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Sonia Road 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 4 ]
Bloody Road 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
Wing Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Gaia Road 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Over Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Jade Road 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Ring Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Lather Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Flame Road 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Other 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 14 ]
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I just have to say, the best chapters of Air Gear are from 130 ~ 142.

I absolutely loved those.


More than one person can ride the same road - it's just if you're good enough on the road to become king or not. Yoshitsune is the King of the over road, and Benkei can be considered right behind him. I guess each road has it's own hierarchy.

exactly.....i need 137-142 crying
Too bad they're only raw right now. Those chapters were really interesting, but I kind of got bored with all that fighting. It's nice that Kururu actually did something other than look cute, though. |D;

And maybe it's because I'm so messed up, 143 was just so amusing!
Benkei is nowhere near the level of a king.. she may be good, but she ain't that good. Plus she hasn't really demonstrated any kind of ability that resembles that of the Over Road. So the idea of her being on the same road as Yoshi is kinda moot. Plus the fact that Yoshi implied that she uses that stick during battles makes you wonder why she has to rely on a weapon other than her own ability (assuming she can use any tricks from the Over Road).

anyway... translation's up to 136.. and ch 158 is taking way too long to come out. i saw some really weird spoilers on another forum @_@;
It is. Dx I'm still waiting for it to come out. What spoilers? o__O; How weird? Can it GET any weirder than it already is right now? xD;
It is. Dx I'm still waiting for it to come out. What spoilers? o__O; How weird? Can it GET any weirder than it already is right now? xD;

[possible spoilers]well.. some of the members of that forum has been saying that the person who released the spoilers have also released reliable spoilers in the past... anyway.. here's the thing, copy + paste

-Aion Clock wanna the Sky Regalia for this familly, because of his father is the boss of a big society.
-Sora speak with Spit Fire, and tell him that if he wanna give the fire regalia to Kazu, he crush them in 2 secondes to get back the regalia
-page with Infinite Volcano trcik by Spit fire ^^
-Sora stop the trick with the wind régalia, he have cyborg leg, and a helicopter is hit and get mashed on Spit Fire...

@ the rest of it: B@tsh_t. This is insane. O___o;;;
the aion one could be possible xD lol.. he looks rich to me haha..

but the rest of it triggered massive lawlz for me rofl
We once joked about mafia!Sano, because we were wondering where all that money comes from... I definitely think it's more plausible than the other points. xD;
We once joked about mafia!Sano, because we were wondering where all that money comes from... I definitely think it's more plausible than the other points. xD;

omg... LOL, those spoilers were true!

[spoilers]who would've thought?? LOL... sora took down a freaking helicopter. x_x; sano and spitfire goodness for ch. 159! [/spoilers]
[SPOILERS]Yeah, I started believing they were true after reading a bunch of blogs... OH MY GOD.

APOLLO ROAD OMG. Wait, I was running out of the room because I was being called. I think I read that wrong. xDDD;;
[SPOILERS]Er, now that I have a bit more of a clear head.

It's the Apollon Road, Apollon meaning it is of Apollo. And my GOD I am having a heart attack.

Bits of my initial reactions from LJ:
AIONMOBILE! xDDD;;; He looks so serious, but it's hard to take him seriously with that freaking shirt on. I mean... the hearts. THE HEARTS! He's speeding down the street and on the phone at the same time, the crazy homo. And there's that damn helicopter. Reflected on his glasses. And... um, that's like, the fifth different frame he's had for his glasses now? WAAAUGH SANO WRRRRRY DOES YOUR FAMILY NEED THE FSCKING SKY REGALIA?! And... is that Mimasaka Ryou? Sane? (I remember seeing the name Mimasaka in the blogs, so...) Oh, wait, says right there in his dialogue "Mimasaka". AND WHAT ABOUT A PRIVATE JET?! A JET AND A HELICOPTER, WHAT?! x___x;; SANO. WTF.

Sora says he doesn't like that Supi wants to give the title of "Hono'o no Ou" to "that brat". Kazu... is FREAKING OUT. Just like everyone predicted. "WHAAAT?! WHAAAT?!?! THAT'S WHAT YOU WANTED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT?!" basically. His face is... oh gods. If Sora didn't look so scary in the next half-page panel... I might've been laughing.

Sora: Well... if that brat becomes a king, I'll beat you in two minutes and recover it blahblahwhatever.

Kazu, you're a retard.

Spitfire gets all reminiscent-ish talking about what he used to believe, blahblah, and space!Sora kicks him and tells him to shut up. Supi tells Kazu that, as it's turned out, he won't be able to tell him the words he had to say to him.

