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what kind of Prizes would you like to see?

A monthly collectible 0.19354838709677 19.4% [ 6 ]
An Evolving Item 0.16129032258065 16.1% [ 5 ]
A RIG Bundle/single 0.12903225806452 12.9% [ 4 ]
Pure Uncut shiny gold! 0.19354838709677 19.4% [ 6 ]
Other 0.096774193548387 9.7% [ 3 ]
Don't Care! 0.2258064516129 22.6% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 31 ]
This poll closed on August 9, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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What's Happening on The Strip

If you'd like to get access to more updates and even clues as to when games will be hosted, please subscribe to
The Annoucement Board

01/22/14 - Race to Page 10,000!

01/27/14 - New Moderators and Exception Apps Reopen

06-23-14- Changes in Staff and a new Feedback thread! New Vegas welcomes A new Owner just as we say goodbye to our original one. Good luck out of gaia Jaz! Welcome Shilshadu!
Additionally, We have a new Feedback thread!


07-05-14- A New Contest!

Make sure you are betting when the thread reaches a winning page to win a slot for our mini nitemare wing raffle!

07-05-14-Contest ending due to not enough intrest.
It has been a good run, but due to lack of interest, the raffle has been canceled.
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The rules must be followed in The Strip or you will be banned from the casino.
For small offenses, ((not trimming post trees, advertising in our casino, etc)) our moderators will remind you of our rules and guidelines.
For large offenses ((scamming, running from a bet, not sending gold, etc)), there are no second chances.
Please read through carefully.

Thread Rules

1. Please follow gaia's terms of service.
2. Your account must be at least 3 months old and you must have at least 1500 posts. in order to bet freely, which means any gold range in New Vegas. If you'd like to become an Exception, please see the post referring to it below.
3. Please use The Random Number Generator, or The RNG to bet unless stated otherwise.
4. Please do not bump or advertise in the casino. Chatting is allowed.
5. Keep your quote trees up to 5 max.
6. Please do not beg users for donations, including items or gold. Signature quests are okay.
7. Please do not start or cause drama in the casino.
8. Please listen to and respect our staff. If you have an issue regarding a staff member, please PM Jaz Neko.
9. Do not delete any posts in our thread.
10. If double posting occurs, your first roll will be the roll you will use.
11. Please do not edit the original bet after the bet has started.
12. Please mind your own business when it comes to issues regarding staff and other users.
13. Do not ask to bet on items that users have equipped or beg them for their items.
14. Please only post a bet once every page, unless you have finished your original bet on that page.
15. Do not, under any circumstances, pressure someone into a bet with you- if they've said no, or started another bet, that is the end of it. No means no, kids.
16. A better cannot ignore one of our Mods or MMs if they wish to bet in the casino.
17. If you would like to become an affiliate, please PM Mister House or Jaz Neko.

