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Favorite SternRitter?

A: Yhwach 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 3 ]
E: Bambietta Basterbine 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 3 ]
F: Äs Nödt 0.068181818181818 6.8% [ 3 ]
G: Liltotto Lamperd 0.022727272727273 2.3% [ 1 ]
H: Bazz-B 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 4 ]
I: Cang Du 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 4 ]
J: Quilge Opie 0.022727272727273 2.3% [ 1 ]
K: BG9 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Z: Giselle Gewelle 0.15909090909091 15.9% [ 7 ]
Other 0.40909090909091 40.9% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 44 ]
Rawr, up to the top~!
well iv seen the anime to were there dealing with the bounds and all sweatdrop
Yea...that arc sucks. crying Makes me sad. I can't believe how far the anime has dropped--I used to believe this was the best anime, but now that's only true up to the Mod Souls/Bountou arc. That....just killed it.
bleach is a decent manga....the anime is better to me though
223 is out heart
O.O Already?! ...mine's slow. gonk

*gasp* You...you prefer the anime? SHAME ON YOU! [kidding] xd The anime IS really good in the beginning; but then it crashed. I was actually really happy on finding such a great anime when I first watched it, but now....at this arc, it's not that enjoyable anymore. I still watch it though. >_>
*coughprettyboyscough* whee
Chapters out to 224~! And....it IS Hinamori! The HitsuxHina fan in me is screaming heart Although...I'm more than a little put off by her blinding trust for Aizen. =[ Come on, he tore a hole in her; she STILL wants Hitsugaya to save him?! From what? From bitchyness? [Er, b*****d-ness...whatever xd ]

Now that I've got my brief shot of HxH, I want some IchiRu. >_> [Awaits 225]
Do you guys think that Uryuu's bow is gonna look upgraded after he gets his powers back?
I was thinking he might just get his powers back, but I hadn't thought about the upgrade. Good point...that's a possibility, although I'm not sure how his dad's going to do it. o.O
Jea. Also the reason the anime isnt good now is because its all fillers for now.
Indeed. gonk -smacks fillers- Go away! [Plus, the animation/artwork seems ot have gone down...]

Oh and I'm Seliece by the way. This is my second account XD

where do u get this stuff!!!!!
weep!!! crying
o.O Well, I get mine in Chinese...^^; I don't know where everyone else gets it. The American market is too slow wink So I buy mine in Taiwan. XD As for scanlations...well, you can't ask/post sites here. [But mine are still in Chinese XD]

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