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Astra Metamorphosis Deux

Hey there, everyone! I'm 0Angelicus0, and I have returned from my two year vacation from Gaia after attending college and studying. A lot has changed in these past two years, but I have returned to change my account, including profile, account and, most importantly, my avatar!

I am currently running a quest thread (which you can find right here), but I am also allowing a lotto to help my aid towards buying a Dante's Divine Verdict. In short, I am raffling off an Astra Metamorphosis Deux bundle to help me on my quest and you're invited!

Interested? Scroll down this thread for more details about the contest/quest!
October 2012 Sealed Advance Chance
General Rules

1.) Follow Gaia's ToS. No exceptions!
2.) Come on in and chat! Bumping is also allowed, especially in regards for the raffle contest!
3.) Although I am willing to put up other people's links to quest or their threads, I need to be notified first! I will be more than happy to apply, but this may otherwise be mistaken for spamming or scams.
4.) Any questions or corrections? Tell me and I'll fix it.
5.) Have fun!

Lotto Rules

Astra Metamorphosis Deux
1.) All tickets cost 100 Gold. Send me a trade and I will put a slot number with your name on it!
2.) You cannot choose your slot, as you can only choose the slot in numeral order. Sorry!
3.) The winner will be chosen when all 10,000 slots are filled. Once filled, a random number between 1-10,000 will be selected. If it's your slot number, you have won!
4.) You can enter as many tickets as you want till 10,000. Just be quick! First come, first serve!
5.) If this contest fails, then all the Gold once entered will be given back to you. I promise!
6.) Please stick around! The more you post, the more likely the contest will not fail!
7.) You can visit either thread and play the lotto (Link to thread here), as every update in regards to the contest will be made in both discussions.


Astra Metamorphosis Deux
Pi_Face314: 1-18
Awesome Torchich: 19
Jhale7: 20-129
Burew: 130-630

Important Dates

August 30
-Lotto Thread open! Come on in!

September 4
-First slots are taken by Pi_Face314! (1-18 )

September 8
-Next slot is taken by Awesome Torchic! (19)

September 11
-Going on a little break! Don't hesitate to send in trades!

September 20
-A new contender appears! Welcome, Jhale7! (20-36 )

September 24
-A new raffle has appeared! Check in for the October Sealed Advanced Chance Item above!

October 4
-Due to inactivity, the October Sealed Advanced Chance Item has been canceled. My apologies! The Astra Metamorphosis lotto remains.

October 25
-Another challenge appears! Welcome, Burew! (130-630)

Contributing Quests/Lottos
Opening Post!

The thread is now officially open! If you want to come and visit me/donate in my quest thread, go on right ahead! I'll be monitoring both threads from here on out!

Twerk it like Miley Cyrus's avatar

Newbie Noob

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awesome ^^. I give you a <3
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awesome ^^. I give you a <3

Thanks so much!
The support is especially appreciated with this thread!
I'm shipping off for the evening!
In case you are still interested in the raffles, give me a trade request and I'll be sure to get it in in the morning.
I'm back!
While I was gone, I received a donation from Flights_to_London! Thank you so much!

Still interested in the raffle? Come on and join right in!
I'm leaving for the night, but if you want to join, come right in!
I'll get the slots up tomorrow!
Sorry for the late response! Was busy today!
Hopefully we can start this thread right back at the top!
Boy, what a busy day!
In case you are still interested, the raffle is still open! Come on in!
Back, once again!
New to these threads? Don't be shy! Come on in!
Before I leave tonight, I'm happy to say I made my 1 MILLION MARK today! I'm not halfway there yet, but the milestone is certainly a good one to note!

I hope to see more people tomorrow!
Moving this thread back to the top!
Come on in!
I'm heading out for the evening! I will see you guys soon within the morning!

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