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Bleach & naruto are both very nice shonen mangas, I prefer bleach myself, but I wouldn't start reading/watching either of them. I really only like bleach because of the graphics. But Naruto really bores me. So my votes for bleach
& my favorite character would be Szayel Aporro Granz & grimmjow.
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NARUTO fan here!! I love Naruto more and more if I keep on reading. heart
jelii minaaj
I just want to know the amount of fans for each manga books or movies... whatever one is your favorite... who is your favorite character from that manga?
ex. bleach, rukia & ichigo

dont forget ,post post post; ! i want to know lolol 4laugh

Naruto; Sasuke, Rock lee. I like Naruto's story it's better than bleach's story in my opinion. Thought I should give you a reason as to why I like the series.
I read Naruto. I like where the story is heading. ninja
At the moment? Naruto.
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naruto biggrin
i like naruto and my favorite characters are hinata,naruto and gaara.
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i don't like both for these reasons:
bleach > fullbring arc is suck-ish
naruto > quite easy to get lost (for me)

but i like bleach slightly more than naruto

in bleach
>yoruichi (that hawt cat is awesome)
>starrk (primera espada ftw)

in naruto
>suigetsu (that aquaman with sasuke XD)
>nagato (ulquiorra -> fake nihilism -> everything is nothing, while nagato -> *destroys an entire town just so he can revive it and die XD)
it was my first manga and I prefer samurai to shinobi (Ruroni Kenshin is also one of my favorites)

But I like Naruto- even if Naruto himself pisses me off

Bleach-Hitsugaya and Stark
Naruto-Shikamaru and Kakashi
i like both but i think i like bleach more
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Bleach! an id say my two fav characters form that show are
heart Ulquiorra Cifer heart and heart Grimmjow Jeagerjaques heart X3
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I have to go with Naruto. There's no real contest for me in this department. After all, Naruto consistently pumps out great storylines...Bleach on the other hand...after Aisen...umm...whack.

As for characters... Itachi, Gaara, Kakashi, Shino
Bleach and my fav is Grimmjow Jagurjack :3
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Bleach. Narutos okay but sort of got repetitive after awile. I like the characters in bleach better.
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Bleach because it's the one I watch more, and I love Urahara! smile

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