Supi: (sky!)Sora...!! I don't understand you!

And so, the fight's begun.

Spitfire's going back in his memories again, talking about how he used to chase and follow after Sora... this page's third panel looks OOH. "Icarus no kimochi nado..."

Aaaaand there's that fscking helicopter again. Crashing RIGHT BEHIND Supi. Supi's freaked out, because Sora's taken it this far...

Sora... looks like evil!Ikki. The next page is just a big fat explosion on the building they were on.

AND NOW, 159!

Kazu's NOT on the building they were on. He's just kinda... in mid-air, yelling for them to stop. space!Sora is right beside him. I think he asked him where he's headed, and said that he's afraid. The... furigana's kinda blurry on that next kanji. x__x;;

... O SHI.


HOMO MEGANE-SAMA SANJOU! He picked up Supi *______*! (He really should've picked him up like a bride/princess...) And Mimasaka saved the pilot.
... Sano, you're a bit selfish too, aren't you? x__x;;;



The Apollon (of Apollo) Road.

... Oh. Sano. I ♥ you for looking at Kazu.


Space!Sora: No way... the two of them... simultaneously... stopped time..?!


None of that probably made sense, but man. I haven't gotten that excited over something since Tenimyu's Dream Live 3rd, and I was pretty awful then, too...
[spoilers]bah.. nike!sora looks good here xD and sano too. the series is getting complex.. or confusing. why kill Kazu just to get the regalia back.. why fight spitfire in the first place. gah! both Sora's only gotten the finished Wind Regalia, not the original though right? TTT should have it still, i'd imagine Kururu will remake it again o_O Former Wind King vs Wind King? lol... i'm speechless xD i have no idea what to say... @_@; just a few more days till 160 comes out. i hope another character intervenes, it'll suck bad if Spitfire and Sano gets beaten up here.
[SPOILERS]They ALL look really good! But Spitfire keeps looking more and more like he's wearing mascara, seriously. I don't get why the heck Sora would think to go so far as to kill Kazu for the Flame Regalia... there's no need for that! The most logical reason is that Kazu isn't a Gravity Child like they are. <<;; But:
1. That's a stupid reason.
2. Then it would matter that Rika and Ine also were not Gravity Children.
3. If that were the case, then we'd have to assume the rest of the Genesis kings (Nue, Yoshitsune... anyone else?) are also Gravity Children. Which I kinda don't believe, but it's possible-ish.

Seems Sora's gotten the finished one, but I haven't read back yet and I can't remember where the original went... D|

Just... waiting it out for 160. Hopefully, we won't have a delay like the last two chapters, I seriously went NUTS and spoiler-hunted blogs down AT SCHOOL. I really hope Supi and Sano don't get the poop beaten out of them... T^T I'm too attached to them and they were so cool in 159... Seriously, I almost cried because of the sheer awesomeness.

User Image
Hee. I do stupid things past midnight.

... and if someone could teach me how to draw Spitfire's hair, I would love them forever and ever.
well.. Shishido-san.. i hate to break it to ya but...

no chapter next week!!! O_O; ;-;

anyways... [spoilers]the only reason i could think of on why Sora would kill Kazu... probably because Kazu is on Kogarasumaru's side. All of Genesis' kings are following Genesis' ideals. Kazu is pretty much neutral, someone they cannot control and they don't deem him worthy.. seeing as how Kazu is still weak compared to the other king-class characters. but, what the heck.. why is Sora so strong??? Years ago, him and his other team mates got beaten by Kilik and the other 4 current SF members. My guess is that Kilik got beaten up by Nike afterwards and Nike ended up with the Jade (@_@ i totally forgot what the name of Kilik's regalia is called) regalia. Bah, forget Kilik's test for Ikki, i wanna see how Rika reacts to all this or if she knew from the beginning. Somehow, it feels like Sora planned all of this from the beginning, including getting beaten by Kilik. (well.. maybe)

i'm a bit confused though, which part of Sora's legs are... uh.. fake? they only showed the lower part, though i'm sure Kilik broke his kneecaps...

Sano looks good being a "mafia" xD!!
Aww~ Must be time for a break again, then...

[SPOILERS]Was Kilik's regalia even named? |D;; A lot of them are still unnamed anyway... GOD, I wanna see Rika's reaction too! ><;; Sora... augh, so manipulative-looking right now, I wouldn't be surprised...

@_@;; Did it say which part of Sora's legs are fake? Don't remember. D|;;;

xD;; He needs a Fedora, like, now.

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