Betting Rules
1. Please do not make a bet unless you have the gold or item /s in your account.
2. You must pay up if you lose. Only bet if you are willing to lose that amount or item.
3. Users have 20mins to send gold and then they will receive a warning. If the gold is not sent within 24 hours after your original bet, you will be blacklisted.
4. Please do not whine or complain in our casino. "Emo rolling" is not allowed.
5. Givebacks are NOT necessary, but it is common courtesy to give at least 10% back.
6. Bets must be confirmed before rolling begins, otherwise it is not a legitimate bet.
7. Please quote the person you are betting with.
8. Put "quote to confirm" or "qtc" to find a better and "roll to confirm" or "rtc" when talking to a specific better.
9. Bets are voided by staff members.
9.1 You are allowed to stall a bet, but you must contact staff in order to have your bet voided.
9.2 Any roll after the moderator has posted a void is considered null; but all rolls before it can still count towards a win, unless rules have been broken.
9.3 There are no automatic voids after a certain period of time.
9.4 If you are going to stall a bet, please quote the other user you are betting with and inform them the bet is stalled.
9.5 Bets can only be continued after being stalled if both betters are online and willing to continue to bet.
9.6 All moderators will void a bet after 15mins if one of the betters asks for it to be done.
10. Please finish trades from former bets before starting a new bet.
11. All item bets are Lowest Marketplace Value, unless otherwise stated.
12. You have one week to complete art bets and you must include samples before betting with users.
13. Do not use the gifting system to pay users for your bet.
14. If you tie with your betting partner, you must confirm a reroll. If you do not, it will not be a legitimate bet.
15. Please do not use coin flip terms.
16. Countdown terms are the first person to reach one or two unless stated differently at the beginning of the bet.
17. If you are betting with a user that you think is suspicious, we have middle men available to use.
17.1 You will never be denied a middle man, but keep in mind it may take some time to arrange a bet using a MM, unless one is currently posting in the casino at that time.
18. Please do not accept or start a bet in New Vegas if you are currently in a bet within another casino within the lotto forum.
18.1 You must finish all bets before starting new ones and can only be in one bet at any single given time.
19. Do not roll outside of the casino while in a bet within The New Vegas Strip.
19.1 This includes games inside or outside of the casino.
20. The New Vegas Strip recognizes the number 0 is an even number.
21. Please make sure you quote someone and let them know you are no longer interested in betting with them, rather than editing your post.
21.1 If that other user rolls and you edit your post, you will be required to play out the bet or have it voided by a moderator.
22. Unless otherwise specified within the confirmed terms, all bets with multiple rolls give a chance for the second roller to tie.
23. Middle Men CANNOT bet and MM at the same time. They must chose one or the other.
24. Bets ARE NOT TIMED, a bet is only finished once a winning roll has been posted, or the confirmed amount of rolls have been performed by both betters.
25. Bets can only be stalled for 3 days or 72 hours after the last roll before the bet is stalled, and after 72 hours, the bet will be voided by a moderator.
25.1 Users who do not meet this 3 day time span will be given a warning if the stalled bet is voided and the other user is waiting to continue. For the second offense, the user will be given a temporary ban and for the third offense, the user will be permantely banned.

New to Betting?

The New Vegas Strip is pleased to announce a
How To Bet Graphic
dedicated to welcoming new gaians
who are wanting to learn the ways of the lotto forum.
If you have never made a bet before,
or are still unfamiliar with the steps to betting,
please check out the lovely graphic below
designed by GottaCodeFast.

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Betting Terms

RTC: Roll to Confirm
QTC: Quote to Confirm
RNG: Random Number Generator
GB: Giftback
LMP: Lowest Market Price
ABP: Average Buy Price
DoN: Double or Nothing
ToN: Triple or Nothing
MM: Middleman
CD: Count Down
CU: Count Up
HNW: Highest number wins
LNW: Lowest number wins
HMDW: Highest Middle Digit Wins.
LMDW: Lowest Middle Digit Wins.

Please specify an amount of rolls with these terms:

HCNW: Highest Combined Number Wins
LCNW: Lowest Combined Number Wins
HINW: Highest Individual Number Wins
LINW: Lowest Individual Number Wins
HCMNW: Highest Combined Middle Number Wins
LCMNW: Lowest Combined Middle Number Wins
HIMNW: Highest Individual Middle Number Wins
LIMNW: Lowest Individual Middle Number Wins
HDW: Highest Digit Wins
HCDW: Highest Combined Digit Wins
LDW: Lowest Digit Wins
LCDW: Lowest Combined Digit Wins

Don't Quite Understand Terms?

The New Vegas Strip is pleased to announce a
Betting Terms and How To thread
dedicated to explaining how each of the lotto forum's main terms work.
You can click the banner below to be taken to the entire thread,
or you can click on the terms above
to go to the page of those specific terms!

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Owned by
User Image

Simply Saikou| Debilyn808| Pilovesmitsu|Maru-Desu| Digital Indie|
User Image|-----|User Image|----|User Image|----|User Image|----|User Image

Shilshadu or any of the other Moderators should be contacted with serious issues, such as scamming
All Green Username Moderators are Moderators In Training.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Trusted Middle-Men
Blinkie Winkie
User Image

Grandpa Rei
User Image

Raining Miroku
User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

All moderators and MITs are also trusted middle-men.
Middle Men CANNOT bet and MM at the same time. They must chose one or the other.

