63-64. Haha Toshirou's so cute... heart

Kuukaku finally gets some more screen time...she deserves it 3nodding The part with Byakuya was amusing too. I think that was the only time I've seen him drawn in a slightly "funny" way.
i <3 Byakuya's bankai even though it did get beat probably beacuse if it wasn't for Ichigo's half-hollow side then it wouldn't have been possible for ichigo to win. In any case, I wonder if Rukia will ever achieve Bankai...that would definitely be one interesting twist. biggrin
Seeing as how Rukia says she has the ability to be a seated official, I wouldn't be very surprised if she did indeed achieve bankai xd

Speaking of which...I'm eager to see how Ichigo's faring against that arrancar...
Still awaiting Ishida to come back...ha, wouldn't it be funny if Kubo Tite just forgot about him and never wrote him back in? xd But he wouldn't do that...
i love bleach its the greatest even thought i only read to vol 10 because thats all that came out here.i was wondering wut happens in vol 11,12 and 13 because im very impateint.
Patience is a virtue 3nodding Let's just say that a lot happnes in those volumes...Ichigo fights various captains and something happens to one of them.

On another note...211's out! [I know it's been out a while, but I was waiting for it to come out from my source]

crying Why is Toshirou always getting picked on?! -whimper- xd Yea, I'm scaring myself...getting waaaay too attached to him. o.O Glad Rangiku's alright, though.

The shinigami look like they're not doing too well...=[ Wonder if Tatsuki's going to suddenly have powers, too xp They're REALLY going to be in trouble if more arrancar appear...which I think is happening because of that last panel. Who do you guys think that guy is? =D
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Well, episode 65 was rather disappointing...

I would have preffered it if they had just gone on to the Arrancar arc and not ...whatever this was. I'm also upset that Tatsuki undergoes such little character development. crying Gah. And is it just me, or has the quality of animation gone down?

I do like possessed Inoue's voice better than the real Inoue... xd

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