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Bloody Road 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
Wing Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Gaia Road 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Over Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Jade Road 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Ring Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Lather Road 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Flame Road 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Other 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 2 ]
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AIR GEAR (エア・ギア) by Ogure Ito (Oh! Great)

This series has recently captured my heart. Agito/Akito especially heart There's a lot of material for indepth discussions, and I've been trying to find someone to discuss AG since...well, ever since I started reading it.

The only negative thing I can say about it is...there is way too much fanservice. D: And it's not even bishi fanservice! Welp, he IS an ex-hentai artist. (ex...? I think. o_o;; not too keen to find out) For people who have never read Air Gear, think Tenjo Tenge. It's by the same person, and the art is just as beautiful heart

Please do come and discuss! [Topic starting off with: on the third post XD]

SLEEPING FOREST - 眠りの森 (A Class)

~Noyamano Ringo - 野山野 林檎 (THORN QUEEN - Sonia Road)
~Noyamano Mikan - 野山野 蜜柑
~ Noyamano Shiraume - 野山野 白梅
~Gabishi - 蛾媚刺 (HORN KING ? - Hatch Venom)
~Om - WATER QUEEN (?) Lather Road
~Kilik - キリク (former GEM KING) Gaia Road

~Noyamano Rika - 野山野 梨花 (FORMER THORN QUEEN)

KOGARASUMARU - 小烏丸 (B Class)

~Wanijima Akito/Agito - 鰐島 亜紀人/鰐島 咢 (FANG KING - Bloody Road)
~Minami Itsuki - 南樹(destined to be the WIND KING - Wing Road)
~Mikura Kazuma - 美鞍数馬/『カズ (successor to the FLAME KING - Flame Road)
~Mihotoke Issa (Buccha) - 御仏一茶/『仏茶
~Onigiri - オニギリ("Smell Road" )
+Adachi Emily - 安達 絵美理
+Nakayama Yayoi - 中山 弥生

GENESIS - 創世神 (A Class)

~Simca - シムカ
~Spitfire - スピット・ファイア (FLAME KING) *
~Nue - 鵺 (THUNDER KING - Rising Road)
~Sano Yasuyoshi - 左 安良 (AEON CLOCK)
~Yoshitsune - ヨシツネ (RUMBLE KING - Over Road; Ram Jet)
~Benkei - ベンケイ
~Nike - ニケ(GEM KING - Jade Road)


~Makigami Ine - 巻上イネ (PLEDGE QUEEN - Ring Road) *
~Sumeragi Kururu - 皇杞 枢 (aspiring to be Ikki's tuner)
~Kanon - 奏音 (Ringo's tuner)
~Kana - 加奈 (Nue's tuner)


BEHEMOTH - ベヒーモス (D Class)

~Udou Akira - 宇童 アキラ (FANG KING for a time)
~Bando Mitsuru - 坂東 ミツル (CYCLOPS HAMMER)
~Goshogawara Fumei - 五所瓦 風明 (HECATONCHEIR BOMB)
~Mimasaka Ryo - 美作 涼 (GORGON SHELL)
~Sano Yasuyoshi - 左 安良 (see above; GENESIS)

TAKEUCHI SORA - 武内 空 (former Sky King)
WANIJIMA KAITO - 鰐島 海人 (Brother to Akito; WIND SWAT team police)
ORIHARA MASAYA - 折原 征也 (disciplinarian teacher; comic relief)
TOMITA MARI - 富田 毬 (Ikki's homeroom teacher; comic relief)
MACHIDA KEI - 町田 形 (Pro emblem designer; designed "Kogarasumaru"'s emblem)

* = original members of SLEEPING FOREST
Alrighty. Discussion time!

Akito mentioned that HE was the original 'King' of the Bloody Road. Why then, can he not use AT? My theory was that since he split off into Agito, Agito got his ability to ride...but I'm not toos sure sweatdrop

When confronted by Yoshitsune about his deteriorating skill and the Fang regalia which had belonged to Akira, he said "my tuner's right here". What did he mean by that? Did he mean that he himself was his own tuner, or that Akito was his tuner? @_@;;;

Also, I really want to see Simca in action. We all know she's the head of Genesis, but I want to actually see her abilities. I want to see how high she would rank, seeing as how everyone seems to respect her, king or not. All I know is, I want her awesome boots. [When they're all black and spiky with only 1 wheel, not the boots she shows up in at first]
Come, all ye Air Gear fans! D:

I'm in dire need of discussions.
Yes~ heart

Chapters 118 and 119 are out!
I wanted to place my vote on Bando Mitsuru/Cyclops Hammer. After Agito gotten a little soft. When is his leg going to heal btw? They're in deep s**t, because Ikki is also not capable of leading the team. I think it is going to continue when Ikki learns how to train properly with the help from Sora, and then they get back at the Undead.. I dunno just spitting out my theories really.

P.S. I like all the vehicles in Air Gear, they are very stylish =D
Hm...I think his leg's pretty much nearing full health again =D [My favorite's still Agito XD I love them evil pretty boys]

Just...maybe not capable of intense fighting yet. I believe he can fight a little, though.

I LOVE Simca's "Duck Bill One Wheel" ATs. They look so cool *Q*
....you're kidding me. AGITO's losing to OTHER?! D:!!!

Anyway-up to ch. 122 now! ...please tell me Simca's not crippled like Sora is. crying I know she can't use her legs very well right now, but...what exactly happened to her? All I know is that it has something to do with the water in human bodies--so why is the only part that's unusable right now her legs?

We didn't even get to see her kick a**! ;___;

And I honestly didn't think Ringo was that...malicious. I always assumed it was the other members of Sleeping Forest that attacked. Ringo was just the leader; the sweet little "I don't want to fight" type. Apparently not.

And Mikan was there in the background too, when that happened. What exactly IS her role in Sleeping Forest? I'm pretty sure she isn't a king either...

D: I thought Air Gear would be more popular than this.
Dude, Air Gear s my favorite rite now both the anime and mange. man i love the characters especially Akito
XD Same here. Agito/Akito is AWESOME. heart

D:< He's so undercredited though. They glorify Ikki and make it look like "oh he's so much better" and "oh he's going to be the strongest king". In truth, NO. He's just stubborn and an a*****e. >:< So whati f he's the main character?

Ch. 129 is out!

o_o Simca is in one awesome looking wheelchair. And Agito needs to come out and kick a** some more.

~Kilik - キリク
(former GEM KING) Road Unknown

If im not mistaken, hes the Jade Road.

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