Interested In Becoming a MM?
Please fill out the following form and PM it to Mister House.
[b]Years On Gaia:[/b]
[b]Your Mules:[/b]
[b]How Long Have You Been Betting:[/b]
[b]Casinos You Frequent:[/b]
[b]Someone Who Knows You From Betting:[/b]
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"Gomorrah... It'll be our little secret. ”

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Hey there hot stuff. You lookin' to play? The rules are slick and the game is a hot, fast paced session that's sure to leave you beggin' for more.

Any time I post in the casino, it's time to play Black Jack and Hookers!

For a span of approximately ten minutes, casino goers will have a chance to win 100k if they can get a 21!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
You must use the RNG 1- 30.
After ten minutes, the mule will send all betters who rolled a 21, 100k.
You can win multiple times.
The mule will start the game and end the game after the 10 mins have been up.
Rolls outside of the allotted time span will be ignored.

Pretty easy, right baby?
Just remember, the game goes pretty fast so be sure to be hot on that post button.

The Omerta family sells a variety of services and delights to its patrons at Gomorrah, but most visitors are there for one thing. We want our betters to be happy and satisfied, so if you have any questions about the game, please send a private message my way and I'll see if I can't take care of you.

"Damn, you're looking tasty.
How about a game of Black Jack and Hookers?"
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"Live life in the lap of luxury."

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Hello my darling and welcome to The Ultra Luxe Raffle, the only game in The New Vegas Strip that is infinite and always going.
No need to watch out for me posting, simply fill out a form with how many slots you'd like to buy and quote me with it.

The raffle is available to all casino goers and there are 100 slots.
Once all slots are filed, the game is decided by the RNG.
The Ultra Luxe will roll to determine a winner.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Each slot is worth 55k.
Each jackpot is 5million.
Some of the gold made will go to the casino.
In order to purchase slots, please fill out the form below:
[quote="The Ultra Luxe"][/quote]
[b]How Many Slots Purchasing:[/b]
[b]Gold Owed for Slots:[/b]

Current Raffle


You are allowed to purchase as many slots are you desire and you can win the raffle multiple times.

The pinnacle of New Vegas refinement and class, the Ultra-Luxe casino is home to the most discriminating White Glove Society and their pampered guests. If you have any questions, please PM me and we will get it taken care of right away, as long as it is concerning my game.

“ The best of everything. All in one place. ”
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

"Success depends on forethought, dispassionate calculation of probabilities, accounting for every stray variable."

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Hello. My name is Mr. House and welcome to The Lucky 38!
My game is available only to the lucky betters of The Strip who aren't afraid to take a chance and who are willing to gamble a bit with destiny.
I know you're more than capable of winning my jackpot, so I think it would be in your best interest to purchase a few plays.

Any time I post in the casino, it's time to play The Lucky 38!

This game has no time limit and it is completely up to the moderator to decide when this game is no longer taking offers.
Casino goers will have a chance to win The Lucky 38 Jackpot by simply rolling a 1-100 and getting a 38.

You must use the RNG 1- 100.
Rolls can be purchased for the following increments:
1k= 1 roll
10k= 5 rolls
20k= 12 rolls

Trades must be completed with Mister House before the game can begin.
If the better does not roll a 38, the gold paid for playing will be added to the jackpot.

Once someone wins the jackpot, the game resets.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Current Jackpot:

You can purchase up to 12 rolls and continue to play until a moderator closes the game.
Gold will be added to the jackpot if no one is winning and players are discouraged to play.

My Lucky 38 casino towers over the New Vegas Strip,
mysterious and impenetrable to visitors and locals alike,
so if you find yourself lost or not understanding The Lucky 38,
please send me a private message
and I will see to it that things be explained in an orderly fashion.

“I like to think you have enough sense to do the right thing.
The rewards for doing so are immense...
as are the punishments for not doing so.. ”

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

"Hey, hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the finest entertainment experience in New Vegas.
My name is Tommy Torini, and how can I make your night?"

