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OMG. xDDDD;; (Two random not-very-very-spoilery panels from 160)
@Shishido-san very cute! heart heart

@Ikazuchi Nue : those panel made it look like Spitfire and Aion were doing something... naughty and were caught in the act. hahahaha rofl
xD; Shishi and Ikazuchi are the same person, I just go by Yomi.

... If that were the case, I don't want to know why the fuh Supi is saying he won. xDDD;;
Ikazuchi Nue
xD; Shishi and Ikazuchi are the same person, I just go by Yomi.

... If that were the case, I don't want to know why the fuh Supi is saying he won. xDDD;;

lol... i can't remember if you already mentioned if they're the same xD hahaha...

i hope someone intervenes for that battle

Yea, we're way ahead. Chapter 160 or so XD

Oh and I was reading Tenjou Tenge while waiting for the rest of Air Gear to come out; does anyone know when he started TT? Because the art seems distinctly different...well, the eyes at least. They bother me a bit. >_>;;;

he started TT around 98 or so. and yeah, the art for TT isn't as good as AG. Maybe he intentionally made it that way, but the females have... big... boobs that japanese girls aren't typically known for. and their thighs seems a little.. big. i'd say AG's art is more polished... but lately it seems he's gotten lazy on drawing details with certain characters @_@ (yah.. i think i said that one a hundred times already)

Ahh...figures. XD; Thanks~ [I didn't feel like forcing my numb fingers over to Wiki >_>]

Nice pictures, by the way. XD Ah...Sano. Gotta love him.

Yea...one very obvious fact about TT is the girls, uh, assets. *cough*

Simca still owns though >w<
[SPOILERY]And now I understand why the JP fan blogs were like "Ryou-chaaan~ You were Makigami's rival in ero~"

Oh Sano. Why the heck is he dancing around INJURED?!

Anyway, from what I can pick up, since the pics are so small, it's hard to read the furigana...

Ryou is remembering when she met Sano. He's dancing around, even though blood is flying off as he swirls around and his uniform is ripped up.

Ryou: What are you doing!? Don't you have really bad injuries?
Sano: Wha~t? Injuries?! That's impossible! (Blahblahblah, I can't read it. @__@;;; )
ah.. what's going on. x_x; i want 160 now!

maybe Sano's not gay afterall xD!
I want it so, SO bad now. @__@;;

... Maybe she was his shopping partner, and they bought tight pants together. |D;;
I laughed.

She said something about Sano's mouth. And tongue.

........ BUT IT WASN'T IN THAT CONTEXT. She was saying he had a hard-set mouth, methinks, and I'm not sure what she was saying about his tongue. |D;;;
Kazusagi-sama says:
User Image to y'all. 8D

(Please don't steal this image. mad It took me half an hour this morning before church to do it. xD;; wink
cute <3!

160 came out (finally)

[spoilers]why'd that chick have to die. x_X; if Sora and his team is willing to go as far as involving innocent people (the helicopter for instance), then i declare them evil! hmm.. i don't like the direction the manga is heading to. Spitfire and Sano can't even scratch Nike? what the heck x_x; feels a little too much like dragon ball z. [/spoilers]
OMG...i started reading it and its really good...however i only read the 2 volumes. i searched and i couldn't exactly find the rest but i'm not done researching. I love roller skating so this book is the one for me...expecially since i'm a pro at rollerskating or anything to do with skating...lol blaugh

[SPOILERS]I am seriously awful when it comes to Air Gear. I am like a creepy stalker. I got the chapter... two minutes after it was posted. @__@;;; And then I had to leave right after, and I was busy the rest of last night, but I did manage to write a crazy LJ post on it. I'll unlock it and let you guys read it. I absolutely do not guarantee any accuracy.

Also, wtf, that digicam pic link from the top of this page? From 161. I am DYING HERE. Someone needs to pick up the scanning of AG. I forgot that we're always freaking behind the weekly releases. ;___;

Anyway, whacked-out fangirl version of T: 160. Could've had more actual content in that post, but the thing was too blurry for me to pick out even half of it. =__=;; I just kinda commented and squeaked about whatever I could even half make-out.

Mimasaka "had" to die for the sake of protecting her friend/her bocchama. We'll probably get more on this from 161 anyway. ... Yeah, I wasn't supposed to actually give an answer to that question, but I'm feeling kind of type-tastic today for some reason. |D;;;

Sora... like Supi said, has been blinded by his frustration and anger. He's become kind of desperate for revenge. His anger's probably been festering over time. He hasn't been able to "fly" for a while now. His dreams had yet to have been realized, he'd been crippled by one of his frends because they were having a battle of ideals, etc. etc. When you think about it, it's not surprising that Sora's kind of like BLAAARGH. It just... kind of irritates me that he's been kind of a nice guy, if a pervert, and downright hilarious up until this point. Because up until this point, I'd liked Sora. Now it's kinda like... @___@;;

Nike is annoying me. He's crazy-hot, but wtf. This IS becoming DBZ. @___@;;;; He keeps falling, falling, falling, but every time he falls and seems to be defeated, he comes back up.

Whee. Kazu on the second to last pages:
"J-just a min... oi... I can't move... wait... this... is this for real?! OI!!"

*wibbles at last page* Can't quite make out what Ryou's saying, but she's saying "It seems like I..." something something. @__@;;

Sano: "... Ah, what, it's you... You saved me, Mima... sa... MIMASAKAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Maybe I'll have more to say when I get back from my dentist appt. @__@;;
you know... i was sitting here and thinking that girl looked familiar.

it wasn't until i read your link that i found out who she was xD HAHAHA.

funny trans/summary, i had fun reading your comments~ lol xD

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