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

u seem like a cool cat... so let me lay down the rules of The Tops, baby:

Any time I post in the casino, it's time to play The Tops!
And the game is as simple as simple gets
cause all you gotta do is be the first person to roll the highest number in the range I give out.

If I say you have to roll a 1-10, the first person to roll a 10 gets 10k.
If I say you have to roll a 1-100, the first person to roll a 100 gets 100k.
If I say you have to roll a 1-1000, the first person to roll a 1000 gets 1mil.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Easy money, right kid?
There will be ALL sorts of ranges and all sorts of gold amounts given out through The Tops!

Just make sure you're rolling correctly and if the game runs TOO long, we'll have to cut it short. So roll fast!

There isn't a limit to how many times you roll and you can win this game any time it is hosted.

It's well known in New Vegas that The Tops is a place for men to kick back, drink, laugh, and have a good time, so if you have any questions or concerns about my game or playin', just shoot me a PM.

“ You'll dig us, baby. We're the tops. ”

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The s**t List

Basically if you want to keep posting in this casino, you have to follow the rules.
Please make sure you ask questions if you have any
and you read through the rules carefully.

Current Blacklisted Users

A Charging Krogan
Angel From Th3 God
cybernetic boyz
Dallas Cowboys Rule v3
dirty taIk
Flavored Pork
Grimly Em
I Beat You To It
iiStayGucci part 2
Pope assasin
R l L E Y
Sexual Top
that gold hustler
the dragon craft
The Winged Gambler
I Gorillaz I
I Jose Is Sexy I
xxj4K3WDKEWDSKDSKKI00 (-Passcodes)
x- Roo Bear

Got A Complaint?

Have you noticed a certain user skirting the rules, or do you think you've been scammed by another better?
If so, PM the following form to either the mule,Shilshadu, or one of the blue-named Moderators (whoever's online / most available).
We'll get to it as soon as we can!

[b]Username:[/b] (this is where you put YOUR full username)
[b]Suspect:[/b] (this is where you put the scammer/rulebreaker's full username)
[b]Rules Broken:[/b] (what rules, from the first page, have been broken?)
[b]Further Information:[/b] (pretty much just explain what went down as quickly and professionally as you can)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Interested in Joining Us?

The New Vegas Strip is always looking for trusted casino goers who are familiar with betting, have a great personality and work well with others.
If you would like to join The New Vegas Family, please fill out the following form and send it to Mister House. Someone will respond as soon as possible.
We look forward to having you!

[b]Mule Accounts:[/b]
[b]How Long Have You Been Betting:[/b]
[b]Casinos You Frequent:[/b]
[b]Knowledge of Casinos:[/b]
[b]Why You Want To Join:[/b]
[b]Are you availible to talk on skype or Tinychat? :[/b]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Don't Meet Requirements?

Still wanna bet?
New Vegas welcomes everyone to its casino but also wants to offer a safe, friendly environment to bet in.
If you do not meet our requirements, please send a PM to the casino owner, Jaz Neko, with the following form below. If you are approved, you will be allowed to make bets up to 200mil! Please make sure once you reach 1500 posts and an account age of 3 months that you contact a moderator to be removed from the Exceptions List! Otherwise, you are still considered an exception!
[b]Other Accounts/Mules:[/b]
[b]How Many Posts Do You Have?: ((go to the gaia search bar next to the GAMES tab and search your username. You can see your post count underneath your avatar))[/b]
[b]How Long Have You Had This Account?: ((Please be VERY specific)) [/b]
[b]How Long Have You Been Betting?:[/b]
[b]Have You Ever Been Banned From a Casino?:[/b]
[b]Have You Ever Been Banned from Gaia?:[/b]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

We Want To Hear From You!

Are you highly opinionated?
Hate this casino and want it to suffer?
Whether you have wonderful things or nasty things to say, we have a thread that is set up just for gaians to put their two cents in!
Please take a moment to send us your opinion of the casino and anything we can do to improve.
Please make sure to follow ToS in the feedback thread
and anything just down right mean will be ignored.

Post Your Feedback Here!
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Banners Out

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image

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